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Transcript: Investor Pitch Deck 06/19/2019 The Opportunity Opportunity In 2018 49.6% of the workforce was female In the graduating class of 2016-2017 50.7% of professional degrees were earned by women Professional women need to wear professional wear Online survey conducted revealed: 84% women want pockets; 64% willing to pay up to $100 for a jacket with pockets; 60% women only bought one blazer a year even though they needed more; 25% cost 25% fit 5% material 5 % functionality The Problem Women have problem No pockets Jackets with pockets Sad women Happy women The Solution The Solution Jayb Jacket: Functional - 4 Sizeable pockets (2 inside, 2 outside) Affordable - Between $100 to $125 Social impact - $5 from each jacket will go to providing female hygiene products to girls in rural villages in Pakistan through nonprofit, Her Ground. Option of custom jacket available The Market Millennial Women 52.2% of the current womens workforce was millennial women in 2016: DOL website 79% of millennial women shop online: 84% millennial women want pockets in their jackets: Jayb Survey "I WANT this hypothetical blazer" Stephanie Simmons, Attorney at Law "I will literally purchase this yesterday" Vidhi Bamzai, Lawyer at The Souther Poverty Law Center Please tell me you're going to develope equality pockets! Emily McGovern, Prosecutor Market Size $26 54 Market Size Competitive Analysis Competitive Analysis Our Solution Our Solution Product Product Team Team Jennifer Deborah Title Experience Tom Benedict Title Experience Jack William Title Experience Business Model Business Model Revenue Model Revenue Model Financial Projection Financial Projection Conclusion Conclusion

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Transcript: Wiingler (wing-ler): A wingman or wingwoman. Interacts with friends. Likes golf, football, cycling, food, food + food Miingler (ming-ler): A dater. Interacts with daters and friends. It's competitive but we're unique 44% of the market Where we are Request intro Big market with healthy growth Meet people through friends Funding Requirements Seeking to raise $250K from right-fit investors for product development What makes us attractive Lean team of 2 dedicated full-time founders who have bootstrapped the company Unique customer proposition in a growing market Low burn rate Highly scalable business that can expand internationally Wiingler Co-founder + COO Online Dating Comiingle - Meet people through friends > Ladder Big problem with existing dating sites Who we are UC Berkeley, B.A. Comp Sci + B.S. Business Administration Get Better Results Likes golf, basketball, traveling + Broadway musicals Pick a Role Scammers / Liars Socialize Online Dating Market = $1.9 billion John Truong Wayne Aono That's all folks! Misrepresentation 2.8% annual growth What we're looking for Creepers Target Demographic = 18-29 year olds Wayne Aono Gossip @ Deloitte + Infosys Consulting 7 yrs IT + human capital consulting experience Miingler UC Berkeley, B.A. Political Science Meet Friends of Friends Poor overall experience John Truong 7 yrs IT + strategy consulting experience Co-founder + CEO Fun What does a match % mean to me anyway? Add Friends 80% of people lie about their age, height or weight Play matchmaker | @ Deloitte + Ernst & Young Australia 50% of couples meet online or through friends Stamps of Approval Our solution


Transcript: Have Secured $450,000 Leaving $550,000 Remaining Available From 1st Round Julian Lago, Senior VP Sales Mr. Lago has been a successful insurance agent, broker, and entrepreneur for 20 plus years, and is very active in political and public affairs. In 2007, he merged his agency with a ninety year old Florida All Lines Agency with over one hundred employees, and became their chief agent for Life and Health and Financial Services Products. Mr. Lago is a past President of the Florida Association of Health Underwriters, and participates on the Board of Directors with the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU), for which he was just elected to one of the five Regional Vice President positions. NAHU is the preeminent Trade Association representing over 300,000 licensed Insurance Agents currently in the USA. He has also served on the Board of the Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and is the state HISPAC Chairman. Mr. Lago was recently honored by the Florida Insurance Commissioner, with the appointment as liaison to the pending Florida Health Exchange, which was created in conjunction with the federal health reform legislation, and where he coordinates with the other state Health Exchange representatives on operations and policies and procedures. He has been invited on numerous occasions to offer expert testimony to the Florida insurance commissioner and the state legislature, on the impact of health care reform. He also consults on health care with organizations around the country. Negotiated an equity Investment with General Services & Strategic Partner Agreement #3 Quality Customer Service delivered to a large base of health consumers opens the door to provide additional pharmacy related/generated billable services Management Team What We Need To Move Forward CARE COORDINATION SERVICES Management Team Have Secured $450,000 Leaving $550,000 Remaining Available From 1st Round Management Team WHAT IS DRIVING THE DEMAND FOR BETTER HEALTH INSURANCE CUSTOMER SERVICE & ADVOCACY? Dr. Robert Pallay is presently Program and Residency Director in Family Medicine at Memorial Health University Medical Center in Savannah, Georgia, as well as Professor and Chair, Department of Family Medicine, Mercer University School of Medicine, Savannah Campus. Prior to this, he was in clinical practice, both as owner/manager of a private group practice, and as Medical Director in the Department of Family Medicine at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey, and was the first Director of the New Jersey Family Physicians Research Network, a 200 plus member practice-based research network that continues to be active to this day. Since 1975, Dr. Pallay has served on, and chaired, numerous committees and commissions, and held officer positions in the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), and the Medical Society of New Jersey (MSNJ). In 1999, he was appointed by Governor Whitman to the New Jersey Public Health Council, and served as its Chairman for four years. In the AAFP, he served on its Finance Commission, and chaired its Commission on Public Health. In 2005, Dr. Pallay was elected to the Board of Directors of the AAFP for a three-year term. During his tenure on the AAFP Board, the concepts and plan for the deployment of the Patient Centered Medical Home concept were developed, and he played an integral part in that development. 1st Qtr 2014 Websites Up and Running Logos and Graphic Design complete Brochures for 2 Key Target Markets (Insurance Agencies & Private Exchange) Sales Pipeline Secured $450k of $1M First Round Operating Capital An uneducated Health Care Consumer base: A Carnegie Mellon University study done in 2013 found that “86 percent of Americans between the ages of 25 and 64 not only didn't have a grasp on Obamacare, they couldn't even wrap their heads around the fundamental concepts of any kind of health insurance.” More Health Care Consumers looking for services in an industry that already has high Customer Service Utilization: “We estimate a net gain of 9.3 million in the number of American adults with health insurance coverage from September 2013 to mid-March 2014.” “74% of insurance customers… will call a contact center as a first means of contacting the company.” Reduced budgets and capability to respond to increased customer service demand: Carriers have shouldered a large measure of the need for Customer Service in the past; however, the ACA, mandates that Minimum Loss Ratios (MLR) be adhered to under health care reform. That means that 80% to 85% of every premium revenue dollar collected has to be paid out in health claims. This is directly impacting the Carrier’s ability to respond to the increased demand. Their response has been to “cost-shift” this responsibility to the writing Agencies. “Primary Medical care capacity can be greatly increased without many more clinicians: by empowering licensed personnel, including registered nurses and

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Transcript: PROJECT 42K Project SYNOPSIS LOGLINE GENRE She has always wanted to set the female record in a full marathon. It's 1985 and she has been training for this moment since she started college three years ago. But she learns sometimes things don't go as we expect. Drama. After intense training for the marathon that is going to establish her running career, a young female athlete has to deal with losing first place to someone who suspiciously has not run a full marathon in her life Currently in development LOCATION Philadelphia. The overview and financing plan here presented are based in projections and estimates and therefore subject to uncertainty and factors beyond control. BUDGET $ 1.5/2 Million. Depending on definitive talent. PACKAGE PACKAGE CASTING CASTING CONCEPTS Young cast For the rest of the college age cast, unknown actors and actresses will be hired based on open auditions. For the protagonist, offers will be made to upcoming actresses with previous works on tv or similar. Patrick - The Coach Eric Close Freddie Prinze Jr. Geoff Stults The proposed talent is presented only for creative guideance. FILMMAKERS DIRECTORS The proposed talent is presented only for creative guideance. Nabil Elderkin He is a Director/Photographer raised in Australia, currently living in Los Angeles. He has created visuals on a variety of media platforms from advertising campaigns to magazine editorials, artist branding, books, music videos and film. His clients list includes, amongst others artists, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Frank Ocean, , Bon Iver, Seal, John Legend, and record labels Capitol Records, Universal Music, Sony, Warner Bros. His debut long feature is the award-winning documentary film "Bouncing Cats". Tana Schémbori & Juan Carlos Maneglia Directors responsible for "7 Cajas", a paraguayan film nominated to the Goya Awards in 2013 that revolutionized their country's movie industry. Following, they have worked in two paraguayan TV series. PRODUCERS The proposed talent is presented only for creative guideance. Leslie Urdang She is the president and producer of Olympus Pictures, an independent-films production company. She also produces theatrical works in New York City. She is known for her work in Beginners (2010), and Adam (2009). Miranda de Pencier She was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. She studied Theatre Performance and Philosophy at Concordia University and majored in Acting at New York University. She was the Director of Development of Robert Redford's company Wildwood where she was involved in developing a number of film projects including The Motorcycle Diaries before forming her own company, Northwood Productions. TARGET AUDIENCE TARGET AUDIENCE Adults 18-55 Predominantly female. Runners and marathons' fans. TONAL COMPS TONAL COMPS KEY ART TONAL COMPS SCHEDULE PRODUCTION SCHEDULE Q1 2018 Q3 2018 Q1 2019 Development Production Post-production Distribution Release LAUNCH LAUNCH Festivals Key points: Submition to festivals. Opening Weekend marketing campaign. Creation of oportunities for media coverage. Talent engagement. BUDGET BUDGET Production Budget Production Budget Pennsylvania offers a 25% Tax Credit to films that spend at least 60% of their total production budget in the Commonwealth. INVESTMENT BREAKDOWN INVESTMENT BREAKDOWN Breakdown Breakdown NOTES This breakdown is presented as an estimate. Tax incentives are estimated based on the assumption that filming will take place in Philadelphia. A bank loan could be taken against sold foreign territories. Alternative: Brand investment or sponsorship. Ideally: Adidas. STRATEGY MARKETING Focus on a niche and engaged audience. Since development and through the production and post production of the film, there will be a strategy to reach out to key target audience such as respected members of the running community through social media and direct contacts with ambassadors and influencers. Analize if bifurcated rights are a viable option for the film based on engagement of the target audience and the runners community at a previous stage. Consider limited or Day & Date release. The entertainment business is not correlated with the general market, there's always an audience for movies. If there isn't a big budget, focus should be on niche audience rather than broad exposure. The goal is to go for the niche in which our film can thrive. COMPARATIVES COMPARATIVES Comparative titles performance Comparative titles performance Digging for Fire and Neruda are cases of Day & Date release. RECOUPMENT RECOUPMENT These projections should not be relied upon as being necessarily indicative of future results. The assumptions and estimates underlying the prospective financial information are inherently uncertain and are subject to a wide variety of significant business, economic and competitive risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those contained in the prospective financial information. Projected Revenue Projected Revenue

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Transcript: RATSENSE A smart rodent management solution The Product What is RATSENSE? The Product The Problem Economic loss of US$19 billion a year by rat damage (2000) The Problem Worldwide, rats and mice spread over 35 diseases 20% of the world's food is eaten or contaminated by rats More than 6,000 jobs lost caused by lower revenue by rodents (2009) Why getting rid of rats is difficult Rats and mice are highly intelligent, significantly cleverer than dogs Rats are evolving and getting harder to kill as they learn to avoid traps & poison Governments increasing restrains on using rodenticides due to secondary poisoning Predicting the movement of rats are difficult as they are mainly active at night Why we are the solution The more data you have, the easier it is to find an effective solution to any problem. RATSENSE uses sensors and its own wireless connectivity to collect and acquire the data. How it works: What is RATSENSE and what does it do? Uses 120° field of detection PIR sensors to track the heat signature & movement of rodents Potential hotspots and rodents' entry and exit points within the premises are identified The collected data is transmitted wirelessly to the cloud servers for data analysis Data Analytics reports are presented to the client through a web user interface for a more effective extermination Rodent hotpots are detected and movements analysis are both visible through the interactive map on the web user interface How is the data presented? Spatial analysis is used to triangulate and predict the movement of rodents to better understand their behaviour (dummy graphics) Interactive data analytics graphs are provided to give a more in-depth visualization of the infestation Confidential Confidential Confidential RATSENSE's sensors are as small as 8.5cm × 4cm × 4cm; this enables it to be placed in almost any corner of the building The sensors are designed to be weatherproof enabling it to be easily placed outdoors They use Sigfox's Low Power Wide Area Network to transmit the data wirelessly Sigfox's network is currently available in 36 countries globally and growing; the RATSENSE can be connected in any of these countries. Development is ongoing for RATSENSE to be compatible with NB-IoT and LoRa's network, currently available in 41 and 40 countries respectively. How adaptable is RATSENSE? RATSENSE is plug and play, requires very little expertise to set up. RATSENSE is also fit and forget; the sensors' batteries last up to 3 years and no maintenance is required The sensors are small and highly adaptable; it can be used from an office ceiling to a city sewer The collected data is visible in real time Highlightable facts The Business The Business How is the market climate? The Market Market Forecast - 2025 The total number of IoT connections will grow from 6 billion in 2015 to 27 billion in 2025. CAGR: 16% Cellular connections will grow from 334 million in 2015 to 2.2 billion by 2025; IoT generating more than 2 zettabytes of data CAGR: 21% The total IoT revenue opportunity will be US$3 trillion in 2025, from US$750 billion in 2015. CAGR: 15% Source: Machina Research 11% of connections in 2025 will use Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) connections such as Sigfox, LoRa and LTE-NB1. Sector Value of Global Market for Wireless Sensors by End-Vertical Application (in US$ millions) Market Statistics - IoT Aggregate Value of Global Market for Wireless Sensors by End-Vertical Application Source: BCC Research The Competition The Competition Less Adaptable More Adaptable More data Less data RATSENSE is a plug and play sensor; it doesn't require any source of power or any source of connectivity. Everything is built-in. RATSENSE is a fit and forget device; batteries last up to 3 years; no form of maintenance is required RATSENSE uses a 120° field of detection covering more than 4 square meters per sensor "One size fits all" design; one sensor can be used for any application (e.g. ceiling, sewers) The sensors are small and weatherproof enabling them to be easily used outdoors Our Competitive Advantage Where RATSENSE Stands Revenue (the number of sensors installed) in 2017 increased by 400% from 2016 After-tax profit to expenditure ratio increase of 220% in 2017 from 2016 Current forecasted growth in 6 countries: Singapore, Australia, UK, USA, China MOU signed with xx countries Partnerships with several multi-billion dollar, multi-national corporations Where RATSENSE Stands How we've improved Planned We've initially used Radio Frequency for sensors to communicate with the gateway to connect to the cloud We upgraded our hardware to a newer wireless standard: Zigbee. This increased the sensors power efficiency After connecting to Singapore's Sigfox network, the sensor is able to directly connect to the cloud without an extra cost for a gateway Several LPWAN technologies are coming to the market all over the world; we intend to make our sensor compatible with all What's Next? What's Next? How is RATSENSE projected to grow? Our

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