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Transcript: PowToon is the undisputed king of “interesting.” If you really want to inspire your audience with a great pitch, story and emotional hooks, this is the way to go; PowToon allows you to present using animated characters and to introduce yourself or your product using “story telling” rather than “fact telling.” Best Powerpoint Alternative Preszentit is another PowerPoint look alike. Unlike Prezi, there is nothing groundbreaking here… but it does allow you to create impressive presentations without downloading any presentation software. It’s simplicity is brilliant. Prezentit’s strongest feature is it’s ‘transitions’ capability, so if you want killer bullet points that transition really well – you should really check it SlideRocket is an online presentation platform that lets users create, manage, share and measurepresentations. SlideRocket is provided via a SaaS model. The company was acquired by ClearSlide, a similar SaaS application, in March 2013. They are no longer offering independent signups, as the platform is being integrated into ClearSlide. Sometimes known as the zooming presentation tool, some people have actually complained that Prezi gave them motion sickness. Prezi is a bit much with all the flying objects and movements, but it’s the best tool for those who need to constantly jump from one part of their presentation to another. Keynote is only available as a software download for Mac users who won’t touch Microsoft PowerPoint if their life depended on it. It allows all the same functions as PowerPoint, but its’s just much easier to use. We love the potential that iCloud brings to Keynote but hate the iPad application.

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Transcript: Type Of Soil The ocean holds the largest of Earth’s biomes. It covers 70% of the planet’s surface. Life in the ocean is diverse. The smallest creatures that call the ocean home are so tiny that they can only be seen with a microscope. The Average Temperature The average temperature of marine biome is about 116 to 190 degree. It temperature mostly depends upon the temperature of environment. It varies between the 116 and 190 degrees. Yearly Rainfall The average rain fall for an ocean biome is zero. This is because the ocean biome is already underwater and neither rainfall nor precipitation can occur underwater. The largest of Earth's biomes is found in the ocean that covers about 70% of the planet's surface. Facts About My Biome 39 Degrees North & 129 Degrees West Url: http:/ / Title: The Ocean Biome Url: http:/ / Title: Marine 3 Whale-Keeping a constant body temperature is the most serious challenge facing warm-blooded mammals in an watery environment. Dolphin- have special traits that allow them to dive deep and stay underwater for a long time. Turtle-Turtles live most of their life in the ocean, adult females must return to land to lay their eggs. Upon sexual maturity, the Green Sea Turtle makes an amazing journey every two or three years to nest The Average Temperature & Yearly Rainfall 3 Plants & Their Adaptations Life Like In My Biome Kelp-Kelp adpats by it can breath in the water and it adapts by making its own food. Seaweed-Seaweed has strong roots so that it can stay on the ocean floor and has long and wide leaves to take in sunlight for photosynthesis. Its fronds are strong so that it can hold water to not dry out. Elodea- Holds water Seasons Seasons change in the ocean much as they do on land. Spring brings new plants and baby animals. Summer oceans are hot and sunny days. Autumn winds blow across the open water. In winter the whales etc. migrate. Ocean Biome PowerPoint Longitude & Latitude There is lake sand or just rocky dirt with little animals in them . By Diamond Cannon 6th Hour 3 Animals & Their Adaptations -Humans have only explored about 10% of the ocean biome -90% of the ocean is completely dark and receives no sunlight , which is known as the midnight zone. -The largest ocean of the ocean biomes is the Pacific Ocean. Bibliography

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Transcript: Chinese in Canada after completion of CPR The abuse of chinese railway workers Today, lots of chinese immigrants arrive at Canada each day, to enjoy its protection, job opportunities, and rights. Making Canada one of the biggest chinese communities outside of china. The Chinese population cover 4.8 percent of Canada's overall population. Making it the third largest population in Canada. Chinese New Year has several symbols, such as flowers, and lucky letters written by brush on a diamond-shaped piece of red paper. Tangerines and oranges are also displayed in many homes as a sign of luck and wealth. During the gold rush After the CPR was completed, many Chinese were left, and were no longer useful to the Canadian government. The government then passed The Chinese Immigration Act of 1885 putting a "Head Tax" of $50 ($275) on any Chinese coming to Canada. Then in 1900 a new Chinese Immigration Act changed the price to tax to $100 (550) Canadian values include freedom, respect for cultural differences and social justice. Being able to celebrate your own cultural holidays are important to many immigrants in Canada. For me, being able to continue to celebrate my cultural holidays clearly shows the freedom given in Canada. Conclusion The Chinese New Year and many other cultural holidays shows the cultural diversity within Canada. It also shows that Canadians as a collective respect other cultures and their celebrations. Celebrations The chinese head tax started in 1885,it was abolished by the Chinese Exclusion Act. Over the years, the Canadian Government collected over 23 million dollars (inflation value) Immigration for the Railway How does the Chinese New Year bridge the past and the present The conditions on the railways were terrible. The chinese workers were paid less than $2 a day. Many of the workers were treated badly, with little food, and no rest periods. Their jobs were terrible as well, which ranged from dangerous cliffs to explosives. How does it reflect individual Canadian identity Chinese New Year Why Chinese New Year out of all holidays Chinese New Year Symbols Being able to celebrate holidays of different cultures shows the freedom individuals enjoy in Canada, as well as its respect for different cultural identities and celebrations. How does it reflect collective Canadian Identity History Why is it celebrated in Canada Chinese New Year and the Gold rush. Chinese Immigration today The chinese New Year has recordings of its celebrations as far back as the Yan dynasty, stating its the celebration of the for the year god Nian. The Chinese New Year marks the first day of a new year in the chinese traditional calender, which is based on the astronomical observations of the sun. In conclusion, Canada is clearly a very culturally diverse environment with different people celebrating different holidays. Canadians show clear respect for different cultural identities as a collective, and celebrates Canada's cultural diversity. The Chinese New Year has many celebrations such as the lion dance, parades, eating dumplings, and making good luck charms. Fire works and drumming is all so popular. When BC agreed to join Confederation in 1871, one of the conditions was the federal government had to build a railway linking BC with eastern Canada. British Columbia wanted an immigration program from the Britain to provide for this railway labor, Sir John A. MacDonald, wanted to cut the cost by using chinese workers. During the gold rush, the chinese came from ports in HongKong and ShangHai, to seek the gold in Fraser Valley. Many brought New Traditions, like the chinese New Year. Why is the Chinese New years important to these workers The Chinese New Year being celebrated as early as the 6th century, is one of the only holidays chinese Canadians still celebrate. From the building of the CPR, until the 21st century, it has always been important to Chinese Immigrants all around the world. My Primary source and Canadian Values What is the Chinese New Year Why did this happen The End Most of these workers came from different regions of china, with different holidays and different traditions, the Chinese New year was something that held them together as a collective, and helped to establish a chinese community. The chinese immigration act of 1923 , better known as the Chinese Exclusion Act, replaced prohibitive fees with an outright ban on Chinese immigration to Canada with the exceptions of merchants, diplomats, students, and "special circumstances". When is it When was the Chinese Head tax removed The first Chinese to settle in Canada were 50 artisans who accompanied Captain John Meares in 1788 to help build a trading post and encourage trade for sea otter pelts between Guangzhou, China and Nootka Sound. Many married First Nations woman after words. By Dylan Sun The Chinese Immigration Act of 1923 All of this abuse happened because of Andrew Onderdonk. He hired most of his chinese workers from the gold mines and

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