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Beowulf Template

Transcript: Beowulf Project Beowulf Project By Declan Hand Title Heroic Behavior "He groped for Unferth. But all at once the light had caught him. It had him by the claw. It was Beowulf!" (Nye 39). In this scene of the book Beowulf saves Unferth from Grendel. This shows tha Beowulf is a hero because he is saving Unferth even after all the bad things Unferth had said about him. Heroic Act Field Service I held the door open for a big group of people. They said, “Thank you very much," and looked grateful. It made me feel good and made me want to do it again Field Service My Education My next steps in education would be highschool and college. I would like to stay in state for college and would want to go to either UCLA or SDSU. Also, I want to play sports like baseball and basketball in highschool. I want to go to college and highschool with friends and also make new friends. All in all, that is what my education journey will most likely look like. My Journey Career Career I want to play professional basketball or baseball, but since that probably wont work out I have thought of some other things. One of the things I would like to do with my career is I want to create an innovative product and then go on shark tank Travel, Family Travel, Family When I grow up I want to get married and have a boy and a girl. We would go on lots of vacations to Hawaii, Lake Tahoe, and Mammoth Volenterrism I Would volenteer for things with my kids to teach them to always help the unfrotunate. Volenteerism Where I want to Live Where Do I want to Live I would like to stay in Califronia, and live in a warm place like Carlsbad with a beach. I would want to go swimming in the ocean with them and play in the sand. What type of friends I will have I will want to have friends that are funny and motivate me when I grow up. I also want my friends to have big goals of their own. What type of friends I will have Retirement When I retire I want to travel the world with my wife. I also want to live in a cool place like the Maldives. Retirement Final Thoughts This project has made me realize to open my mind. I understand now that anyone can be a hero by helping others. Even if you don't think you can anyone can give somone a compliment or hold a door open for someone. In conclusion anyone can be a hero or have heroic qualities. Final Thoughts Essential Question "How are we defined by the joruneys that we take," is the essential question and in my opinion we are defined by our joruneys becasue they teach us lessons and give us more perspective or other peoples opinoins. Everybody has different joruneys in life and that is what makes every one unique. Ultimately, everyone has a journey and how you react to yours make you, you. Essential Question Works Cited Page Nye, Robert. Beowulf a New Telling. New York, New York, Bantam Doubleday Dell Books for Young Readers, 1968. Works Cited Page

Beowulf Template

Transcript: Beowulf Project Aiden Brown HEroic BEhavior "Beowulf was not greedy or ambitious. The gifts that Hrogthar had given him, he passed on to Hygelac"(Nye 82-83). I chose this quote because it showed how generous and loyal he was. Heroic Quality My Feild Service While my neighbours went on a trip, i watched their pets. They seemed very grateful that their pets had company and were looked after. It made me happy that I was able to make them feel this way. My Feild Service My Journey If you want to have a good future it all starts with school, that is why i am focusing right now so I can get into a good school. For my next steps in school i hope to continue to focus on school in highschool and get into a good college. If I was able to choose what schoolI go to it would be UCLA. I would chose UCLA because it is close to home, a good school, and has good sports teams. My Journey Career My dream job is to be a professional basketball player but I know that i am going to need a backup option because it is really hard to get in the NBA. My backup choice is to be a marine bioligist, I think that career fits me because I love the ocean and like animals. I think it would be really cool to explore the sea and watch animals interact. Career Retirement After my career is over I want to experince fun things and I want to work on finishing my retirement. I want to travel the world and visit famous landmarks. Retirement Family Life Even though I have ambitious goals with my career I also want to have a big family. I want to have kids to keep the family running. I want to have 2 kids and a healthy relationship with my wife and children. Family Life Where I will live After I finish college i have to decide where to live and start my career. I think that I will decide to live close to home because it is near the ocean if I continue to want to be a marine bioligist. I also want to visit my family a lot and I want them to be a big part in helping shape my children. Where I will live My Friends I wish to keep many of my friends that I have now into my adult life. But I also am going to make many new friends along the way. Friends Service to others I would volunteer at the pound and other things to show my kids its important to help the homeless. Service to others Final Thoughts While creating this project I have noticed some similarities and differrences between me and Beowulf. One difference I found is how I want to spend my retirement compared to how he did. I want to have a exiciting retirement while he settled down and had a peaceful retirement. But I also saw a similarity, I saw that he would do anything to help other people and I act Similary to him because I love helping people. Final thoughts Essential Question I feel like the answer to the question "How are we defined by the journeys we take?" Is that the journeys we take teach us lessons and make us grow as a person but if you give up or quit midway you won't learn and grow as a person. So if you experince a long tough journey you begin to be tougher as if you skip important steps in your journey people think you took the easy way out. Essential question Work Cited Nye, Robert. Beowulf a New Telling. New York City, Bantam Doubleday Dell Books for Young Readers. Work Cited

powerpoint template

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