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Technical Presentation

Transcript: Shooting Dates (Outdoor): (Potential) Studio Set up 2 Indoor Set-up 1 (Aidan's house) We will carry portable lights and reflectors in case we need them, but most likely the daylight will be sufficient. Lots of focus pulls in the performance which we found interesting. Cuts between narrative/performance similarly to how we want to. Individual shots will be taken with both studio set-ups - LS, MS, MCU, CU (of faces and of instruments) Static shots of all types - WS of the band and individual closer shots. Outdoor Set-up 1/2 Camera movement Indoor Set-up 2 (Aidan's house) GoPro One shot at 0:25 that we might want. Shows singer as an inspirational figure Street wall Spotlights on individuals to minimise light hitting black curtain. Shooting dates (Studio): Studio Set up 1 The walls will have music/ drumming posters and there will be music magazines and boyish clothes scattered around the floor and bed. Again, we will use daylight and the street is nearby the first outdoor location. Sony V1E - we are filming indoors and outdoors. Desk Again infinite black. This will have papers and folders on it, with a noticeboard in front, also covered in papers (letters, notes etc.) Also Empty coffee cups (2/3). Acoustic guitar Electric guitar Drum kit Dolly Markers (for the floor) Microphone Official looking papers/letters Lots of stationery Rejection letters (to be made) Band audition poster (to be made) Music magazines Drumming posters Mobile phone Cup Visual references Camera Portable lights and reflectors if the lighting if the lamp on the desk is not enough. (Archway close to indoor location) The Defiance/Group 5 - Technical Presentation We plan to film takes of the song with: Bedroom Coloured spotlights (keeping consistent colours to previous set up) Lighting style at start, camera movements Saturday 9th November Sunday 17th November Saturday 23rd November This applies to full band shots, individual shots, and narrative. Street/ Lampost Infinite black background using the black curtain. - Tilts up and down - Arcing across - Zooms - Tracking Guitar shots/microphone movement shots. Not a very busy street, so filming will not be a problem. We will only use natural light here. Coloured back lights: (from left to right) - Blue for Daniel - Purple for Shobnam - Red for Aidan Friday 8th November Thursday 14th November Friday 15th November Wednesday 20th November Thursday 21st Novemeber Friday 22nd November Mise-en-scene Props list:

Technical Presentation

Transcript: Our main objective was to score the most points overall. Kaino and Alex were more hands on. They helped create the two practice boards. They also were dealing more with the sensors and creating the line program for the maze. Ce'Dedra, Selicia, Dennisha, and put together the technical presentation including the information and photos while creating the program for another part of race. We began Robotics this year. Jacob is a freshman and mentor for the middle school. He'll be working with us today. Dead Reckoning VS. Line Follow Program dead reckoning or using a line following program. All the marbles, or simply get out of the maze. The maze itself was a challenge. How to stop the marbles from affecting the Boe-bot Learning the QTI sensors Create our own program by learning about the one given. Dirt on tape Reversed sensors Lnt@PD4 What attachment was utilized & why did we choose that design? We used what we called a beak/arrow shaped object in front of the Boe-bot. The arrow would be low enough so that it protects the sensors & the marbles wont harm them. It's also designed so the marbles would go around our Boe-bot. We wanted to put an attachment on the back of the Boe-bot just in case we have to back up to get back on track. The full attachment would be like a box shaped object including the arrow/beak in the front. Group members What Challenges did you meet & how did you overcome them? Our Approach We feel that our approach was the best because we used all of our resources, took advantage of the information that was given to us, and brainstormed all of our options as a group. In addition to using our line follow program we did not used dead reckoning. We decided to use the sensors because if using dead reckoning and we hit a marble it would throw the whole boe-bot off of track. Our Technical Presentation Why is our approach the best?

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