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Benchmark Presentation

Transcript: Timeline Tuesday & Thursday Begin testing 8:30 a.m. Students taking college courses arrive and begin testing at 10:00 a.m Students who began at 8:30a.m. finish at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday Report to Period 7B Thursday Report to Period 8B All Students go to lunch or College Prep at 11:30 a.m. Please return materials to Portable 16 at this time. Students who did not take the exam in the morning begin at 1:00 p.m. Wednesday & Friday Begin testing at 9:00 a.m. Students who have college classes begin testing at 10:00 a.m. Students who began at 9:00 a.m. finish at 11:00 a.m. Wednesday Report to 2A Friday Report to 4A All students go to lunch or College Prep at 12:00 p.m. Please return materials at this time. Students who did not take the exam in the morning begin at 1:00 p.m Materials Delivered on Friday afternoon. 1:5 ratio Delivered on Monday afternoon 1:5 ratio Need to be returned after Math and Science Test Need to be cleared Pencils and Math/Science charts will be given out on Monday afternoon Math Test Booklets will be given out on Monday Scantrons will be given out on Monday Some things to remember Classrooms need to be set up in rows if possible. Have students sit in alphabetical order Seniors may be sat in the back of the room Restroom breaks one at a time Baca and Chaparro will be coming by your classrooms to give you a break on WF Post Testing Do Not Disturb sign on door Schedule Math: October 25 ELA: October 26 Science: October 27 Social Studies: October 28 Charts, Pencils and other stuff October 25-October 28 Calculators Pencils and Math/Science charts will be given out on Monday afternoon Math Test Booklets will be given out on Monday Scantrons will be given out on Monday Calculators Materials Conclusion Delivered on Monday afternoon 1:5 ratio Need to be returned after Math and Science Test Need to be cleared Dictionarys Delivered on Friday afternoon. 1:5 ratio Dictionarys Benchmarks If you have any questions please feel free to ask. (Don't forget to have some fun out there) Charts, Pencils and other stuff

Benchmark Presentation

Transcript: On Winter DIBELS, read 8 words per minute. Expected score at his age is 86 words per minute (Gap Analysis shows that D needs 35.5 weeks to be on grade level) Core Phonics Survey Writing Sample How is he doing? Subtests below average: Elison, Blending words, Memory for Digits, Rapid Digit Naming, Rapid letter Naming, Phoneme Reversal, Rapid Object Naming, Blending Nonwords Subtest of low average: Nonword repetition Subtests in average range: Rapid Color Naming, Segmenting words, Segmenting Nonwords -0/5 long vowel sounds 4/10 short vowels in CVC words- let, hog -1/10 short vowels, digraphs, words with -tch- chop, shom -1/20 consonant blends with short vowels- stop, stig, spell -0/10 long vowel spellings- words like tape and key -2/10 variant vowels and dipthongs- down, few 2/10 R and I controlled vowels- bark, gorf -No attempt at multisyllabic words -0/10 correctly spelled words Scantron for Reading- scored 1778 (up 120 points from August). 3rd graders should be between 2237-2678 Focus on Reading D. *Third grade, 9 years 7 months *Came to Metz in October from another school in the district *Lives with mom, step-dad (since the age of 2), older brother, younger brother, same aged step-brother *Mom speaks English and a little Spanish. Dad speaks English and Spanish and Spanish only to his son *D. speaks conversational Spanish Write from the Beginning- consistently scores between 6-8 points out of 20. Proficiency is 16/20 points Less than 1 percentile for phonological awareness -D. will be able to apply decoding skills to read CVC words and words with long vowel sounds 80% of the time. -D. will be able to recognize sight words, word families, word parts and word patterns to improve his fluency 80% of the time. -While engaged in a reading activity, D. will be able to answer questions about the story including characters, main idea, problem/solution, plot and setting 80% of the time. -D will be able to phonetically spell all words and correctly spell sight words (from 1st and 2nd grade word lists) at least 70% of the time. *Funny personality *Great working vocabulary *Ability to make connections between old and new information is incredible *Can orally blend sounds to make words *Creative *Very imaginative *Caring and respectful *Wants to pay attention and please adults -Leveled text -Use of Thinking Maps on a regular basis -Small group for reading (pull-out) for 45 minutes per day, at least 4 days per week w/ Sped Interventionist -Read Naturally -Phonics support (use of FAST) -Behavior chart to help support his behavior -Explode the Code -Vocabulary boxes Assessments Reaching the Goal- "Use your head and push forward and you will overcome and be successful." ~Anonymous CTOPP Learning Opportunities/ Objectives Strategies/ Interventions Weekly spelling tests 1-3 correct out of 8 from Fry's word list for second grade Strengths

Benchmark Presentation

Transcript: C) A culture that is not incubated Which culture should you use as a control for the experiment? Constants are the things that are kept the same each time one of the trials in the experiment is repeated B) A culture that contains a different growing media You are investigating the effect varying concentrations of an unknown substance A on a culture of bacteria. You grow several cultures of the same bacteria in Petri dishes containing the same type of growing media, each with a X A) A culture that does not contain substance A constants A control group was needed different amount of substance A. You incubate the cultures at 37 degrees Celsius for 24 hours and examine the cultures. D) A culture that is incubated at 30 degrees Celsius A) A culture that does not contain substance A source: The independent variable is the variable that is intentionally changed in the experiment B) A culture that contains a different growing media Benchmark Presentation by: Ashley Harris The control is the standard against which the researcher compares the results from each treatment group (level) in the experiment C) A culture that is not incubated The dependent variable is the variable that responds to the changes in the independent variable X X The repeated trials are the number of times the experiment is repeated to determine how the independent variable affected the results D) A culture that is incubated at 30 degrees Celsius

Benchmark Presentation

Transcript: As I kept working, I decided to keep it consistent and add the logo each time! I want the company to be recognizable and an easy way to do that is by adding the logo into the images. The font was really important and I decided to go with a Vogue type idea and use font that is thinner but it covers most of, if not all of the image! I used the font called Montserrat! For this project I wanted to develop a way to advocate for woman in the advertisement world. Women are typically degraded and I wanted to try to develop a way to not have that be an issue. It was difficult because there are so many lingerie companies who use women as a sales tactic. The way I avoided this was re-branding one of the biggest lingerie companies- Victoria's Secret. If companies see that they will still have business without having to use degrading tactics, then I feel like they will be more opted to change their marketing tactics. Re-branding Benchmark Presentation Final Advertisement Overview Because of my production plan, I had a set list of things to do as I worked through this project! Initially when I started this project, I found it difficult to articulate how this project would work. I initially was going to use drawings but after doing research, quickly realized that lingerie illustrations weren't really a thing. Progression Photography I wanted to make sure the photography that I used wasn't degrading to woman so what I found was crucial. I used Unsplash, which is a site that allows people to take photos for free, and I found women who were beautiful and different for my advertising ideas! They were modeling but not in a degrading way! More Progression Final Advertisement Victoria Secret Advertising Final Advertisement As I was working on playing with font and imagery, I discovered that colored images weren't working. I still wanted the company to have an edgy/sexy feel to it, because that is what they are all about. I just didn't want them to be degrading women in the process. So I decided to try using only black/white photos! This gave me exactly what I was looking for. Fonts I decided that re-branding the entire company would probably be my best bet in terms of making an impact! And since I quickly realized that illustrations wouldn't really work, I thought about companies that use beautiful photography in order to make a point, so I could re-brand Victoria Secret completely but use font and even imagery that isn't degrading, to get it's advertising to be still attractive but also good to women.

Benchmark 2 Presentation

Transcript: Today we will be teaching you about how to uninstall and install a power supply in a computer. These are some of the steps it takes to do these procedures. Uninstall Procedure: 1.The first step in installing the hardware is to find the right place to place it. The appropriate place is where it is not too dusty, not too much static electricity, and is on a stable platform and it has to be near a telephone connection in case of technical support. 2.The second step in installing the hardware is that you will need a flat- blade school driver. You will need to take notes, and a grounding strap which you can get at most electronic stores. And lastly you will need the documentation of the computer. To Install a power supply you need Install Procedure: 1You have to align the power supply with the screw. 2. Secure the power supply with the screws. Component 3: Power Supply NOW HERES JAVIOR AND JOHNATHAN WITH OUR BUDGET the hardware within a computer system which carries out the instructions of a computer program by performing the basic arithmetical, logical, and input/output operations of the system BENCHMARK #2 Presentation <--STEP 1 STEP 4:REMOVE OLD I/O SHELD STEPS 5-8 Located on the outside of the computer case inside of the Optical drive In this Presentation you will here about our Terms,Concepts, functions,budget and how to install and uninstall a Mother Board and Power Supply STEP 6:HEAT SINK AND CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT ON THE NEW MOTHER BOARD TERM:It's A Closed Box. Concepts:Designed to hold the MotherBoard & Power Suppy FUNCTION:Holds the mother board,Power supply and other components STEP 7:PUT IN NEW I/O SHIED TERMS:A hardware component that reads and writes data on discs.A drive is a computer hardware component that reads and writes data on discs CONCEPT: To Be able to Play DVD's and CD's FUNCTION:Laser is guided by an optical lens installed within the drive, to read and write data in digital format. C.P.U,Heat Sync and Fan are All located in the case but for the Central Processing Unit (CPU) located inside of the MotherBoard Component 7 Memory Modules TERM: In found in all modern computers which holds many of the crucial components of the system CONCEPT:Without This It Will Not Work. Function: motherboard provides the electrical connections by which the other components of the system communicate. HERE'S HOW TO INSATLL AND UNINSTALL A POWER SUPPLY Term:device for storing and retrieving digital information, primarily computer data. Concept:To Save all your items Function: To give you storage Let's get started with our presentation... HEAT SYNC: also used to cool of the computer Located in the computer case (on) <--STEP 2 Located inside of the Central Processing Unit STEP 3:FIND AND REMOVE THE OLD MOTHER BOARD Component 4: Optical Drive (disk) Component 5: Hard Drive STEPS 1-4 INSTALLING MOTHER BOARD ALL COMPONENTS HAVE CABLES,CONNECTORS AND PORTS FAN is a passive component that cools a device by dissipating heat into the surrounding air.It 's also used to cool components like high power devices,So it would not make the computer or components set on fire. Component 6 CPU,Heat Sync and Fan (All Are ONE Component) HERE'S HOW TO INSTALLL A MOTHER BOARD Keyboard- $7.99 Mouse- $6.99 Optical drive- $29.99 Hard drive- $69.99 Box c.p.u - $24.99 Motherboard- $189.99 Memory Module- $11.99 Case- $29.99 Power supply- $44.99 Total=$470.91 *SHIPPING FEE=6.00 per item a broad term used to refer to a series of dynamic random access memory integrated circuits modules mounted on a printed circuit board and designed for use in personal computers, workstations and servers. *Dynamic Random access memory integrated circuits is when you store bits of data separate capacitor within an integrated circuit,it can be either charged or discharged. Component 1: CASE STEP 8: PUT IN NEW MOTHER BOARD Location: In the case to the right of Mother Board Central Processing Unit: STEP 5: REMOVING CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT,HEAT SINK,AND FAN In this project,the two components that we chose were the Mother Board and Power Supply.Both of these items are compatible.In this section of this presentation you will here how to install and uninstall a Mother Board and Power Supply.(there will be pictures and Detail) Component 2: MotherBoard OR System Board Term:device that supplies electric power to an electrical load and convert one form of electrical energy to another Concept:Gives all the power Function:provide a signal to the motherboard to indicate when the DC voltages are in spec, so that the computer is able to safely power up and boot. (DC voltages are the unidirectional flow of electric charge)

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