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Calendar Presentation

Transcript: 1. Google Calendar - Staff & Parent Triple input Not viewed regularly or with ease by Parents New FROG 4OS and New Website Staff calendar uses Google Parent (and Public) calendar uses CMS TWO inputs - can input time be minimised using XLS? Appearance of Parent Calendar is good Full functionality of CMS calendar used (search, filtering by two categories, added information for specific events.) Responsive - tablet and smart phone versions and parent app No development cost Option 1 Google Calendar No filtering, colour coded calendars e.g. Whole, Secondary, Primary, Sport Can set permissions - Staff and Parent 1. Staff, Students, Governors 2. Parents 3. Prospective Parents....The Public Discussion Agree actions and responsibilities Set decision deadline and implementation deadline 2 weeks decision? September 2013? - Implement? CMS Calendar - with two level filtering, search, responsive design and added functionality (bookings, images, video etc.) One input Staff view Google Calendar in FROG Parents view Google Calendar in secure Parent Portal on website; Public view limited CMS calendar on website for Public Functionality limited - one level of categorisation; no filtering. Responsive is doubtful (high % parents will require this) Appearance limitations Special icons providing more event information under Parent Google Calendar can be added on webpage. No investment required Preferred Option - Option 3 1. Accessible & Easy to Navigate - two level filtering - responsive design - appearance 2. One Input ? 3. No additional cost and maximises functionality 2. Google Calendar and CMS Calendar - ONE input Purpose Recommendation 3. Google Calendar and CMS calendar - TWO inputs Current Situation School Events School key dates School deadlines - To inform the school community - To illustrate school life at Alice Smith to prospectives 1. Staff and Students - FROG 4OS 2. Parents - Secure Parent Portal on Website & Parent App 3. Public - Website Consider Google Calendar and CMS Calendar One input Data from Google API extracted nightly into CMS calendar Development Cost RM6000-8500. Better appearance in line with website design Still no filtering (as Google calendar data format is used) not CMS data input - TBD Responsive 1. Inform all the school community of school related events and key dates through an easy to access, easy to navigate calendar. Inform - Aware - Engage 2. Ideal is one input - save time & minimise errors. 3. Minimise additional development cost - make use of the functionality we've invested in already or no cost. Objectives FROG with a Term Date calendar available on the Website. Currently viewed on... Recommendation Option 2 For Who? The Alice Smith School Calendar Option 3 Next Steps Examples

Calendar Presentation

Transcript: Things you need to know once you've settled remove cover in front/bottom of heater turn gas valve "plastic knob" to pilot indicator depress small button by gas valve and keep holding light pilot burner if pilot stays lit, hold down for one minute turn knob to "ON" grounds crew maintains parking lots, lawns, and main walks tenants responsible for snow and ice removal in their parking spaces, landings, sidewalks and in front of their units gardens and flowers welcome! please steak them so your new plants so they don't get destroyed. WSH tenants are responsible for care of their lawns, common areas will be cared for by grounds crew. DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILDREN TO PLAY WITH WATER HOSES, SPRINKLERS, OR VALVES pipes and block heaters there is an immediate threat to the neighbors or you protection of property to repair, replace, or inspect University property Jefferson, Deer and South 15th Lighting Instructions for Space Heaters located inside bedroom closet reset but switching to OFF and ON again call FGHO at 994-3730 should this happen again turn gas valve "plastic knob" pilot indicator push and hold knob down, lit pilot light (located either at the front or the center under main burner) if pilot stays lit, hold knob down for one minute then turn to "ON" DO NOT SIT ON HEATERS! notify service providers: post office, newspaper carriers, Qwest, ResNet, NWE, Bresnan, ETC... deep clean kitchen: cabinets, oven, stovetop, under and behind appliances, etc... deep clean bathroom, toilets, tubs, showers, etc... CARPETS MUST BE SHAMPOOED! repair any damage apartment and outside area must be clean and EMPTY of garbage and personal belongings be there for checkout and turn in your key. proper paperwork must be filled out checkout appointment must be made forwarding address give the FGHO and then.... TENANTS MUST GIVE 30 DAY NOTICE! Authorization for Entry? grounds crew and snow removal FGHO respects the privacy of our tenants but we will come in if... Am i ready to move? Electrical Breaker Box Attics and crawl Spaces MONTANA GETS COLD! disconnect hoses after every use during extreme cold open cabinents under sinks plug-ins provided for block heaters but...use only heavy duty cords, no multi-plug adapters, keep cords clear of roads and sidewalks getting ready to move procedures Utility Info Lighting instructions for water heaters Fox, Glacier, Gopher and South 15th (minus 912-918 main water shut-off valve location inside water heater closet CRAWL SPACES AND ATTICS ARE NOT TO BE USED AS STORAGE water shut-off valve located under kitchen sink

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