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Beyond Powerpoint

Transcript: Second Grade Reading How to create a book report Objectives After this lesson, you should be able to : Define book report A book report is: A book report is a way to tell others about a book you have read. A good book report should include the book's author, title, characters, setting, and plot, as well as a personal endorsement (Calderwood, 2019). Know the elements of a book report The elements of a book report are: 1.Characters 2.Setting 3.Plot 4.Endorsement Title and author should be included at top of page Create a complete book report In order for a book report to be complete, it needs : to be gramatically correct to contain all elements to show understanding of the book read The steps to complete a book report are: Steps 1.Choose a book to read You should choose a book that is interesting to you so that it is easier for you to read While reading, you should: Note the characters Note the setting Note important events Note your thoughts Taking notes: 2.Take notes Characters are the people or animals in the story. A book report should tell something important about each main character. Don't name every single character in the book, just choose the most important ones (Calderwood, 2019). Write about the characters 3.Write about the characters The setting of a book is where and when the story takes place. While many books include more than one location, in a book report you should describe the most important one or two places (Calderwood, 2019). Setting 4.Write about the setting The plot is the action of the story. A book report should have a plot summary that gives enough information to interest the reader of the report, without retelling the entire story (Calderwood, 2019). Plot 5.Write about the plot Your endorsement is your opinion of the book. Do you recommend it to other readers? Why or why not? (Calderwood, 2019). Endorsement 6. Write an endorsement 1.Check to make sure all grammer is correct 2.Make sure all elements are included 3.Make sure the title and author of the book are at the top of the page Before handing in your book report, you should: 7. Check grammer You will create a book report using all the elements of a book report we talked about today. You will be assessed on your understanding of the book, folllowing the steps and including all the elements, and using correct grammer throughout. After reading this units book Charlotte's Web- Assessment Calderwood, B. (2019). How to Write a Book Report: Lesson for Kids. Retrieved from Images Book,record,clipart,cartoon,kids - free image from (2019). Retrieved from Vedran. (2019). Cartoon worm holding book. Retrieved from Vedran. (2019). Stack of books vector clip art. Retrieved from Sources: Sources

Beyond PowerPoint

Transcript: Student's using Web 2.0 to demonstrate their learning... Gifted students often need to have the ability to move when learning. QR codes add an interactive component to the gifted classroom. Teachers can create a QR Code Museum, Gallery, or QR Code scavenger hunts. Why? Computer technology provides gifted students with the immediate answers they so often desire. Quick Response (QR) codes make learning with technology easier for students and motivates and engages them in new ways. QR codes allow teachers to create and employ a convenient and engaging strategy with their learners. Continued... Mary Kaitlyne Caudle Eller EDUC-512 Campbell University Gifted students require learning that motivates and challenges them as well as supports their learning styles and needs. Technology can ensure student motivation and engagement by providing choice of content, tools and resources, along with adaptation to student learning preferences. Technology also provides for extension and enrichment of classroom curriculum. Technology encourages 21st century skill creation with an emphasis on collaboration and critical thinking (Eckstein, 2009). Educators can ensure differentiation for all students by providing an authentic learning environment with multiple levels of learning which encourages higher-level thinking, creativity and collaboration (Schweizer & Kossow, 2007). One example of using Web 2.0 to differentiate learning: QR Codes. Guided Practice in the math classroom... Students can work to answer math task cards with QR codes at stations or desks. After they solve the problem on the task card, the students use the QR code reader on their SMART device to check their answer. Beyond PowerPoint Benefits of Web 2.0 in the Gifted Classroom Using QR Codes in the classroom Gifted student's can utilize Web 2.0 tools to demonstrate their learning and highlight their creativity. Most of these tools provide the opportunity for differentiation, collaboration, enrichment, product sharing, and deeper critical thinking which are necessary for gifted students (Kieler, 2010). Task Cards with QR Codes offer chances for students to work together, engage in math talk, check their work in a non-threatening way, and practice a skill (e.g., two step equations). Differentiation occurs by including past skills (e.g., one step equations) and challenge station(s) where the teacher can assist.

Beyond PowerPoint

Transcript: 4. Be careful with your Presentations--do not make your audience sick! Spoken Words/ Printed Words Start here! 3. Use arrows, highlighting, or other cues to to help audience select important information Non-linear and hyper-linear tools can make the structure of a presentation infromative And at something that a professor has made... 5:05 2. Graphical information takes advantage of the way we process information--use this information whenever possible Images/ Printed words Using limited text along with images in a slide will reinforce the spoken part of a lecture or discussion. Beyond PowerPoint: Making Presentations Engaging and Intentional BUT! Popplet Effective uses of presentation software Al Gore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stephen Wolfram This is all well and good, but can you give me some tips I can actually use? Images/ Printed words Let's take a look at what some students have done with Prezi... Bee Docs YES! Lawrence Lessig Spoken Words/ Printed Words 5. Be a showperson! 1. Slides should elucidate what you are saying, not repeat what you are saying. Effective Slide design takes advantage of how our brains process different sensory information. Prezi

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