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Transcript: If you save an image, chart/spread sheet to your documents you can insert it into your slideshow You can also insert links and shapes The Slideshow drop menu will allow you to preview your presentation any time. Clicking Slideshow will also allow you to set time and speed on each slide Click insert to access your documents Titles By clicking on the home tab at the top of the help bar you can change font, size, and writing styles size Click the floppy disk to save your project. This will direct you to your documents Font selection Images & Links Add additional notes here Click insert and 'transitions' will be in the drop menu Navigation You can navigate through the slides by clicking the numbered slides on the sidebar You can also add new slides to your presentation by clicking 'New Slide' button Copy and Paste a URL to websites or YouTube videos any where onto your slide New slide Animations will add effects within that slide Transitions Click anywhere on your slide to add text boxes To access a selection of backgrounds, click on Design and then Theme To add appealing transitions between your slides click the transition button to open a variety of options You can set your background as colors, patterns, or images Backgrounds can be set as default or for the entire PowerPoint presentation Jessica Sandberg Alanda Shillington numbered slides for easy navigation How To Use PowerPoint How To Use PowerPoint home tab Backgrounds You can add shapes or symbols. These can be used as text boxes

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Transcript: Condoleezza's Rice WHEn Danielle Hart HUM 150-LN1 14 February 2020 HOW WHY Questionable Position as Secretary of State WHAT Definition of a Secretary of State Duties of a Secretary of State Effectiveness of a Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Position: Secretary of State Resources Overview IQ Definition of a Secretary of State *Advises president on foreign affairs *Meetings with world leaders *Leader of U.S. Department of State *Helps preserve the state IDEAS Duties of a Secretary of State 1.)Conducts negotiations for U.S. Foreign Affairs 2.) President's principal advisor U.S. Foreign Policy 3.) Negotiates, interprets, and terminates treaties 4.) Informing Americans about U.S. foreign relations *Ability to make an agreement successfully *Good decisions regarding foreign policy *Being able to see others viewpoint *Information is being spread no secrets The effectiveness in relation to a Secretary of State TITLE *Believed in "Transformational Diplomacy" *Sustaining Democratic well-governed states *Required 2 foreign language learned by American Diplomats *Believed in overthrowing Iraqi President Saddam Hussein *Supported U.S. attacks on Taliban targets in Afghanistan Condoleezza Rice Position: Secretary of State TITLE TITLE "Condoleezza Rice". Biography, 2020, Condoleezza Rice. 2020, Accessed 15 Feb 2020. "Condoleezza Ricel Biography, Books, & Facts". Encyclopedia Britannica, 2020, "Duties Of The Secretary Of State - United States Department Of State". United States Department Of State, 2020, Garden, Home et al. "How The Secretary Of State Works". Howstuffworks, 2020, Resources

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