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Text and Instant picture messaging

Transcript: Text messaging, instant messaging, and picture/ video messaging are types of communication and are used on smart phones. Some types of instant messaging can be used on desktop or notebook computers. Personal Advantages instant form of communication useful when you want an instant response from the recipient can have many conversations at once Personal Business Business Use Good Practices Business know the person you are talking to any text, picture, or video can be sent to anyone by the recipient do not share personal information quickly reread texts and preview pictures/ videos before you send them respect others privacy make sure content is appropriate when sending picture/ video messages only give cell phone number to people you trust be nice to people and ask yourself why you are about to send a text message do not harass people mind your business Websites Disadvantages greatly increases collaboration can be archived for retrieval at a later date immediate contact with customers when used by a company reduces amount of used minutes picture/ video messaging provides instant views of remote locations, such as work sites or company assets cell phones can be addictive can be very distracting may be very expensive on some devices text messaging: may result in stress injuries make your point quickly and keep message concise separate personal messaging from business messaging avoid using shortcuts and emoticons use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation be aware of cultural differences acknowledge the end of a conversation try to meet the person before sending them a message review all messages before sending them keep messages and conversations short create a signature for your texts so people know that it is you Text and Instant Picture Messaging Personal Use Good Practices business conversations often lead to personal conversation leads to relying on a colleague for an answer instead of figuring it out yourself significant decline in face to face conversations at work can lead to difficult situations when inappropriate content is shared


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