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Transcript: 1 m 2 p b Y g X F A critique of the effects of strategies used in response to the behaviour of children with a range of needs. Behaviour Intervention E Sasha is 5 years old. She has always been withdrawn, but has become even more so since starting year 1 in September. She has few real friends and tends to spend play times walking around alone or on the fringes of different groups of her peers. Assessments show she is actually above average in her English and maths skills, but she produces very little work and makes no contribution to lesson discussions. Her teacher, Mrs Rix, regularly reprimands her for her seeming lack of effort in class and picks her out to answer questions, but gets little response. Sasha says she cannot do the work properly and is not clever enough - she seems to have a low self-esteem. Her mother, it is only the two of them in the family, is eager for Sasha to do better. She says that Sasha is more talkative at home and likes to read books, particularly fantasy stories about magic, wizards and witches. Scenario A - Sasha 5 years old Withdrawn Produces very little work and makes little contribution in class Mrs Rix often addresses her lack of effort, and picks her out to answer questions -little response. Low self-esteem Only Child Talkative at home and enjoys reading. What do we know about Sasha? D Life is an Open Book.. Ready to Turn the Next Page? C A Perfect Template for Various Topics: A Perfect Template for Various Topics: B "There is no friend as loyal as a book." - Ernest Hemingway "So many books, so little time." - Frank Zappa "Don't read books. Make prezis!" - Author A Thank you!

Bid Presentation

Transcript: Alexandria Howze Bryce Wilkerson Christopher White Triathlon World Cup Series Long Distance Triathlon World Championship Long Distance Triathlon World Championship 4km Swim= 2.5 miles 120km Bike= 74.7 miles 20 km Run= 12.4 miles What is a LD triathlon What is a LD triathlon Invented in the early 1970s by San Diego Track Club Consists of: 10km run 8km bike 500 metre swim 1989 triathlons were Olympic status 2000 Olympics in Australia History History Triathlon Weihai, Shandong - China- 2014 Motala, Sweden -2015 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma- 2016 Penticon, Canada- 2017 Previous Host Cities Previous Host Cities Video Video We serve multi-sport athletes of all ages and abilities in and around the state of Texas, enabling them to achieve their athletic goals in a stimulating, supportive and sociable environment. Mission Statement Mission Statement Triathlon Event Triathlon Event Successful Event Great Experience Increase Fans Help our sponsors Revenue for Austin Goals Goals Theme Theme Host City Host City Austin, TX 6th Street Food Trucks Museums State Capitol Castle hills Round Rock outlets (15 min away) Attractions Attractions Fox Website Ads Commercials Flyers Posters Newsletters Print Media Media Market Media Market Host Venue Host Venue Lady Bird Lake Streets of downtown Austin Venue Amentities Venue Amentities First responders Porta potties Water Stations Bike Mechanic Support Stations Souvenior Area VIP Reception Area VIP Hosting Area Amentites Amentites Accomd. Accommodations SuperShuttle- 50 shuttles Austin Charter Services- 15 Double Deckers Elegant Limousine & Charter- 5 Limos Transportation Transportation Omni Austin Hotel -$192 San Jacinto Blvd Austin TX Total number of rooms - 392 Meeting rooms- 10 Hair salon Hilton Austin-$99 E 4th St Austin TX Total number of rooms - 801 Conference space size (feet) - 60000 Free WiFi Sauna etc. Hotels Hotels Airport to Hilton Austin= 16 mins Airpost to Omni Austin 17 mins Hilton Austin to Venue= 9 mins Omni Austin to Venue= 10 mins Registration to Venue= 9 mins Registration to Omni Austin= 7 mins Registration Hilton= 7 mins Commute Commute Transportation Schedule Transportation Schedule Two Days Before Event: 5am-3pm: Airport Pickup Hilton Austin Omni Austin 1-7pm: Charters to training facility Shuttles rotating every hour Friday Friday Day Before Event 10-6pm: Charter Bus from hotels Packet Pickup 10:30-6pm: Charter Bus from registration Bike Checkin 11-6pm: Charter Bus Athlete Meetings Saturday Saturday Day of Event: 4-5:30am: Transportation to Venue Charters to Venue 12: Bike Check-out/ Shuttle Pickup Shuttle pick up every 30 minutes 1pm: Transportation to Hotel Charters running every hour 3-11pm: Transportation to Airport Charters and Shuttles every hour Sunday Sunday Volunteers Volunteers A volunteer T-shirt Complimentary food and beverage Complete community service hours Meet a new friend or business contact Create new interests or hobbies 1,200 How many are needed? How many are needed? Swim Course (on water) Swim Course (on shore) Bike Course (Direct Participants) Run Course (point the orange flag) Transition Area (Contains all bike racks) Timing (Timing chutes) Body Marking Refreshments Parking Aid-Stations Communications Packet Pick-Up & Registration How will they be used? How will they be used? Training from the professionals. CPR certification. Security What training will be required? What training will be required? Marketing Strategy Marketing Strategy Elite Traithlon Athletes Triathlon Fans Target Market Target Market Websites Emails Social Media Mail Triathlons locally Reaching Out Reaching Out Media releases Before, during, and after Publicizing the event Flyers Social media Word of mouth Local Business ITU website Marketing Strategy Marketing Strategy Sponsorships Sponsorships All these are products and things athletes use. Why? Why? Asking for donations Asking for exposure Increase our image Asking for a great partnership What is asked of our sponsors? What is asked of our sponsors? Increases Brand Awareness. Promotes a Positive Image. Allows Direct Customer and Market Interaction. Receive a Good Return on Investment. Benefits Benefits Proposed Budget: 9 million Budget Budget Prize Money- 90,000 Event Liabability- 3,000,000 Pasta Party- 5,000 Transportation- 2,000,000 Advertising - 1,000,000 Media Coverage-500,000 In Depth In Depth Event Title Sponsors Public Institutions Sponsorships Entry Fees Ticket Sales Food and Beverage Entry Fees Merchandise Sales Revenue Coming Back Revenue Coming Back Evaluation Evaluation Attendance Attendance Surveys Surveys

Bid Presentation

Transcript: Sponsorships Venue 2023-2024 Canadian U23 Wrestling Championship Cassie, Sierra, Nick, Lucas and Alex Canadian Wrestling Championships Canadian Wrestling Championship - An annual national wrestling match is known as the Canadian Wrestling Championship. - The national governing body for wrestling in Canada, Wrestling Canada Lutte, is in charge of organizing it. - The competition includes a variety of wrestling disciplines, such as Greco-Roman and freestyle, and contestants are split into weight and age divisions. - Top wrestlers from across the nation often attend the event to fight for the title of national champion in their respective divisions. - Being a qualifier for the Canadian national wrestling team to compete internationally, the tournament is a significant occasion for Canadian wrestlers. Planning Literature Review Things to consider: - Funding - Venue - Equipment CUSTOMERS Equipment Needed - Wrestling Mats - Scoreboard - Timing device - Weigh in scales - Tables & Chairs - Medical supplies - Audio & visual equipment National Bid Literature Review Wrestling Canada Lutte's mission statement is to provide national leadership, safety and support for our athletes and other participants and they pursue international podium victory There is a dramatic increase in social capital through sporting events. Research found that events can increase sport participation while driving a connection in the community Anxiety can be a big problem for U23 wrestlers and can affect there quality of life outside of wrestling. Any event organizer needs to take this into account COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS Competitor A Competitor A Name Strengths Weaknesses YOUR LOGO Competitor D Economical Competitor D Name Strengths Weaknesses Competitor B Competitor C Competitor C Name Strengths Weaknesses Competitor B Name Strengths Weaknesses Quality Sponsorships Budget Name: Experience: Venue Name: Experience: Competitive Anaylsis Name: Experience: Thematic Pillars Mentor Engagement Education Community Bret Hart Engaging in the community Recognizable Great Promotor PRODUCT PLAN Budget FEATURES FEATURES PRODUCT GOES HERE MARKETING MARKETING Funding FUNDING REQUEST FUNDING REQUEST We will need $10,000,000 over 5 years PROJECTION PROJECTION Sponsorships TITLE Budget TITLE

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