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Black Cat Powerpoint Template

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Black Cat

Transcript: The narrator is going to die tomorrow, and he's in jail right now. He is telling the story from jail. He is very fond of animals, and he has a black cat named Pluto whom he loves very much. Black cats are believed to be witches. The antagonist starts drinking and mistreats his wife and pets, except for the cat. He grows moody every day from his newly acquired drinking problem. The cat gets in his way, and the main character gets so angry that he cuts the cat's eye right out of it's socket! He feels sorry and sad about his cruel deed, but not a very deep-down feeling. The next day he decides to finish off the cat. So he hangs the cat! He does it right in plain sight in his backyard. He hangs the cat just because he knows it's wrong. The night he hung the cat a fire burns down his entire house, except for the basement and one wall. On that wall, there is an imprint of a cat with a hangman rope around it's neck. He comes up with a not-so-logical explanation on why this happened. The narrator says someone saw the cat and threw it into his window to wake him up so he would know that there's a fire. The imprint is there because the cat got smushed into the wall. The wall is up because it was newly plastered. A few days later, he's feeling really sad about killing his cat. He misses Pluto very much, so he's looking for a replacement cat. One night when he's walking home from the bar, drunk, he sees a cat much like his past one, except this one has a splotch of white on it's chest. He takes the cat home, and the cat adjusts very well to his house. The narrator is taking a disliking to this new cat, Which is the opposite of what he thought would happen. The disliking of the cat got worse. Once the alcohol wore off, he realized the cat only had one eye, just like his other one. The cat loves him so much, and the cat always follows the main character around, annoying him to great ends. The narrator is still mistreating his wife and the rest of his pets. He neglects to mistreat this new black cat, even though he longs to do so. One day the narrator and his wife went down to their basement on an errand. The cat got in his way, and he got so mad that he swung at the cat with an ax. Since the wife loves the cat and doesn't want the cat to die, she attempts to grab the ax from behind her husband. Well, this didn't fly with the husband. He swung the ax at her, killing her. The cat is still alive, though. The narrator knows he will be arrested for assassinating the wife, so he brainstorms ideas of where to put the corpse. The idea he decides on is to hide the wife in the wall of the basement. He thinks he's off the hook. Now he's tracking down the cat to kill him, too. The cat is no where to be found. This makes the antagonist so overjoyed. Now he can finally sleep well and take some stress off his shoulders. He's admitting to being ashamed of his crime that lead him to his death bed. He's recalling something very intriguing, the white spot on the cat's chest is in the shape of a hangman rope. The hatred of this cat grows stronger and stronger with each day. His poor wife needs to sit through all his drinking problems and him mistreating the pets and her, but the narrator says the wife is being very patient and uncomplaining. The Black Cat By: Edgar Allen Poe Prezi by: Olivia Balabanis Olivia Balabanis Black Cat Summary Four days after he kills the wife, the police come. They search the entire house from top to bottom, and the main character keeps his cool even when they investigate the basement. The police men start to leave, but then he gets cocky and basically tells the police men where he hid the body by bragging about how good the walls are made and tapping on the spot where he hid the wife. All of a sudden there's a terrible wail coming from inside the wall. The police immediately tear down the wall and find not only the corpse of the wife but the cat. He walled up the cat with the wife! He obviously gets taken to jail, and he's going to die tomorrow because of this.

Black Cat

Transcript: What I learned The things that I liked was that it keep changing for where it wouldn't lose you attention. The thing that I disliked was that he stabbed the cats eyeball out and hung it. Was a famous poem writer about gothic literature. Examples Inn- an establishment providing accommodations, food, and drink, especially for travelers Manner- A person's outward bearing or way of behaving toward others. Innkeeper- A person who runs a inn. Brief Summary Edgar Allan Poe -"Tomorrow I die, and today I want to tell the world what happened and thus perhaps free my soul from the horrible weight which lies upon it." Gothic literature because he's talking about freeing is soul. - "I felt growing inside myself a new feeling." Gothis Literature because he is losing something inside of him. -"Doing some evil thing for no other reason than because he knows he should not? Gothis Literature because he's doing evil things. Gothic Literature Edgar Allan Poe Like/Dislike Gothic literature in my opinion means somethg that is scary and also something that you don't want to be around. The Black Cat Defending My Opinion Definitions He knows that he is going to die tomorrow. He also stabbs eye cats eye out then hangs it. Next he gets a new cat and one of its eye balls are gone next he kills if wife and hides her in the wall in the basement. Then he gets caught by the cops and they kill him. This is a gothic literature story. The reason why is because a dude is stabbing his cats eye out even know he loves it, and then he hangs it in the basement. Next he gets another cat but in to even has one eye missing so he trys to get rid off it but his wife won't let him so he kills her to and hides her in the wall where a old fire place was. I learned that no matter what you do or how good your at it. Some one will always be better and they'll beat you out of it. Logo

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