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Black and White

Transcript: Marcus Brown is 17 year old, dark male and plays football and basketball for Long Island City High School. Eddie Russo is also 17 year old, white man and plays football and basketball. They are best friends and are the stars at the school for both sports. Everyone at the school calls them Black and White. Theme Eddie and Marcus went to the park to rob people like they always did. They saw a white man over in the parking lot and tried robbing him. He wouldn't give them anything like the others. After that Eddie pulled the trigger. He says he did not do it on purpose but it happened. BANG! They boys started running home. Eddie lost his jacket running. They both ran to Marcus's house. After that got to his house safely, Eddie got a jacket and went home. Songs Best friend by: 50 Cent I think this song because they are best friends and they do alot together and this song explains how they are like. Basketball by: Bow Wow I think this song is an important song for this book. They are stars of the basketball and this song is about basketball. You're a Star by: Huey Mack I think this is also important to the story because they are both stars of the team. this songs talk about rough times and Eddie and Marcus had some rough times. The Start The setting of this book is at a park in Long Island. They look at the people who they could rob and who looks easy or not but one night it all goes wrong. They are on the run and trying to hide when a robbery goes bad for them. I learned from this story was a lot. Times like this must me really hard. They should of never went to rob people, but they did what they had to do. They also shouldn't of spent their money on the pair of shoes that everyone got. They should have just asked their parents for the money and tell them the truth but now they are behind bars. The overall theme is not taking a short way in life and robbing people for people. The Killing Eddie and Marcus robbed a white lady for 92 dollars and took a brand new walkman from her. They then robbed a black male in back of a market store. They got 129 dollars and about 4 dollars in change. Eddie and Marcus thought that they were pros at robbing people after the second time. After the second robbery, they made their money for their dues. Resolution This book was a good one. I am into basketball and things like this. If you are into these kinds of things I would think you would like this book. It catches you right after you read the first chapter. This story was well written by a great author. My favorite part of the book is when Eddie turned himself in and not letting his best friend getting all the blame for it. I just thought that was really nice of him and to show that he really is his best friend. The first main event in this story is that they are stars on the basketball team and a lot of colleges are looking at these two and are also welling to assign both of them. They need money for their dues. A due is that they could do things such as go on field trips, basketball, graduate, and other school related things. They spent their money on a new band of shoes that just came out. Eddie's dad has a gun and they choose to take in out one night and rob people for money for there dues and then they would stop robbing people. Author Black and White by: Paul Volponi Nick Hollister Realistic Fiction Robbery #1 The author of this book is Paul Volponi. He is from New York City. Volponi is a writer, journalist, and a teacher. In 02, he won the Black Heron Press Award for social Fiction for his first novel Rikers. Paul Volponi holds an MA in American Literature from the City College of NY and a BA in English from Baruch. This is his first book with Viking. After the Robbery Exposition They boys found out that night that the white man that they shot was died. They felt so bad but they didn't want to get caught and not be able to go to college. They went by the weekend without get caught but as the cops slowly started to put the pieces together they need to decide just what a good friend really means. Does this now mean taking the blame for Eddie or does it mean let him get away and take the blame for himself, Marcus. Opinion Eddie and Marcus held the money over the weekend because they liked looking at it. It kinda made them feel good. They agreed on stop robbing people after they made their money for their dues. Then on that Saturday night they wanted to do it again. Even though they made their money they still wanted to. Then that Saturday night things went all wrong. Eddie shot the lady. The police officers got enough information and they caught Marcus. They brought him in for questioning. He went to jail but now his he going to rat Eddie out or is he jusy going to turn himself in. Eddie felt so bad because he is the one who shot the guy and Marcus is going to jail for it. Then a couple days go past and Eddie decides to turn himself in. They both are going to jail now. Marcus is getting less time than Eddie and their careers

Black and White in Black and White

Transcript: Points of Interest For Discussion What is the point: Cinematography/ mise en scene Leitmotif History/ Colonial Ideology Identity What is the significance of Diouana asking for the mask back? Langford argues that we can use these systems to determine the identities of colonial and post-colonial subjects. Looking at the characters, do you agree? Are there any moments when characters move from one economic system to another? How can we interpret the last scene, when Monsieur returns the mask? Do you think cinematography of the movie being black and white emphasizes the microcosm? Give specific examples. How does the interior and the props (of being black and white) important? Do you agree with Langford that it emphasizes microcosm? Group One: Group Two: Group Three: Group Four: Summary: The article was written by Rachael Langford It focuses on the film La Noire de... that touches upon the issues of colonized and post-colonial identity Collaboration!!! Questions Questions Do you side with Mylkus and Armies or Langford pertaining to the voice over? How does Diouana form a sense of identity within the film? How is the act of suicide, the leitmotif of the mask, and themes of money, gift and production central to the film's confrontation with colonial and neo-colonial discourse on African identity In the beginning of the film, it showed a sequence of Diouana and monsieur driving from the port to the apartment. As they were driving, it illustrated them driving through the beach and people having fun. What is the significance of this scene in terms of identity and Diouanna’s perspective of France? In the end of the film, Diouana commits suicide. How did the French media respond? Did her death help link France and Dakar and if so what was that connection? Danielle Lee Mack Lim Danielle Magalhaes Chino Uy Professor. Hoffman May 8 2015 ENGC72 Black and White in Black and White Identity and Cinematography in Ousmane Sembène's La Noire de.../ Black Girl (1966) By: Rachael Langford Thesis Langford argues that through cinematography and narrative content the movie shows the structural power the French had over Africa, thus preventing Africa and African from being equal (from being independent ) and determines their identity Main Points Identity- inferiority/ representation History/False Colonial Ideology Leitmotif of Mask / Gift giving Mise en scene and cinematography reflects the bigger problem between the French and African

Abstract Expressionism PowerPoint

Transcript: The spontaneous brushstrokes and lines are common in most abstract expressionist paintings There are many different layers of colors The artists use different brushstrokes to portray emotion, in this case, the artists seems angry and rebellious Different people interpret the painting in different ways, some people see different things than others This painting would be considered an action painting rather than a color field painting This movement was unique because every artists had their own version or style of painting abstract expressionism What type of painting is this?? What colors are used?? What do you see that others may not?? Any special shapes made in this painting?? Whats the mood shown in this painting?? The Artist is Franz Kline You can tell by the style of his painting. Parents divorced when he was 3 years old. An action painter A lot of his work reflected his anger through out his life. Went to the Rotterdam Academy of Fine Arts and Techniques. Heavily influenced by Picasso and his cubist work. Jackson Pollock Reactions: 1. Color Field Painting 2. Action Painting (Gestural painting He was born Wyoming and moved to New York in 1930. He started painting around 1928-30, when he was 16 and studied under Thomas Hart Benton. (However, the American rural landscapes had little to no impact on his work. Although, the use of colors and use of paint were more lasting influences.) Later, he used ideas from Pablo Picasso to start an new painting style focused from Cubism. Artists focus more on the process and technique of painting Not as much about the finished product generally this type of painting is considered "messy". Hard to depict what the message (content) is behind the painting Mark Rothko was born in Dvinsk, Russia on September 25, 1903 Rothko painted more with water colors and created some great works using a palette of grays and earth tones Some critics say that a few of his paintings are a "masterpiece and a landscape of the mind." The left picture is an example of Abstract Expressionism. Lets Go More In Depth Born in Pennsylvania Went to Boston University and Girard College. He taught many art classes focused on abstract art. His work becomes easy to recognize due to his use of thick, bold, black lines. Night Creatures Lee Krasner 1965 Willem De Kooning Mark Rothko (Gestural Painting) Untitled No. 3 Jackson Pollock Re-cap: 1912- 1956 Artists Involved In This Movement Can you guess the artist of this painting?? Two Types of Abstract Expressionism 1903-1970 Abstract expressionism was an art movement that matured in the 1930's and continued to developed after WW2 from the 1940's to the 1950's. It originated in New York City due to the political instability in Europe (Paris). The idea of abstract art was heavily influenced by cubism, and surrealism. Artist moved to America and translated their art into a new style fitted to the post-war mood of anxiety and trauma which set the stage for modern art, and America's post-war dominance of the international art world. Surrealism and Cubism (influences) rebelling against the strict rule of Europe (post-WW2) and showing social chaos of depression, trauma, and the anxiety people were feeling after the war. Identify Jackson Pollock 1959 Abstract Expressionism Characteristics of Abstract Ecxpressionism Which picture is an example of Abstract Expressionism? Untitled Jackson Pollock 1948-49 uses blocks of color to symbolize and express emotion color gave the painting the feeling they wanted to portray it was considered more "organized" than action painting Abstraction (Subject Matter) Influences, Ideas, Brainstorming and Sketching! Abstract Expressionism Watch Walt Disney's Fantasia. As you are watching the movie you will pay close attention to the music and art. Then, compile and list of words or thumbnail sketches that correlate what you are hearing and seeing. (So you will react to each musical segment focusing on the elements/principles of art "line, color, shape, pattern, value, rhythm, texture, etc.) Color Field Painting Untitled 1957 Many people back then and still in the present day don't understand the concept of abstract expressionism Red, Orange, Tan and Purple 1949 1910- 1962 Franz Kline Window Panes with Bicycle Pangin 2005 At first this movement was not liked because it was against the rules of tradition. Red Orange Tan and Purple 1949 - Mark Rothko 1908-1984 Pollock painting Noon 1947 Action Painting One of the few famous women from the movement. Was married to Jackson Pollock. Once married, she focused more on Pollocks work than her own. Excavation WIllem de Kooning 1950 Mural. Magenta 1947 Mark Rothko Jackson Pollock Willem De Kooning Hans Hofmann Mark Rothko Lee Krasner Franz Kline Clyfford Still Robert Motherwell Barnett Newman Characteristics about this painting... Woman V 1952-53 Lee Krasner Chief 1950 Expressionism (conveying emotions)

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