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Black Tie Powerpoint Template

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Black Tie Wine

Transcript: Psychographics Both designed and created by me* Black Tie Wine "Wine as classy as your attire" The rear label of Black Tie Pinot Grigio - A typical persons lifestyle and purchase traits; to buy BlackTie - would be a middle age - higher class / (some) middle class people portraying a classier and elevated taste in wine. Status would also play a part as BlackTie is $39.99 a bottle. The average person would have wear nicer attire than the average person, drive a slightly nicer car and attend more expensive restaurants. - They're going to buy BlackTie because they are attending an event, celebrating an occasion, or going for a nice dinner with their family. - People who buy BlackTie Wine might consider expensive wines important in their life. They enjoy being fancy when they dress up and want something that they can show off. They must understand wines to be able to purchase BlackTie Wine and appreciate it appropriately. 2 competitors Black Tie wines is priced in a higher priced mid-ranged/ expensive wine to portray it as a more executive but affordable classy wine that can be purchased for a special night or event. $39.99 - Bottle Product Placement Promotions 1) Naked Grape Pinot Grigio 2) Jackson Triggs Pinot Grigio - The age range for Black Tie Pinot Grigio is 25-50. - Approx. $2-$7 of wine + bottling costs, Estimated; $31.99 before taxes of total income for each bottle. - Aimed at married couples and groups. - Owners - Males & Females - Preferably middle - high class areas; cities / outskirts e.g.; Vancouver, North Vancouver, White Rock, etc. Where can you buy this product? -Black Tie Wines can be purchased from most liquor stores in the white wine section. Along with the Pinot Grigio (Gris) white wines. - Black Tie will also be available in middle-higher(end) restaurants and pubs. Gotham Steakhouse in Vancouver is a place "Black Tie Pinot Grigio" would be available on the menu. The front label of Black Tie Pinot Grigio Demographics: The End 1) $1 of all Black Tie Pinot Grigio purchases go straight to SOS Children's Village BC ( - A social services charity Pricing Strategy

Black Tie VS White Tie

Transcript: Single Breasted Double Breasted Black Tie Attire Attire A cummerbund is a band that wraps around the waist. It is made of the same material as the lapel's on the jacket. Formal Waistcoats differ from a three-piece suit for that they are designed to show the front of the formal shirt. Must be made of the same material as the jacket Two Options Suspenders/ braces Silk Pocket Square (Any Fold) The Boutonnière Watches (Not accepted but tolerated). Overcoat Cuffs come with three variants Portofino French Barrel The French Cuff is the most accepted cuff. A set of rules specifying the garb or type of clothing to be worn by a group or by people under specific circumstances. Peaked Lapel (Standard) Shawl Collars (Accepted) In all cases, the left lapel should have a working buttonhole so that a boutonnière may be worn. Formal Shirt Four types of bow tie knots Butterfly Semi-Butterfly Straight-End Pointed No preferred option. Must have Bow fitted Final Touches The trousers should be made of the same material as the jacket. The seams of the pants should be covered with a braid made of the same material as the Lapel. Lapel Facing Cuffs and Studs Trouser's What is Attire and Dress Code? The collar comes in two options Wing Turndown The bosom, as well comes in two styles Pleated piqué Both are accepted but piqué is considered for white tie. The Studs and Cufflinks should be of matching color. Instead of Buttons both are used in its place. Clothes or apparel, especially rich or splendid garments. Clothing, especially outerwear; garments; attire; raiment Tuxedo Jacket Dressing Well is a form of good manners- Tom Ford We must never confuse elegance with snobbery- Yves Saint Laurent Vents Lapel's Bow Tie Dress Code The most descriptive way to address what Black Tie Attire is, is to state what it is not. Black Tie Attire is not the same as Formal Attire. Black Tie Attire is Semi-Formal Attire worn in the evening. Good Rule of thumb: Ceremonies or events that start in the afternoon and end after dark are tuxedo appropriate for Black Tie Attire. Black Tie Tuxedo's with formal white shirt, black bow tie, and black cummerbund or waist coat. It is Acceptable to wear colored bow ties and cummerbunds, or traditional ties colored silver or gold. Two types of shoes available for Black Tie Attire Formal Pumps Formal Lace-Up Oxford Formal is to be made of leather or polished calfskin, with a black grosgrain ribbon on top. Thin black Socks are to be worn. The two most important factors regarding dress code is the time and the location. The Lapel should be made of either silk or grosgrain. Grosgrain has a less reflective material. Addendum: The Lapel must be the same color and material as neckwear Waist Covering How to Dress overview Vent's are the slits in the back of the tuxedo jacket. It is highly advised to wear a jacket without vents, to achieve the slimmest sihouette of yourself. Shoes

powerpoint template

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