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Event Sponsorship

Transcript: KISS Principle Be able to answer First Olympics that has made $ Categorized sponsors Target Marketing Why should I sponsor this event? (Benefit) Who is the target audience? What's the cost and the ROI? Why will people come? 1. What are your goals for this event? 2. How would you begin to identify potential sponsors? What sponsors you should be leery of approaching? 3. Identify the parties of the event triangle and the investments of each 4. Categorize the levels of sponsorship that should be utilized? 5. What benefits will you provide to sponsors? 6. How will you present ROI and ROO to the potential customer? Marketing Plan Find a need Event provides publicity Participants seek entertainment, exposed to activities Sponsors opportunity to leverage fans through borrowed equity Chapter 7 Event Marketing Branding the Event Marketing Chapter 6 1. What kind of data will you need to make your marketing decisions? 2. Who will you target to sell tickets to this event? 3. What will be unique about the product that will attract spectators? 4. What would be your pricing strategies? 5. What would be your distribution issues? 6. Outline the promotional strategies to attract spectators. Chapter 7 1. What kind of data will you need to make your marketing decisions? 2. Who will you target to register teams for this event? 3. What will be attractive about the product that will attract participants? 4. What would be your pricing strategies? 5. What would be your distribution issues? 6. Outline your promotional strategies to attract participants. Sponsorship is a legal drug, sports can't seem to get enough. What is missing from this flyer? Served as the organizer of the 1984 Olympics Event Promotion What's in it for me? Event Overview Homework Questions Time to outsource so it looks good! Electronic Marketing Wealthy white males + golf Demographics Lifestyle Benefits Usage Implementation Keep It Simple Stupid Activation of a sponsorship through marketing Association of a sponsor to an event Facebook Twitter YouTube Event Sponsorship Peter Ueberroth

Event Sponsorship

Transcript: External Influences Sponsorship is the provision of assistance either financial or in kind to an activity by a commercial organization for the purpose of achieving commercial objectives. It is a tool to acquire intangible and tangible benefits by purchasing the space and length of time to apply a name to a facility. Ambush Marketing Sponsorship Internal & External Newsletters The strategy is delivered by “brand managers”. They work on behalf of the client, in essence becoming the gatekeepers for managing the product or service. In order to be successful, sponsorship proposals need to have natural synergy with their intended audience. Ambush Marketing Example 1) Major Sponsor-65 being granted authority to use the olympic symbols 2) Official Sponsor-34 companies acquiring contracts with the IOC as official sponsors 3) Official Supplier-64 companies acquiring the rights to supply Brand Agencies The global market for sponsorship naming rights on venue is estimated to be approaching $4 billion worldwide with 75% of the market in the USA. The growth of new media has fragmented the consumer market. Targeting a consumer or potential audience now needs to be a sophisticated scientific approach. Research Event Sponsorship Departments effected by these situations are: Marketing & Advertising The marketplace for sponsorship gets influenced by the global economy. From economic fluctuations coming from various parts of the globe, there can be both short-term and long-term impacts on available financial revenue from corporate organizations. It is generally agreed the USA is coming to maturity with regard to naming rights. Industry Related Trade Magazines Adidas was not listed in any format or arrangement within any of the sponsorship categories for the 2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games. Depending on where the games are played, some countries decided to reduce the number of sponsors to increase the value of rights. It is clear the major sporting events around the globe rely heavily on corporate sponsorships. Securing support, partnership, and strategic alliance 9/11 attacks had a major negative economic and ripple effect across the globe. The robustness of global market and US stock exchange at the time meant that the world did not experience a recession. There was a downturn in stocks for some businesses and in particular the airline industry. Sponsorship Deals What is Sponsorship? The International Olympic Committee (IOC) set out a marketing plan and divided it into three categories: New Media Major Sponsorship Deals Kelsey Orthaus & Makoto Kumagai Brand Agencies, along with the client, are looking for maximum exposure and return on investment. Therefore, sponsorship proposals must demonstrate a strategy that communicates across all communication channels, enabling the sponsor to maximize investment. Local or regional newspapers: Event has public image, civic pride or has newsworthy appeal and could contain useful information. Ambush marketing is a way of taking over the advertising or marketing of another product or service without the authorization or permission of the negotiated client. There are also ethical and political issues that should be taken into consideration when researching potential companies. The combined strategic vision is the level of knowledge and work required in developing a business partnership. Brand managers are looking to Europe for future sponsorship development. Germany has the biggest sponsorship market. Event providers should be aware of the sea change for sponsorship shifting its focus to Europe and the global market. Naming Rights Research is important to obtain historical data of events sponsored by the company you are looking at. Articles on the company’s website Sponsorship manager: A position by an individual who looks at supporting events as a part of a company’s strategic vision. Not all sponsorship deals look to increase market share or competitive edge for the company product or service directly. Some organizations may find it necessary to maintain their public image by associating their product/service with a particular event. When a sponsorship is applied, an organization may be faced with unacceptable or negative publicity and therefore needs to adopt a strategy to maintain an acceptable level of public image. Company Accounts These are just some of the areas where information can be obtained and may help build the picture of the types of events and financial assistance given as part of the sponsorship deal. Overtime sponsorship has developed and become an enormously complicated mechanism driving a product/service to potential consumers on a global scale. New media: refers to on-demand access to content anytime, anywhere, on any digital device, as well as interactive user feedback, and creative participation. Another aspect of new media is the real-time generation of new and unregulated content. Example Brand Agencies cont. It is essential for event providers to recognize the

Event Promotion & Sponsorship

Transcript: December 9, 2018 Doggie Fashion Runway Show Animal Welfare League of Arlington Fashion Show Introduction Introduction - Middle Aged Families -Those Looking To Adopt -Community & Friends Attendees 1 What To Expect The Event 2 - DJ - Photographer - Halloween themed activities and refreshments Indirect & Direct Competition 3 -Pet Aucion (Indirect) -Saturday's Market (Indirect) - Pet Shows (Direct) Promotion Promotions Social Media Not Social Media - Contest -Giveaways -Emotional Approach -Instagram -Snap chat -Facebook 1 Not social media Contest Giveaway Emotional Approach - People love free things. - Successful at cultivating interest - Will hit home (touch hearts) - Expose dogs life in shelters - Advance your image - Win prizes - Focus on your item Social Media 2 Instagram Snap chat Facebook - Engagement rate is higher than any other social media platform - Special Features -Businesses are using it to communicate with customers - Generates buzz, - Low cost - Create event page - Collect attendee count Sponsors Sponsors - 2514 Willow Park Rd, Bethlehem, PA 18020 Sponsor 1- Pettin' On the Ritz Sponsor 1 1 - 2410 Catasauqua Rd, Bethlehem, PA 18018 Sponsor 2- Primo Hoagies 2 Sponsor 2 - 2410 Brodhead Rd, Bethlehem, PA 18040 Sponsor 3- Valley Pet Supply 3 Sponsor 3 - 2920 Easton Ave, Bethlehem, PA 18017 . Sponsor 4- Petco Veterinary Services Sponsor 4 4 Sponsorship Proposal Benefits Sponsor 4 4 Public Relations Strategy Social Media Campaign: 1. Facebook 2. Instagram Public Release : 1. Penn live

Event Sponsorship

Transcript: Tremendous sponsorship transactions have been distributed to the field of college football, which is evidenced by the typical value of $20 million per year for title sponsorship of each playoff game (Sport Business Journal, 2015) 12 million people watch it live 3.5 billion television views Relationship between team and sponsor and consumer is important. Sponsors dont pay athletes but they do pay for the athlete's airfare, coaches, and physical therapy. They are invaluable members of the team and they keep the show on the road. This support shows through and warms the hearts of a certain audience. Overall fit between sponsors and sport events are split into two categories: 1. Direct fit indicates that the sponsors’ products could be directly used in the events; 2. Indirect fit occurs when some aspects of a sponsor’s image match up with the event. Otker and Hayes's (1988) study of the sponsorship of the 1986 World Soccer Cup by Phillips showed that when the match between the images of the company and the event is congruent, the impact of the sponsorship extends to three significant market segments: 1. The people who are physically and emotionally involved in the event 2. The media covering the event 3. The customers of the sponsor and/or the consumers of its products Consumer-based brand equity has been studied in a broad array of professional fields with consistent findings of its positive influence on : - Promoting consumer preferences and purchase intentions (Cobb-Walgren, Ruble, & Donthu, 1995), - Elevating consumer-perceived quality toward products (Dodds, Monroe, & Grewal, 1991) - Improving consumer evaluation of brand extensions (D.A. Aaker & Keller, 1990) - Enhancing resilience in product-harm crises (Dawar & Pillutla, 2000). Trends in Sports Sponsorship Risk Management SMRT 642 Event Sponsorship - Large numbers of sport events, from local and small-scale events to international and mega events, provide great communication platforms for sponsors to build, strengthen, and maintain their Consumer Based Brand Equity. - Ex: College football is one of the most influential sport platforms that gets tremendous attention from both consumers and sponsors, millions of people see it through tv or even their phones but no one usually misses a game especially if you attend that university - Social account takeovers and shout outs - Initiating takeovers of company's social accounts by the influencers they partner with. The influencer gains access to the sponsor’s social account and encourages their followers to check out the brand through a series of shout-outs so they can witness what gets shared during the takeover. - Getting the audience right- For corporate sponsorships to be effective, the audience needs to match on both sides of the arrangement. Sponsoring events can shape the buying attitudes of your audience and generate positive word-of-mouth recommendations. References - Social influencers to play a bigger role- Athletes remain a key vehicle for companies to enhance the reach, popularity and influence of their brand. “You need savviness in the social media space. You need to create content that is attractive to both the end consumer and the influencers who are the gatekeepers of mass organic reach”. - Shirt sponsorship to explode in the US- English football teams have been sporting sponsorship logos for over 30 years, America's big leagues – the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB - have largely ignored this huge source of potential revenue, until now. - Live experiences to become richer- With around 70% of spectators in stadiums using a mobile, every brand, advertiser and sports marketer is now looking for ways to use the huge potential that mobile technology offers to improve the fan experience. Sponsoring According to Otkcr (1988), commercial sponsoring buys time to capitalize the association through an event with the specific goal of raising awareness. Sponsorship involves an exchange of resources. Through the images, customers’ needs to see the similarities between the attributes of the company or its products and the attributes of the event or group. Image Sponsoring Whenever a company sponsors an event, making sure they have a set risk management plan is necessary to be prepared for the worst and being able to identify the way the risk can be minimized. Schema Theory Jerred Junqi, W., Zhang, J. J., Byon, K. K., Baker, T. A., & Zhenqiu (Laura), L. (2016). Promoting Brand-Event Personality Fit as a Communication Strategy to Build Sponsors' Brand Equity. International Journal Of Sport Communication, 9(3), 294-320. Ferrand, A., & Pagès, M. (1996). Image Sponsoring: A Methodology to Match Event and Sponsor. Journal Of Sport Management, 10(3), 278-291. G. (2017, January 10). Five sports sponsorship trends for 2017. Retrieved March 01, 2018, from End Goal Event Personality to build sponsors Brand Equity - Objects and the relationships

Event Sponsorship for Summer Colours

Transcript: Conclusion Thank you for considering sponsorship for our "Find Your Match" event. Join us in making this summer unforgettable for singles everywhere! Why Sponsor Us? Partnership Details Partnering with the 'Find Your Match' Netflix Party offers unparalleled exposure for your brand, with expected engagement reaching over one million across Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. The event will harness the social media influence of our main host, who boasts over 100,000 Instagram followers, alongside the collective reach of the *Perfect Match* cast members. Your brand will be prominently featured in promotional content, live event coverage, and interactive posts, ensuring high visibility and engagement with a dedicated and enthusiastic audience. This is a unique opportunity to connect with singles from all over Ontario and beyond, amplifying your brand's presence and impact across multiple social media platforms. Target Audience Collaboration Opportunities Partner with us to create unique experiences, amplify your brand message, and connect with our engaged audience. Our event attracts a dynamic mix of individuals passionate about art, music, and social experiences. Event Details **Event Details: 'Find Your Match' Netflix Party** Date: July 13, 2024 Location: Soluna, 314 Queen St W Toronto Run Time: 2:00 PM - 7:00 PM Target Audience: Singles from all over Ontario Venue Capacity: 400 People Host: Nigel Jones Sponsor Benefits: Brand Visibility: High exposure to a targeted, engaged audience Product Placement: Showcase your products or services during the event Media Coverage: Featured in event promotions and media releases Direct Engagement: Interact with attendees and build brand loyalty Event will be a series, sponsorship comes with priority partnership for Montreal and Vancouver events Sponsorship Opportunities Explore exclusive sponsorship packages tailored to enhance brand visibility and engagement at our event. Event Sponsorship Deck Benefits Gain exposure to a diverse audience, increase brand awareness, and create lasting connections with event participants. Introduction Event: Find Your Match We’re thrilled to invite you to sponsor the 'Find Your Match' Netflix Party, featuring castmates from Netflix's hit show *Perfect Match*. This unique event combines the excitement of a virtual viewing party with live interactions with beloved reality TV stars. As a sponsor, you’ll connect your brand with a vibrant, engaged audience, leveraging the show's popularity to deliver a memorable experience for fans and a fantastic promotional platform for your brand. Imagine the buzz as fans gather online to interact with their favorite cast members, with your brand at the forefront. Join us in creating an unforgettable night of excitement, engagement, and entertainment—partner with us today and let’s make magic happen!

Event Sponsorship

Transcript: Event Sponsorship Target Audience Consistent brand image Largest FG tournament in the world: 6000 entrants 1.7 million unique viewers on stream Evaluation [Cont.] [Chick-fil-A] Sponsor: Southern fast food restaurant specializing in chicken sandwiches. Mad Catz hosts various sales promotions throughout the tournament Mad Catz-sponsored players take part in the tournament Likely to produce a positive ROI Louis Vuitton The America's Cup: Negatives Skewed slightly adult More female Higher level of income • • •'s_Cup • • • • Mad Catz- Evo Championship Series References The oldest international sports trophy Founded in 1851 An international sailing race originally named after the schooner “America” raced by the English Attracts the best sailors and yacht designers Wealthy Entrepreneurs and Sponsors Consistent brand image Strong probability of reaching target audience Fits well into marketing plans Complements other sponsorship activities [Event] 1 million viewers NBC paid nothing to air the event Louis Vuitton matches the high end viewer the America's Cup attracts The America's Cup Chick-fil-A Bowl Title Sponsor 17th Straight-sellout Return on Investment Mad Catz- Evo Championship Series [Evaluation] • • • • • • Event: Major college football bowl game hosted in Atlanta, Georgia Louis Vuitton- The America's Cup Chick-fil-A headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia Associated with the Southern United States College football has a large tailgating culture Luxury French Fashion Label Founded in 1854 Most counterfeit brand in the world Ranked 10th most valuable brand in the world by Forbes Brand Image & Marketing Communications References [Cont.] The America's Cup The America's Cup: Facts Chick-fil-A Bowl [Sponsor] Advertisements poke fun at beef Emphasized outdoor & radio

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