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Transcript: Sather Tower Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Political Science Molecular and Cell Biology Environmental Science, Economics Living on campus Sather Gates $ 2,472 $ 1,698 Main Address 110 Sproul Hall Berkeley, CA 94720-5800 (510) 642-6000 $ 594 Doe Memorial Library $ 22,878 The admission Office (Sproul Hall) Sproul Hall Women's field Hockey Residence Hall Units MAP Men and Women's Basketball Cal Opportunity Scholarship winners outdoor society, $ 2,572 $ 1,626 Total Nonresident Budget students looking for brotherhood and sisterhood that continues beyond the college experience $ 22,878 swimmming and diving, Lacrosse, Tennis, Golf. Crew, Living at home $ 1,202 Softball Others : Cooperative Housing Fraternity/Sorority Housing $ 906 School Colors- Yale Blue and California Gold Dance Musical theater Drama Film society Justine Ciara Jang Avid 2nd period 2011 $ 7,324 Mascot- Bear (Oksi the bear) STUDENT LIFE STUDENT LIFE Contact Information $ 14,060* Student government SPORTS $ 1,202 $ 1,202 Earl Warren Hall $ 23,494 Housing and Utilities Food Books & Supplies Personal Transportation Health Insurance* Tuition and Fees Total Resident Budget $ 51,040 Men and Women's Gymnastics Men and Women's water polo Nonresident Supplemental Tuition and Fees Website Living off-campus Multi-Cultural Greek Council : 11 Diverse fraternities and sororities $ 12,834 $ 1,626 Baseball $ 1,626 Regents and Chanceller's Scholarship winner Housing Types Scholarships California Memorial stadium Women's VOlleyBall Football $ 46,372 Admission Office 110 Sproul Hall, #5800 Berkeley, CA 94720-5800 (510) 642-6000 SAT Reasoning Test scores : (Scholastic Aptitude Test) Reading: 620-740 Math: 660-770 Writing: 650-750 4th biggest Library in the Nation University of California Berkeley Fall 2010 Christian fellowship Setting- Urban Experience the four pillars of Leadership, Scholarship, Friendship, and Service Hearst Greek Theater Admission Requirements Special Housing : Disabled Student International Students Percent applicants admitted : 24% adverage GPA : 4.35 Track and Field $ 28,162 $22,878 Rugby Population: 35,838 students 47% male 53% female 1% American Indian or Alaska Native 40% Asian 3% Black or African American 10% Hispanic/Latino 28% White 11% Non-Resident Alien Berkeley Undergraduate Scholarship Eligibility - financial needs - 4.1 grade point average (highschool) - 3.5 grade point average ( community college) Maintaining Eligibility- -must continue to have financial need - maintain a 3.5 GPA Cal Opportunity Scholarship Eligibility - Faculty select candidates from among high-achieving prospective freshmen - financial need - dmitted to UC Berkeley from one of the program's partner high schools in the San Francisco Bay Area. Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholarship Program - by Invitation Only - GPA, SAT, application personal statement, extracurricular activities, academic potential, personal hardship, Cross Country Activities : $ 1,670 $ 1,388 Apartments: Married Students Single Students ACT Reasoning Test Scores : (American College Test) Composite: 26 / 32 English: 26 / 33 Math: 27 / 34 Men and women's Soccer Fraternities and Sororities $ 32,634 $ 55,512 Dorms: Coed Housing Men's Housing Women's Housing $ 930 $ 1,776 Greek System 110 Sproul Hall Berkeley, CA 94720-5800 Contact: Walter Robinson Director Undergraduate Admissions COST $ 12,834 radio station Yearbook Television station Student newspaper Lesbian and Gay alliance Admission Requirements $ 1,914 $ 12,834 Most popular major Jazz band Marching band Symphony Interfraternity Council : 33 fraternities Panhellenic Council : 13 sorority National Pan-Hellenic Council : 9 frican-African American Fraternities and sororities.


Transcript: What do I want From attending Berkeley? Becoming something really hard to become such as a lawyer would be a great accomplishment but my favorite part of it all is the amount of money earned for a good lawyer and/or district attorney. Joint and Concurrent Degrees The Degrees offered at The University Of Berkeley are: The Tuition at Berkeley is $5,610. Information regarding The University of Berkeley This field of study will support my understanding of my particular field of work that I have selected. What I truly desire from going to this university will be the knowledge necessary to become a lawyer and/or district attorney for family and law. Doctors of Public Health-(DrPH) The Berkeley logo that was designed in Berkeley's Majors That Matter to Me: The University of Berkeley is located at 200 California Hall,in Berkeley California 94720 Information Regarding Berkeley: Doctors of Philosophy-(PhD) Legal studies,General-What this Major is "a general program that focuses on law and legal issues from the perspective of the social sciences and humanities A new Lawyer can make roughly $55,000 to $175,000 a year and that all depends on what type of lawyer you wish to become. Bachelors of Arts-(BA) The nonresidential supplemental fee is $12,354.This means that living off campus will cost you that much money. Masters of Arts-(MA) The university of Berkeley was founded on March 23 1868. By taking law as one major then I would be exposed to the inner workings of the legal system, I chose law because I can express my point very clearly and direct with also persuading the audience or in the future then it would be in front of the judge. Not only will becoming a lawyer make me money,but it will me very happy that i achieved something extremely difficult to others and even me when going through the proper schooling and everything included to get this particular career. The type of lawyer that I want to become is either a family or a law.This is because I want to help children out if there is a divorce and the child has to decide between parents or maybe if the parent or guardian is abusive. Masters of Public Health (MPH) With knowing and better yet understanding how the system works will only make me that much better and my job. Law-A program that prepares individuals for the independent professional practice of law, for taking state and national bar examinations, and for advanced research in jurisprudence. Includes instruction in the theory and practice of the legal system, including the statutory, administrative, and judicial components of civil and criminal law. The University Of Berkeley is a public university and not a private one. Housing costs 525.25 and this includes campus fee. Masters of Science-(MS)

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