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Before and after

Transcript: Focus on one standard: explore, understand and use Water color lesson before and after and this one.... Starry Night Charlotte Danielson and this one.... What students like and are capable of painting vs What I hoped they would like and be capable of painting Student work from the ninth grade water color lesson Standard 9: Teachers are able to evaluate themselves Student work Student work showing exploring of characteristics what is being assessed? How? The lesson was based on Wisconsin's Model Academic Standards for Art and Design Education There were some formative and final assessments in place The students were producing water color paintings that used the 8 techniques they needed to show for final evaluation City of Broken Hearts Out of all the Fish in the Sea Student work showing 8 techniques in a non-objective style to this final project.... Great Wall Strengths Understanding From this before project... and this one.... Assess prior knowledge of students to this formative assessment tool.... to this pre-assessment tool... and this one.... Water Flowers and finally, this one. To clarify the goals of the lesson To create organized pre- and formative assessments To guide students through the painting process in a way which allows them to showcases their unique styles and interests Course 693: Instructional Planning, Design, and Assessment Backwards design Formal pre and formative assessment tools/strategies Course 695: Ethics and Issues in Education Filters and bias "Over time, this way of thinking both reflectively and self-critically and of analyzing instruction through the lens of student learning....becomes a habit of mind, leading to improvement in teaching and learning." Student work showing 8 art journal pages that become part of the final evaluation for the quarter For example gender, socioeconomic, race, religion Areas of Focus Yellow Sunset

Before and After

Transcript: This is when the Nazi party started to form. Hitler started to form his party and it started out very small, only a few people and eventually they made it to be about 100 in a beer cellar. By the end of the decade the nazi party had 18% of all votes In 1933 Adolf gets appointed councilor and the first concentration camp was established. Throughout this decade he continues to gain power, and manages to burn down parliament. The Nazi army was now causing terror and mayhem. 1940-The End of the War Before Adolf moves to Vienna and learns about his hateful ways here. During this time his mother also dies and Hitler gets declined from art school not once but twice. 1930-1940 Work Cited Hitler moved to Munich, Germany in May 1913. He did so to avoid arrest for ignoring his duty to fight for Austria. At this time in his life, Hitler went off to war, and he fought fr Germany. In WW1 he was blinded temporarily by mustard gas, causing him to leave and go into his other passion: politics. 1910-1920 Throughout this decade Adolf Hitler continued to invade many countries, taking over. This went on until he had commit suicide after being defeated by the Russians. Adolf Hitler took his life April 30th 1945. 1920-1930 1900-1910

Before and After

Transcript: Medium risk contact with intact mucous membrane / non-intact skin (same as Spaulding instrument classification) Detergent and water leave surface wet , do not dry Surgery decontamination 2 wipes same procedure as before but include ABHR dispenser each time Category A HCW Need to maintain vaccinations for: Hepatitis A Hepatitis B Influenza Pertussis (whooping cough) MMR (measles, mumps, rubella, if not already immune) Varicella (chicken-pox, if not already immune). Airborne Contact Droplet Two-step approach to cleaning Step 1: detergent and water Step 2: a chemical disinfectant with label claims specifying its effectiveness against specific infectious organisms ie virucidal, bactericidal (Cavicide®) Wash and dry hands Remove mask by ties or loops Droplet Between patients Infectious agent New terminology / new things Direct Additional precautions Hand washing Alcohol rub Glasses / masks Transmission based precautions Transmission-based precaution Hand hygiene Vs hand washing 5 moments of hand hygiene ABHR Risk assessment PPE order Face and eye protection ANTT: Surgical / Standard Key parts Key sites Sequencing Respiratory hygiene Cough etiquette Minimally touched surface Frequently touched surface Beginning of clinical session Contact Additional precautions Hand washing Alcohol rub Glasses / masks Remove protective eyewear Throughout the day Ingestion Order off – End of day Remove gown prior to removing mask 5 PPE Droplet nuclei (Suspended in air) Hand hygiene Vs hand wash 5 moments of hand hygiene On arrival at the clinic (morning / after lunch) Handwash: 40 – 60 secs Before commencing a patient ABHR: 20 – 30 secs Retrieving additional items ABHR: 20 – 30 secs Removing gloves ABHR: 20 – 30 secs After removal of contaminated instruments ABHR: 20 – 30 secs End of a patient procedure Handwash: 10 – 15 secs Coming back from the toilet ABHR: 20 – 30 secs Before touching sterile instruments Handwash: 10 – 15 secs Must be TGA rated Appropriate to need Instrument Grade: only used for instruments Hospital Grade: only used on floors / walls House Hold: Do not comply with clinical environment Commercial: not suitable of ruse in medical / dental Environmental Cleaning Perform hand hygiene Disinfectants Injection Put on gloves New terminology / new things Put on gown, mask, glasses Hands Transmission-based precaution Hand hygiene Vs hand washing 5 moments of hand hygiene ABHR Risk assessment PPE order Face and eye protection ANTT: Surgical / Standard Key parts Key sites Sequencing Respiratory hygiene Cough etiquette Minimally touched surface Frequently touched surface Infection Control BEFORE and AFTER the changes....... Remove and discard gloves AFTER TOUCHING A PATIENT’S SURROUNDINGS Hand hygiene Perform hand hygiene PPE All PPE and clothing must comply with Australian Standards Gowns must be changed after implementing contact precautions Sterile / non-sterile, long sleeve / short sleeve Order on – Airborne Vaccinations Put on gloves Indirect Put on mask, glasses Equipment / environment Perform hand wash

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