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Transcript: Berkeley Requirements Location: Berkeley CA 94720 Definitely far enough away from home Berkeley Marina, popular for water skiing, kayaking, and canoeing Famous California Chocolate factory Average GPA~ Unweighted~ 3.9 Weighted~ 4.4 ACT~ 20-34 SAT math~ 660-790 SAT reading~ 640-760 SAT writing~650-780 Fun Facts Location Financial Situation by: Paris Walker Residents ~ Non-residents~ School Size Student to faculty ratio: 17 to 1 Library access Gymnasium Recreational sports facility Optometry eye clinic Late night transportation Health insurance Chemistry Molecular and Cell Biology Pediatrics Legal Studies Political Science #8 Best Law School #10 international law History Tradition for students to roll down 4.0 hill for luck Each spring a week long daffodil festival is held for charity A gold nugget found at Berkeley's Bancroft library is believed to be the piece of gold that started the Gold Rush Free Speech Movement started here in 1964 9th in producing the largest number of living millionaires Offers a full service department of 35 career service specialists Berkeley Connect, which is a online database of part-time and full-time internship opportunities Mandatory attendance job fairs Berkeley College Alumni Association serves more than 50,000 across the U.S. Social Atmosphere Student Social and Academic Support Advising and tutoring services Student learning center; supports a global community of learners to transition to college life Student life advising services/ educational opportunity program Freshman orientation provided Founded in 1868 Founded by California State Legislature " Contribute even more than California's gold to glory and happiness of advancing generations." Berkeley only has a 17% acceptance rate Best Global Universities ~ #3 Academic Ranking of World Universities for 2015 ~ #4 Top Public Schools~ #1 Top National Universities~ #20 Specialty " Home/ University of California, Berkeley. " Home/ University of California, Berkeley. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Feb. 2017. " Student Profile. " Student Profile/ UC Berkeley Office of Undergraduate Admissions. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Feb. 2017. " University of California-- Berkeley." UC Berkeley Overall Rankings/ US News Best Colleges. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Feb. 2017. Works Cited 68% of undergrads receive some form of financial aid Academics Networking Opportunities Tuition fees~ 13,432 38,140 Room and board~ 14,388 14,388 Other expenses~ 4,826 4,826 Total Budget= 32,646 57,354 Student Body and Diversity Gender ~ Men ~ 32% Women ~ 68% Race/Ethnicity ~ African American ~ 23% Asian/ Pacific Islander ~ 2% Hispanic~ 29% White ~ 10% Unknown ~ 36% Student government represents voice of the students and acts as liaisons between students and administration handles school social gatherings, freshman orientation, and school fundraisers Greek life small, only 10% of women and men are in fraternities or sororities Curling club Exposure- Organization of student photographers Backgammon League of Berkeley Korean Undergraduate Network Association interested in: MBA Association, Mental Health Coalition, and Department of Integrative Biology students


Transcript: BERKELEY INTRODUCTION&PREFACE Gülcay Günay PRINCIPLES OF HUMAN KNOWLEDGE THESIS THESIS Berkeley claims that abstract ideas are the cause of difficulties, confusion and, mistakes, it is not a necessity and it has to be abolished. However, in this presentation, I criticize him from two perspectives; firstly there is no escape from abstraction. Secondly, the faculty of abstraction is useful for comprehension and learning. HISTORY Inventor of subjective idealism Reality is wholly mental Against the new philosophy God is required for the system Material objects are to be perceived. PREFACE PREFACE Warning for readers about possible misunderstanding and misinterpretations. Emphasis on the groundbreaking work. The need of demonstration for immateriality of God leads skepticism. INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION 1-5 THE PHILOSOPHY Philosophy is the study of wisdom. Reason bring paradoxes and difficulties. The reason of difficulty is imperfection of understanding. To get rid of this dust, concerning with human knowledge. First raise a dust, then complain. 6-11 ABSTRACT IDEAS Mind has a power of framing abstract ideas. Abstraction as a difference between humans and animals. Abstraction can bring illogical features. Abstraction focuses on common features and leaves complex ideas. Mind perceives abstract ideas through sensations. 11-16 GENERALITY ACCOUNT There is no abstract general idea. Abstraction is a generalization via the use of language. Knowledge and demonstrations are about universal notions. Lockean approach regarding abstraction. Abstraction is not a necessity. 17-25 WORDS TO IDEAS Having particular ideas eradicates puzzles. Knowledge is perplexed by the abuse of words. A mind isolated from words solve the puzzle. Mistakes through words; abstract ideas. Abstract ideas are the reason of confusion and pain. In this Introduction, he draws an epistemic account through refuting abstraction. Language usage causes abstraction and, this brings general and determinate ideas. He denies this sort of knowledge. According to him, knowledge can be attainable iff it is justified and internalized. TO CONCLUDE, CONCLUSION


Transcript: Medical Transportation: Circulator DO , Have Fun! New York Emergency Contacts *The American Political Journalism course will meet in the Washington Post building, 1150 15th Street, NW EAT DC Georgetown UCB USHIP Schedule Appointments: (510) 642-5700 Email: Parkhurst Counseling (202) 234-7738 Transportation: DC to… Program Administrator Alfreda Brock Phone: (202)-974-6351 3rd Floor, Room 338 Classroom Schedule TO DO IN DC University of California, Washington Center Orientation Questions ? VISIT UC SHIP 24/7 Nurse Line (877)-351-3457 Kaiser Permanente 700 2nd Street, NE (202)-346-3000 2301 M Street, NW (202)-419-6200 George Washington University Hospital 900 23rd Street, NW (202)-419-6200 Online Reader Go to the UCDC website Under the ACADEMIC tab Click on COURSES Select the term (Spring Quarter 2013/Spring Semester 2013) Select the course Scroll to the bottom of the page and Click on READINGS Select the CLASS tab (top of the page) Enter your UCDC Username and Password to view readings. A list of weekly folders appears Double click to view readings UC Program Contacts 50 Massachusetts Ave., NE Washington, DC 20002 Baltimore Groceries Course Schedule – Fall Semester 2014 SOMETHING? 1025 F St NW Washington, DC 20004 National Mall Smithsonian Institute Museums Monuments and Memorials National Zoo John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (Roof View) National Cathedral Holocaust Memorial Museum Library of Congress Ford’s Theatre Iwo Jima Memorial National Gallery of Art National Archives (Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights) Welcome Home… SHOP DC FORGET Use this convenient subway system to sight see, travel to work, or grab some brunch, lunch, and dinner Available for purchase at metro stations and CVS stores Costs $10: $5 for the card and $5 in credit Nearest Metro Station: Farragut North Farragut West Hours: Monday – Friday: 5 AM to Midnight Saturday – Sunday 7 AM to 3 AM Peak Hours (Mon - Fri): 5 AM – 9:30 AM 3 PM – 7 PM Frequently Asked Interview Questions Emergency Services Line (202) 415-9275 Security Desk (202) 974-6233 Residential Services (202) 974-6214 UCSD Program Office (202) 974-6391 Textbooks READERS U.S. Printing & Copying 1725 M Street, NW Washington, DC 20036 Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5:30 pm Eastern Market Emergency Contacts Kayaking on the Potomac Key Bridge Boathouse Potomac Cruise Capital Yacht Charters Odyssey Cruises Spirit of Washington Hiking Rock Creek Park Arboretum Theodore Roosevelt Island Run To the Thomas Jefferson Memorial To Meridian Hill Park Watch and Listen to Open Mic Night Busboys and Poets ADAMS MORGAN CAPITOL HILL DUPONT CIRCLE GEORGETOWN U STREET Adams Morgan Fares Regular – $1.00 Senior/Disabled - $0.50 Children Under 5 – Free with paying adult Transfers If you pay your fare with a SmarTrip, you’ll automatically receive the following discounted fares when transferring: From Metrobus/Circulator (within 2 hours) – free From Metrorail - $.50 From Metrorail (Senior/Disabled) – Free From ART – free Customer Service Number: (202)-962-1423 Transportation: SmarTrip WELCOME Transportation: Circulator *The American Political Journalism course will meet in the Washington Post building, 1150 15th Street, NW ETC… Bolt DC2NY Greyhound Hola Megabus MVP New Century Travel Tripper Bus Vamoose Washington Deluxe Classroom Schedule It's important to remember that the information contained on your resume will have a significant effect on the questions you are asked in an interview. Make sure you know your resume and prepare results-oriented stories to illustrate each of your accomplishments. Tell me a little about yourself. Who is the worst (best) boss/subordinate/classmate you have ever worked with? What kinds of people do you find it difficult to work with? Describe a situation where your judgment proved to be valuable. Do you work better under pressure or with time to plan and organize? What is more important--completing a job on time or doing it right? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are you most proud of? What kinds of decisions are most difficult for you? How would your boss/friends/co-workers, etc describe you? What three words would you choose to best describe yourself? Why do you consider this to be a good opportunity? Describe how you allocate your time and set your priorities on a typical day. Are you a better planner or implementer? Why are you interested in this internship? Why should we consider you? Why are you interested in this industry/company? Tell us about your knowledge of this company. Give an example of how you dealt with a conflict with another person/customer/classmate/professor, etc. Tell me a story either personal or professional that paints a picture of you. Destinations: Adams Morgan Arlington, VA Capitol Hill Chinatown Columbia Heights Dupont Circle Eastern


Transcript: Sather Tower Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Political Science Molecular and Cell Biology Environmental Science, Economics Living on campus Sather Gates $ 2,472 $ 1,698 Main Address 110 Sproul Hall Berkeley, CA 94720-5800 (510) 642-6000 $ 594 Doe Memorial Library $ 22,878 The admission Office (Sproul Hall) Sproul Hall Women's field Hockey Residence Hall Units MAP Men and Women's Basketball Cal Opportunity Scholarship winners outdoor society, $ 2,572 $ 1,626 Total Nonresident Budget students looking for brotherhood and sisterhood that continues beyond the college experience $ 22,878 swimmming and diving, Lacrosse, Tennis, Golf. Crew, Living at home $ 1,202 Softball Others : Cooperative Housing Fraternity/Sorority Housing $ 906 School Colors- Yale Blue and California Gold Dance Musical theater Drama Film society Justine Ciara Jang Avid 2nd period 2011 $ 7,324 Mascot- Bear (Oksi the bear) STUDENT LIFE STUDENT LIFE Contact Information $ 14,060* Student government SPORTS $ 1,202 $ 1,202 Earl Warren Hall $ 23,494 Housing and Utilities Food Books & Supplies Personal Transportation Health Insurance* Tuition and Fees Total Resident Budget $ 51,040 Men and Women's Gymnastics Men and Women's water polo Nonresident Supplemental Tuition and Fees Website Living off-campus Multi-Cultural Greek Council : 11 Diverse fraternities and sororities $ 12,834 $ 1,626 Baseball $ 1,626 Regents and Chanceller's Scholarship winner Housing Types Scholarships California Memorial stadium Women's VOlleyBall Football $ 46,372 Admission Office 110 Sproul Hall, #5800 Berkeley, CA 94720-5800 (510) 642-6000 SAT Reasoning Test scores : (Scholastic Aptitude Test) Reading: 620-740 Math: 660-770 Writing: 650-750 4th biggest Library in the Nation University of California Berkeley Fall 2010 Christian fellowship Setting- Urban Experience the four pillars of Leadership, Scholarship, Friendship, and Service Hearst Greek Theater Admission Requirements Special Housing : Disabled Student International Students Percent applicants admitted : 24% adverage GPA : 4.35 Track and Field $ 28,162 $22,878 Rugby Population: 35,838 students 47% male 53% female 1% American Indian or Alaska Native 40% Asian 3% Black or African American 10% Hispanic/Latino 28% White 11% Non-Resident Alien Berkeley Undergraduate Scholarship Eligibility - financial needs - 4.1 grade point average (highschool) - 3.5 grade point average ( community college) Maintaining Eligibility- -must continue to have financial need - maintain a 3.5 GPA Cal Opportunity Scholarship Eligibility - Faculty select candidates from among high-achieving prospective freshmen - financial need - dmitted to UC Berkeley from one of the program's partner high schools in the San Francisco Bay Area. Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholarship Program - by Invitation Only - GPA, SAT, application personal statement, extracurricular activities, academic potential, personal hardship, Cross Country Activities : $ 1,670 $ 1,388 Apartments: Married Students Single Students ACT Reasoning Test Scores : (American College Test) Composite: 26 / 32 English: 26 / 33 Math: 27 / 34 Men and women's Soccer Fraternities and Sororities $ 32,634 $ 55,512 Dorms: Coed Housing Men's Housing Women's Housing $ 930 $ 1,776 Greek System 110 Sproul Hall Berkeley, CA 94720-5800 Contact: Walter Robinson Director Undergraduate Admissions COST $ 12,834 radio station Yearbook Television station Student newspaper Lesbian and Gay alliance Admission Requirements $ 1,914 $ 12,834 Most popular major Jazz band Marching band Symphony Interfraternity Council : 33 fraternities Panhellenic Council : 13 sorority National Pan-Hellenic Council : 9 frican-African American Fraternities and sororities.

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