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Transcript: Accenture's relationship with PETRONAS Carigali started since 2009. We're currently engaged in PED, DD and Drilling, and moving to PEX in the near future.... Efficient budget management and increased cost recovery Reduce unnecessary work on reviews 300 wells drilled annually USD 2 billion spend per year Over 20 Drilling Rigs Supported by 20 contractors per rig USD120 mil in 2010 in unrecoverable cost Conduct leadership engagement sessions and provide training on processes and tools Engineers and Stakeholders have minimal visibility of project activities expenditure in Appraisal and Development segments of upstream value chain Key Figures Drilling Standardise and streamline division wide cost control and APC, WPB, CPB, AFE and VOWD processes Challenge #2 Carigali divisions Cost Controllers, engineers and stakeholders are unclear of cost control processes throughout the entire project The Challenge Line of Accountability (LOA) Alignment Project Improve accuracy of well cost performance and minimize disputes Client's Situation # Teamwork is the ability to work cohesively as a group toward a common vision, even when that vision becomes extremely blurry.... Cost Control Benefits in ELEVATE Sample Reports Challenge #1 Clear accountabilities and greater integration The Situation Potential cost not recoverable from both Partner and host government projects Our Solution Contractor specific tracking sheets are introduced to align reporting and forecasting requirements across all contractors. Is the supply sufficient to meet the demand? Project controls adequate to risk level Gc Define Terms of Reference for all Reviews and Gates with clear owners in PETRONAS Carigali. The Challenge Key Benefits We work with all Divisions and Departments to: How do these complex reports fit in to the mobile display? PETRONAS Project Management System Inefficient budget management due to the lack of visibility of cost The Situation Manpower Planning Automate data consolidation and generation of management reports to enhance division wide cost control process governance Development Division has no visibility on the current and future manpower gaps between demand from projects and supply from line Project delievered on time and on budget Business impact 2. Enhanced and effective control over budget utilisation Consistent Project Control 3. Simple and interactive way to perform detailed analysis How do we improve the visibility to drive faster and informed decision to address manpower gaps? Co How do we improve cost control while maintaining the efficiency of drilling operations? Manpower Planning Project Governance & Control the team PETRONAS E&P Reorganisation Drilling Engineers have no on-time visibility on cost and forecast charged to the rig/platform for effective control Customise PPMS roadmap to cater for different project types and complexities PED & DD Cost Transparency and Control Project By using latest web technology – jQuery and HTML5 to retrofit and reformat the reports specifically for mobile devices Timely payment and lower cost of working capital Lack of clarity in roles and responsibilities across Divisions No ownership and inconsistent application of responsibilities PPMS is a stage gate framework that helps to control a project in its lifecycle to ensure consistent risk management and governance. Drilling Cost Transparency & Control Project (DCTCP) The Solution Why web app instead of native iOS or Android App? Our Customised Solution: ELEVATE The Challenges Dr The Solution 1. Visibility of division wide project performance All project types are currently required to sit through all the reviews and obtain approvals / endorsements before proceeding to the next gate. Mp Mobilising our Soultions The Outcome Standardised data gathering/submission process + reporting tools to provide visibility for better analysis and decision making LOA Alignment Why Mobile BI? Build once, accessible by any mobile devices No additional software and hardware cost Installation is not required. User can always access the latest system online Consistent look and feel as desktop BI reports


Transcript: Time & Expense Tracking Architecture based on the lifecycle of your work Prioritization Framework Plan Prioritize Coordinate Report Deploy WORK REPORTING Business Model Alignment Process Milestones & Approvals WORK PLANNING Tracking & Status Recognition & Rewards Projects & Portfolios Time & Expense Tracking WORK COORDINATION WORK PLANNING Reporting & Dashboards Work Plan & Commitments Queues & Routing Rules Achievements & Results Team Capacity Proven Plan For Success Automation Success Validation Issue Resolution Production Readiness Reporting Repeatable Processes Requirements Mapping Achievements & Results Marketing IT / PMO New Product HR / Finance Manage your work with visibility at every stage Status Updates WORK COORDINATION WORK COLLABORATION Prioritization Framework Design Centralized Repository Review Business Value Future Phase Planning PROJECT WORK Queues & Routing Rules WORK COLLABORATION End-to-end lifecycle Structured projects Repeatable Ad-hoc work Work Spaces Discover Goals & Initiatives Contextual Work Streams PROJECT WORK Milestones & Approvals TEAM WORK Individual & Team Insight Projects & Portfolios Assignments Maintain Team Capacity Resource & Work Modeling Architecture based on the lifecycle of your work Strategy Execution Internal Support Op Support WORK REPORTING WORK ACCOUNTABILITY Centralized Repository Resource & Work Modeling Goals & Initiatives Assignments Pilot Status Updates Individual & Team Insight TEAM WORK WORK REQUESTS Configure Manage your work with visibility at every stage Automation Tracking & Status Knowledge Transfer Best Practices Unit Testing Recognition & Rewards Contextual Work Streams AtTask enables teams to better manage their work PRESENTED BY STEVE UNDERWOOD | ENTERPRISE ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE STAGE 3 WORK ACCOUNTABILITY Reporting & Dashboards WORK REQUESTS Work Plan & Commitments Work Spaces

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Transcript: Reception Location Recce The location for this magazine potential photograph is stereotypically outside some lockers. This is a stereotypical location due to student magazines commonly having lockers in the background to clearly show clearly to the target audience, of other students around the same age as the model of 16-18. This photograph will clearly show the target audiece that this is a student magazine, meaning it will be more obvious and clear for them to see. The model is in quite casual, everyday clothing like students at college would generally wear therefore appealing to the target audience as someone who is similar to them or how they dress will appear in the magazine. The mise en scence for this photograph is I have used a black background unwillingly due to being located within the theatre and I had the flash on my camera and then the lighting was affected by the flash creating this black, dull background. However the black background really brings out the main cover image due to it contrasting against the background and it also makes the target audience question where the person is therefore confusing them. Due to the lighting of the background being so dull I won’t use this photograph on my magazine, but it does help as I took this photograph so I could then compare it to others and see what a duller background looks like compared to backgrounds which can be seen. black background The mise-en-scene for this photograph of Paul Ashdown is an office wall which is visible for the target audience to see but the model is located in a spare office around the college's campus. This is similar to a stereotypical magazine with a wall in the background but this one is a different colour and an indoor wall instead of an outdoor one. Paul is wearing his everyday smart shirt and trousers in the photographs to look professional and serious about his occupation therefore allowing the students to know how he takes his job seriously and has their best interests at heart due to him looking professional. I have taken this photograph in the art building on the Sixth Form Campus in the art block to appeal to the students who are more creative and spend a lot of time within this building, I have taken this shot infront of a students art piece so the magazone clearly looks like a student magazine to the target audience. The model is in casual clothes with a coat on with no added make up on as i wanted the model to appeal and represent students in the most realistic way that i could through the use of the clothes, hair and makeup. The mise-en-scene for this photograph is the college ground behind the model instead of an actual building or a wall of a building on the college campus. The lighting however is quite bright so it might be better to dim it down slightly in case it appears too harsh to the target audience's eyes if this photograph was to appear on the front cover. The model is in his own casual style clothing to suit the students this magazine is targeted towards. Outside Campus Lockers I have chosen this mise- en- scence for my magazine due to the principle Paul Ashdown being located in Solihull Sixth Form College's main reception. I think this could work for my magazine due to Paul looking serious as well as the location being different to other stereotypical student magazines meaning my student magazine will be different to the majority of the ones already released. School of Art. Office

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Transcript: Dee Lane "Roots of Genrification," The Oregonian June 16, 1992--Bettie Lou Overton, president of the Albina Womenis League Foundation, sweeps glass and bullet casings from outside the leagueis building on Northeast Killingsworth Street across from the Ahadhasan Palace where gunfire erupted a few days prior How does this study reflect urban trends nationwide? Black and Green: Displacement, Disinvestment and Eco-Gentrification in Albina Why has there been a large presence of new real estate and commercial development along Williams Avenue in recent years? What is causing so many African American residents to leave their communties in North and inner-Northeast Portland? Carter Ause Main Findings Albina Before Revitalization Research Questions Northwest Portland Union Station Portland Hotel Portland Realty Board + HOLC Vanport Worked Two Jobs/Faced Discrimination from Unions Vanport Flood Urban Renewal Memorial Coliseum Minnesota Avenue Freeway (Interstate 5) Emanuel Hospital Urban Renewal Project Union Avenue Expansion Eliot Njus, "Office Buildings...North Williams," The Oregonian The east building of One North, a two-building office development off of North Williams Avenue. The digital creative agency Instrument will occupy the building's office space. design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi What does this mean for Portland? Albina After Revitalization Casey Parks, "Portland gentrification," The Oregonian A pedestrian crosses North Williams Avenue amid construction. The North Portland corridor was a big topic at an Oregon State Bar forum on gentrification. Historical Context Median Gross Rents have increased in upwards of 184% (adjusted for inflation) since 1980 The avergage black household income of Albina residents have remained stagnant since 2000, while white incomes in Albina have risen by over $10,000 Siteworks, LLC - Shaver Green (more affordable housing units than full price rentals) LRS Architects - The Albert, Mason-Williams -> $$$$$ Aug. 3, 1988, Irine Tate hugs her granddaughter, Crystal Tate, 9, near her house on Northeast 14th Place where she has painted "NO DRUGS FOR SALE" signs. Tate has confronted drug-dealing gang members in her campaign to make her street safe.

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