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Bermuda Triangle

Transcript: One of the most famous boat disappearances is the disappearance of USS Cyclops. It disappeared on the 4th March 1918 along the coast of Florida There some many stories of people entering the Bermuda Triangle and experiencing 'supernatural' happenings and some never coming back. There are many different theories concerning the Bermuda Triangle. Scientists have researched the Bermuda Triangle, but could only research it from a distance, thus they have no proof except their own theories. What is the Bermuda Triangle? One of the most famous disappearances is the disappearance of flight 19. Flight 19 is a group of 5 TBM Avenger torpedo bombers. They flew into the Bermuda Triangle on December 5 1945, never to be seen again. 14 pilots were lost, as were the 13 crew members on the rescue mission. Stories One of the recorded phases of the incident is compass variations. Some people believe magnetic anomalies are interfering with the compass. One of the other theories is sudden weather changes and freak waves. Winds blowing up to 135 km per hour combined with freak waves about 10m tall are more than enough to sink a boat. What makes it more dangerous is it can be calm and cloudless and there could suddenly be a massive storm. Bermuda Triangle The Bermuda Triangle is an area where in the Atlantic Ocean; between Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. Within this area, many air craft and boats of all sizes have disappeared, never to return. One of the strangest supernatural encounters is the flight through the Triangle. Supposedly a flight that should of taken many hours took two or three minutes. Theories and Myths Thanks for watching? The Bermuda Triangle; the true story

Bermuda Triangle

Transcript: introduction Over 2000 ships have sunken, over 1000 people killed , and over 75 planes have crashed. The Bermuda Triangle has caused many deaths and accidents. For many years scientists have tried to figure out why this happens , but every time, they to find out! Theories There are many theories to why, this happens. There were lots to choose from but i only picked 5 that sounded most realistic. The theory listed as #8 is being attacked by pirates. I don't know how realistic this sounds but , it could happen. The theory listed as #7 is being sunken from methane gas. The methane gas bubbles up, it lowers the buoying force. The theory listed as #5 is Extra-Terrestrial activity. Scientist believe aliens my abduct anyone who enters the Bermuda Triangle. The theory listed as #4 is a strong magnetic field. There may be a magnetic force pulling the ships and planes down, and sinking them. The theory listed as #3 is a navy base similar to Area 51. In Andros Island they have a navy base similar to area 51 and something may have escaped and it just stays in the Bermuda Triangle. Disappearances The first disappearance happened in 1780. The first publicized disappearance was Flight 19. The most recent disappearance was on December 13th, 2009. Two men were on a a 17 foot cargo pleasure raft. In these flights the objective is to find out why/how these disappearances occur. Disappearances have never been solved, but there are many theories. Features A strange feature that has been noted by satellites is glowing 'white water'.Scientists cannot figure out why this happens. Another feature is glowing green fog, which obscures the vision of sailors and pilots as they try to navigate. Conclusion: Problems are always going to occur. Hopefully we will eventually find a solution to this mystery. But , for now, enjoy this video! Berrmmuuudaa Triaannggllee (: Bermuda Triangle!

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