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Transcript: WHAT IS HaaS? With the current pace of mobile device advancements, many retailers are hesitant to invest in devices that may be outdated in as little as 6-9 months. With HaaS, organizations can use the latest devices that make sense for your business – without risking loss of investment when you want to upgrade. Easy usage contracts let you be in control of the cost and length of time you keep the devices.- Direct Source What are other MSP's doing? WHAT'S OUR MESSAGE? WHO WOULD HaaS FIT? SIMILAR OFFERINGS BY COMPETITORS what percentage of customers use Haas? companies with server 2003 WEAKNESSES PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE INCLUDES CONTINUING SERVICE DIRECT MAIL FOR HaaS UP TO DATE TRAINING AND CERTIFICATIONS FIXED/ REPLACED CORRECTLY BUNDLE HARDWARE AND SUPPORT start at 1:35 companies that need a server REVERTING BACK TO 'NICKLE AND DIMING' COMPETENCY companies purchasing a new computer within the next 2 years SWOT STRENGTHS SIMPLICITY HaaS THREATS REPLACE AND REFRESH CREATE LANDING PAGE ON WEBSITE PRICING SCALABILITY companies with outdated workstations NEEDS ANALYSIS MORE THAN A LEASE DESIGN HaaS IS DOING WELL IN OTHER MARKETS TIMELY OPPORTUNITY GOOD RELATIONSHIPS WITH OTHER MSP'S WITH HaaS (Technology as a Service) SET APPOINTMENTS ESTABLISHED TRUST WITH CUSTOMERS PRIORITIZED REFRESH TECHNOLOGY Email LOWER ON-GOING maintenance COST COMPELLING OFFERING SOME CUSTOMERS HAVE EXPRESSED INTEREST AND PHRASES MONTHLY COST INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY CLOSE DEALS SUPPORT COSTS INCREASE SIMPLICITY SALES CALLS TO WARM LEADS BUZZ WORDS UPDATED take the unpredictability out of your technology budget WITH TRADITIONAL MODEL, AS HARDWARE COSTS DECREASE... CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE (Infrastructure as a Service) start at 1:00 "35%" LARGE STAFF SLIGHTLY BEHIND TREND UNRESPONSIVE MARKETPLACE TRUST ELIMINATE CAPITAL EXPENDITURES ELIMINATE RISK

Haas Center Presentation

Transcript: Criminal Justice and Direct Democracy in California Conclusion Efforts Can be Made to Emphasize the Importance of the Vote for Prisoners Citizens Can Be Sure to Review and Understand the Full Impact of their votes on citizen initiated legislation Think, Reflect, etc. Public Service Impact The California Initiative Process The idea is then circulated to collect signatures if enough signatures are gathered, the idea is voted on within about 100 days Nicole Kramer Chapter Two Chapter Three Failures of California's Initiative Process When it is Used to Determine Criminal Justice Policy in the State Starts with an idea The Original Intentions of those who established the initiative process in California A Disenfranchised Population Places Freedoms and Rights Up to a Vote Produces Inequality Not Innovative, but Wasteful Unenlightened understanding Stigmatized Population Unrepresentative Hard to Correct The Power of Money Prisoner Enfranchisement Civic Education A 'Check' on the Outcomes To Give all Citizens a Voice To Guarantee the Equality of All To Protect the Rights, Interests, and moral development of All To Allow for Deliberation, Debate, and Enlightened Understanding To Guard Against the Impulses of the Majority Hold a Conference to Discuss the Issues Publish Opinion Editorials Contact the ACLU and like organizations with my research and find what steps I can make, and the steps I can ask others to make in an effort to promote prisoners right to representation. Introduction: The 9 violations that I found the initiative process to be guilty of making when it is used to determine criminal justice policy Solutions Moving Forward Chapter One How do we fix it?--3 Proposed Solutions Outline If a majority of citizens vote in favor of the idea, the idea becomes law the next day Requirements of a Legitimate Democracy Case study story--Byron; questions to be addressed; description of initiative process ...and why? To Overcome Special Interests To Encourage A More Responsive and Civic Minded Citizenry To Protect Political Equality To Promote Government Responsiveness To Encourage Innovation the initiative process as it is used today does not meet the requirements of a legitimate democracy Section One: Requirements of a Legitimate Democracy Section Two: The Original Intentions of those Who Established the Process in California The idea is framed and formatted for the ballots and because the initiative process as it is used today to influence criminal justice policy does not fulfill the wishes of those who originally established the process in California A System of democracy that allows citizens to propose, vote on, and implement their own legislation without approval or 'check' from the legislature No. Ethics in Society My Research Question The California initiative process has had a powerful influence on criminal justice policy in the state... Can this influence be justified on a theoretical level? Does the California initiative process impact criminal justice policy in a way that even adheres to the principles of a legitimate democracy? How I became interested... Three Strikes Project at Stanford Law School Byron Prison University Project at San Quentin Undergraduate Major


Transcript: Overweight is unhealthy The cause is straightforward Calories in Calories out What does your experience tell you about this statement? What things get in the way of you losing weight? What really determines my weight? Current Thinking The answer is diet & exercise What methods have you used to control your weight? What happened? What's the craziest method you've tried? So what have you learnt? Has the pursuit of weight loss produced the thin, happy life you’ve dreamed of? Healthy people come in all shapes & sizes A rich, full & meaningful life is available to anyone right now regardless of weight Diets (& all other methods promoting weight loss) do not work in the long term We recognise & respect the power of food when it is used as a coping strategy 5 Core Phases Health at Any Size is fully evidence based Lifestyle Medicine Mindfulness Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Health & wellness Coaching Anger Our Approach 2. Eat, Drink & be Mindful (mindful eating) Hormones What really determines my weight? Hormones (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Why Diets Don't Work Calories In Famine Response Deprivation Hormones Calories Out Thoughts Self Loathing Dieting Optimum wellbeing requires weight loss Thoughts Thoughts 1. Coming To Your Senses (mindfulness) Fat Storage 4. Feel Great (dealing with difficult emotions) W1-Intro Thoughts Health at Any Size Unhelpful Thinking 3. Watch Your Thinking (dealing with unhelpful thoughts) (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Fat Storage Hormones Overeating 5. Live Well (taking effective action)


Transcript: Who Are We Who Born and Raised in Las Vegas, NV 13 Years of IT Experience Family Oriented Company What is our Expertise? Pro-Active What Semi-Active Re-Active Productivity Re-Active Services Break Fix Hourly service to fix any and all types of technical issues. We bill for our time to get your issues resolved. Monitoring Constantly monitoring system Updates to your system Patches any security holes Alerts many other issues Semi-Active Services Anti-Virus Constantly scans system Alerts us on any issues Fixes most viruses automatically We call you to inform you of any issues Backup Backup's the system every 15 minutes Encrypted cloud servers We monitor the backup to make sure its always working. Backup issues we call you to resolve Full Service IT Solution We offer business's a full service I.T. solution for 1 annual price. This solution is offered in different payment plans. This way a business can plan ahead for the cost of their I.T. costs and not have a fluctuating price from month to month. Our prices for this package are usually cheaper than hiring a I.T person at minimum wage. Pro-Active Services HaaS Hardware as a Service has become more and more popular as the cost of time and equipment has increased. How does HaaS make more sense for some businesses? This is the question I am going to answer today. HaaS John Smith - Lawyer John Smith Lawyer John has decided to open up his own practice. 3 Lawyers 3 Paralegals 1 Scheduler 1 Back Office Assistant. Equipment Needed 8 Computers 16 Monitors 1 Server 1 Firewall Other Network Equipment Out of Pocket Cost Scenario 1 8 Computers w/ office - $7200 16 Monitors - $3200 1 Server - $8000 1 Firewall - $2000 Other Network Equipment - $3000 Estimated Total Cost: $23,400 HaaS Program Scenario 2 8 Computers w/ office - $260 16 Monitors - $116 1 Server - $334 1 Firewall - $84 Other Network Equipment - $125 Estimated Equipment Monthly Cost: $919.00 / 36 months Estimated MSP Monthly Cost: $950.00 / 36 months Estimated Total Monthly Cost: $1869.00 / 36 months Benefits of HaaS Eliminates huge upfront cost 100% Tax Deductible 100% Covered for hardware issues Standard Business Grade Equipment Higher Productivity Higher Reliability New Equipment every 3 years Managed Service Included for all software or user issues Manageable Monthly Rate Benefits When Are We There For You? When We are available 24/7 364 for you. ( closed Christmas day) *After hours & weekends are subjected to a overtime flat fee When you need us - On time, all the time Where Are We? We are mobile and always moving Where We almost always have an internet connection so we can help remotely at a moments notice. Where to Find Us Areas of Service Where Do We Travel Ways we provide Support Remote Support Where can we provide Support? On Site Support Why Us Why We aren't the cheapest price. We are the best price. We will never sell you something you do not need. What sets us apart is we have heart. We are dedicated in making sure you are happy.

University of California--Berkeley (Haas)

Transcript: Alondra Carbajal Major in Music Juilliard New York, NY Freshman are required to live on campus in the Meredith Willson Residence Hall. After their first year, students have the option of returning to the residence hall through Housing Selection, or moving off campus to one of New York City's vibrant neighborhoods. Rooms are Co-ed Electives i would love to take In order for me to even get accepted i have to send a recording of me playing several pieces of music.Once they have decided i get an audition spot,I have to go to New York and audition there at Juilliard. I have to play several pieces of music and let them decide . Extracurricular Activities 5 other majors The amount of financial aid awarded is based mostly on the student's financial need and ranges from modest grants to full tuition. 80% of Juilliard students recieve Financial Aid or some type of scholarship. Financial aid may include Juilliard scholarships; federal and state grants; federal student and parent loans; and/or federal or Juilliard work-study. I am definetely gonna have to stay on top of my grades 24/7. I have to push my limits and play even more pieces of music, make sure I make all of my auditions, go the extra mile and learn more about my instrument. Juilliard will probably never even look at me honestly because there is way more better people out there but knowing that I took the shot will be worth it. Financial Aid ARTreach Juilliard Christian Fellowship J Alliance Korea Campus Crusade for Christ Other Information Path To Get There... Tuition $39,720 Residence Hall (room and meals) Double Room $14,790 Single Room $18,460 Subtotal $54,510 (dbl. rm.) $58,180 (single rm.) Books, Supplies, Personal Expenses $ 3,440 TOTAL $57,950 (dbl. rm.) $61,620 (single rm.) 1. Piano- piano is a very beautiful instrument and it would benefit me with my instrument 2.Orchestral Conducting- Taking in the fact that i am in orchestra, conducting one would be just amazing 3. Guitar- Being able to learn how to play guitar a little better just for fun would be pretty cool 4. Solo Performance- Here i would be ae to practice by myself, perform ny myself in little occations, and i would learn more about my instrument. Courses Needed 1.Theory and Analysis 2.Ear Training I, II 3.Piano I, II 4.Music History 1.Ear Training III 2.Keyboard Studies Costs Dorms Dance Drama Liberal arts Center for innovation in the arts Jazz

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