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Transcript: NOW Weaknesses Strengths NOW - A few key, billboard charts continue to be the final word on success in music - The revelence of the magazine is greater than ever due to the new technology and partnerships - Music fans have less of an incentive to buy the magazine - Specifically losing female viewership as well as digital unique visitors (-5 million in past two years) - Not focused, precise enough for industry professionals CURRENT USER BASE CURRENT USER BASE BILLBOARD CHARTS BILLBOARD CHARTS HOT 100 Relaunched Q4 2014 – improved user experience including mobile optimization and audio playback capabilities BILLBOARD 200 Now includes data on streams from services like Spotify, Apple Music TRENDING 140 A first of its kind partnership with Twitter, this chart measures social music activity in real-time . GOAL GOAL Unfocused, celebrity-obssesed gossip aspect Provide the most accurate, detailed, up-to-date music industry news What's Missing What's Missing Industry The Industry THE HEADS OF RECORD LABELS, PRODUCERS, PROMOTERS, AGENTS, MANAGERS, MUSIC PUBLISHERS AND ARTISTS BECOME THE SINGLE ESSENTIAL READ FOR THE POWER PLAYERS WHO RUN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY CURRENTLY 77% MALE, 23% FEMALE MAGAZINE AUDIENCE STRATEGY TIMELINE More business-minded Become indespensible part of the industry Improve overall cocommunication and connections between industry professionals Temporal Positions Projects Norms STRATEGY FINGERPRINT METHOD FINGERPRINT METHOD #1 #2 #3 Temporal - How it treats the present/past - Provide up to date information in music industry Positions - The go-to source for music charts, news and oriignal video for the music industry and music lovers Projects - The market is crowded because of how much data is created, Billboard needs to stand out #4 Norms - The world's most definitve music ranking and measure of success


Transcript: Most influential music media brand Brand built on exclusive charts and unrivalled reporting Operates internationally Owned by Prometheus Global Media First issue - November 1, 1894 William Donaldson and James Hennegan 'Billboard Advertising' 8 pages long Focus changed several times - advertising, breaking news, circuses and outdoor events Music Great Depression - Jukebox industry advertising Radio and Phonograph 1940s - music industry specialist publication 1943 - 100 employees NYC in 1948 Photojournalism - 1963 1969 - owned eleven trade and consumer publications 1984 - leader in music industry news By the end of 1990s - 'bible' of recording industry Audience 6.5 M users 10.5M U.S. users Average age - 38 Average HHI - $94K 44% MALE - 56% FEMALE 1962 Competitors 4773366 Hayleigh Sinclair Subscriptions Mobile Billboard Online Billboard Today General US Subscription: $19.99 International: $29.99 Strengths & Weaknesses Online JRNL212 Print 1967 17K circulation 115K total Audience Average age - 47 Averge HHI - $212K 77% Male - 23% Female Content Charts Music channels by genre Videos Lists All Access Current Issue US Subscription: $9.99 International: $24.99 BILLBOARD HAS EVOLVED INTO ONE OF THE MOST DYNAMIC, WIDELY VISITED MUSIC DESTINATIONS. ITS SIGNATURE ASSET, THE BILLBOARD CHARTS, REMAINS THE FINAL WORD ON SUCCESS IN MUSIC. ITS RELEVANCE IS GREATER THAN EVER DUE TO NEW TECHNOLOGY, PARTNERSHIPS AND THE DATA DRIVEN WORLD WE LIVE IN TODAY. Digital Access Background Topline The Beat Style Features Reviews Backstage Pass Charts Coda Early History Advertisements Print Access US Subscription: $12.99 International: $12.99

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