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Data Mining

Transcript: Helps effectively allocate resources like tutoring. A Balance is Needed Data Mining programs are in there infancy and may be difficult for the average teacher to understand. Benefits What's Your Take? How Does Data Mining Help? Despite this only 75% of students graduate on time (Snyder, 2010, p. 3). The Federal Government Spends about 170 Billion Dollars on Public Education (Snyder, 2010, p. 537). Data Mining TreeNet BlackBoard MARS CART Dogan, B., & Camurcu, A. (2010). Visual clustering of multidimensional educational data from an intelligent tutoring system. Computer Applications In Engineering Education, 18(2), 375-382 Snyder, T. D., Dillow, S. A., & National Center for Education Statistics, (. (2011). Digest of Education Statistics, 2010. NCES 2011-015. National Center For Education Statistics, . Preidys, S., & Sakalauskas, L. (2010). ANALYSIS OF STUDENTS' STUDY ACTIVITIES IN VIRTUAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS USING DATA MINING METHODS. Technological & Economic Development Of Economy, 16(1), 94-108. Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics. Classroom Aid. (n.d.). Connecting dots for digital learning and teaching. Teachers already gather data from students all the time everyday. Except there is too much information for one person to analyze Data Mining Software organizes the data and allows teachers to easily access and use it to plan accordingly Also helps identify advanced learners to be challenged further References Statistics It's an app that allows teachers and administrations to be more effective A New Way to Teach There needs to be a system that helps allocate funding more efficiently Data Mining Programs Allows a teacher to plan with the specific need and strengths of each child Now what do you know? What it is? Currently

Data Mining

Transcript: (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Regression Budapest San Francisco Recommended Programing Languages Future of Data Mining Complex data types Incorporation of domain knowledge Distributed data mining Temporal aspects hidden in data Link between data preprocessing and data mining Automated data preprocessing Data integration Automated tuning C++ Java Perl C# Visual Basic Matlab Prolog XHTML CSS Javascript Actionscript SQL Data Mining By Jordan Lackey (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr How to use Classification Decision Tree based Methods Rule-based Methods Memory based reasoning The simplest form of regression, linear regression, uses the formula of a straight line (y = mx + b) and determines the appropriate values for m and b to predict the value of y based upon a given value of x. Advanced techniques, such as multiple regression, allow the use of more than one input variable and allow for the fitting of more complex models, such as a quadratic equation. Classification This technique is capable of processing a wider variety of data than regression and is growing in popularity. The output is much easier to interpret. Instead of the complicated mathematical formula given by the regression technique you'll receive a decision tree that requires a series of binary decisions. In the future data mining may effect me in a big way. By this I mean data mining could predict the future of a company I may work for. And based of the information they have collected. The company I work for may close or see a promising future. Gathering Data Generally, data mining is the process of analyzing data from different perspectives and summarizing it into useful information The key here is to locate the data critical to your business, refine it and prepare it for the data mining process. In the future people’s privacy may be a big issue. Although it is already an issue, I think it may be more apparent in the future as the business is data mining becomes bigger. With the amount that company’s track and trace. People including myself may feel the privacy as been violated. Details (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr (Sometimes called data or knowledge discovery) Regression is the oldest and most well-known statistical technique that the data mining community utilizes. Basically, regression takes a numerical dataset and develops a mathematical formula that fits the data. The major limitation of this technique is that it only works well with continuous quantitative data (like weight, speed or age). Bibliography What is DataMining?

Data Mining

Transcript: type & purpose of algorithm Data Mining for newbies: The Description of Used Algorithm VBA & Excel (Data analysis) „The four most-used passwords are love, sex, secret, and God“: password security and training in different user groups Naive Bayes classifier pwd_good: Correctly Classified 64 % security_behavior_good: Correctly Classified 90 % Bayes classifier assumes that the presence or absence of a particular feature is unrelated to the presence or absence of any other feature, given the class variable. For example, a fruit may be considered to be an apple if it is red, round, and about 3" in diameter. Goal We polled 299 persons about their password choosing and security behaviors and their personal data (profession, age, sex, education). Now we wanted to find out who most likely choose bad passwords and behaved badly. A model was created to calculate this. We worked as a team and poll was conducted by others. Data Quality was low (negative vs positive - VBA) Quality of measurements were low (large and indifferent scales - had to Discreditize) Naive Bayes classifier (weka.classifiers.bayes.NaiveBayes) Based on applying Bayes' theorem: "Suppose someone told you they had a nice conversation with someone on the train. Not knowing anything else about this conversation, the probability that they were speaking to a woman is 50%. Now suppose they also told you that this person had long hair. It is now more likely they were speaking to a woman, since women are more likely to have long hair than men. Bayes' theorem can be used to calculate the probability that the person is a woman."

data mining

Transcript: Data Mining Data mining is learning information about a person through there social network This is becoming more and more of a problem with people becoming more and more careless online But there is way to protect ones self from these threats and people like this Never Click on Pop-ups Never leave information about your self online this can be a way to find you people can find out stuff that you meant to be between you and another person Never Ever Ever Leave Your Addres Online Just Becuase you are not friends does not mean thay cant view you profile This is a picture of an average person connections to other people via social network But Data mining can also be used by corporations and other orginizations to learn about people's interests to send them ads speifically for there interests Recently Mark Zuckerberg had pictures of himself posted online by hackers there were pictues he wanted to keep hidden this goes to show that even the creater of facebook cannot protect himself from data mining But there are benefits to data mining recently a local man was arrested after his plan to murder a local man was stopped after his plot was discovered on Facebook becuase he was trying to hire a killer online Oct 19, 2009 – Authorities had planned to arrest Rajaratnam this week as part of a ... data-mining project set up to pinpoint clusters of people who make similar arrests (Bloomberg News) Decision trees is a form of data mining used by coporations in order to provide predictive attributes in order to find out what you may do before you even do it, this also helps them choose which ads to display K-means and Hierarchical Clustering. K-means is the most famous clustering algorithm These are just a few forms of data mining out of hundreds forms of data mining Never Use the same password for different web sites Google watches you too

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