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Before and After

Transcript: When strangers meet A mystery begins: Maybe good, maybe bad Maybe happy and/or sad Helping each other through tough times Even though one has committed many crimes They stand together, against all odds They’ve both lived their lives as frauds Both hold faith that they will return To the humans they were, now that they’ve learned As high as you go, never forget The loved ones that helped you set They helped you fly, and helped you soar Into the beyond, forever more. Now you realize you are looking down upon them, Never even shed a single tear upon them, Slowly rising in social status Becoming a gentlemen, growing like a cactus Becoming sharp and yet within you are still weak and you will never win your moral obligation is the most expensive education but what does it matter if you lose to the world, to the universe, and especially to you just stop for a minute and ponder who is the winner and then be the responder it is not you, and you shall see that it was clear that the loser is thee Why was my first sentence "When strangers meet"? Pip's Definition of a Winner: a person or thing winning something. VS. My Definition of a Winner: a person or thing winning something with pride and continuing to grow as a better person. Pip's Definition of a Loser: is a person or thing that loses or has lost something. VS My Definition of a Loser: is a person or thing that loses and does not accept defeat or wins with bad grace. Pip's Defintion of a Loser: A person or thing that loses or has lost something. VS My Defintion of a Loser: A person or thing that loses and does not accept defeat or wins with bad grace. Thank you for your time !!!!

Before and After

Transcript: Feedback and Reflection Critical Friends Collaboration At the beginning of the Diploma Program collaborative process did not exist in my practice whatsoever. I did not create opportunities to work collaboratively with like minded individuals, nor did I utilize collaborative learning strategies in my classrooms. OK, I didn’t even have a classroom so that was pretty bad too. Active Listening It's only through listening that you learn, and I never want to stop learning. Drew Barrymore Minimizing internal distractions, really focussing on the speaker, using proper response, keeping an open mind really helped me with improving my listening. Listening to colleagues gives me support and understanding Critical Friends -Tuning Protocol -Collegial Relationships Week 4 –Stewards of Booth Creek Project Focus: Group work and Collaboration Group: Medical Doctors Concern: Carrigan complains that she isn’t appreciated in her group and that her ideas are being passed on. Curtis made pictures, left a comment on the group’s discussion board and started working on the slide show. Was this discussed with the group? What are others doing? What to do: Provide tools to develop positive interdependence Group: Knight of square table Concern: No common goal, no common questions What to do: This team needs to develop positive interdependence (roles!!!!) When everyone has a role and therefore a clear task within the group they may produce something collaboratively meetings! (show them Alexander’s notes of Adv. 7th team meeting) Team: Dragon Riders Concern: Mollie Anne and Westley are friends and are working together. Vanessa is the smartest kid in the group. Why isn’t she involved? Ylvalie is ESL, how can she be included? What to do? Pos. Interdependence –roles! Team meeting Wednesday – Advisory –have a mini lesson on Positive interdependence and introduce the roles (have the copies of the reading section from Laura’s book). If need to –work on questions with groups for Pamela and Darcy. Feedback and Critical reflection: “when people have decided that you have earned their trust, they may choose to speak publically about negative aspects of your actions”. Stephen Brookfield RE: Why was collaboration so important Collaboration was one of the reasons I gravitated towards teaching at the middle school level. I knew there was more collaboration being done here than at the elementary and high school levels. As a new teacher I think it is critical to be able to collaborate just to keep your head above water and then as a veteran teacher collaboration can keep you sharp trying new things. As far as the collaboration we did, I think the informal discussions we had were more beneficial than some of the formal meetings. Next year when we try PBL again I would like to try it in smaller teaching groups purely from a management angle that way formal meetings will be better used because more meetings are needed outside our regular prep time and with fewer people meeting times are easier to arrange. I hope this is what you were looking for. Thanks for all your help and input this year, Anders And time for reflection with colleagues is for me a lifesaver; it is not just a nice thing to do if you have the time. It is the only way you can survive. Margaret Wheatley As a result of collaborative work with my colleagues, learning in collaborative groups with my students, using critical friends and listening and reflecting critically I can say that I feel confident and comfortable taking on bigger and bolder tasks, voicing my opinions, sharing my experiences, analyzing my own work, asking for advice and exposing my weaknesses. I am looking forward to opportunities to work collaboratively and try on new things. Leadership in my classroom Before “teaching from the textbook”. “teaching behind the closed doors” As Parker Palmer put it in “Let Your Life Speak”: “Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I must listen to my life telling me who I am." After Cooperative Learning with students Spencer Kagan and Cooperative Learning Excerpt from my field study notes: Wednesday, October 6th I decided to move the desks away and have the students spend 3 days with no desks, just in the chairs in a circle or a horseshoe formation. ON Wednesday, the students were genuinely curious and responded well. The idea was explained to the students: to create a closer, tighter environment where everyone could interact freely, without “borders”. In the first part of the day we played some icebreakers –lined up as a class, sat in a circle, etc. We brainstormed “Active Listening Skills” and came up with definitions and wrote them on the board. Then we discussed what constitutes “Support” and created a web on the overhead: Students suggested: cheering, help, understanding, physical help (being there instead of calling or texting), consoling, At 2;40 we introduced a “pass a feather” activity (perfect for a circle): students were given rules of this sharing

Before and After

Transcript: 1850's Events for voting rights. THANK YOU! 1850's By : Jason and Lui Effects of these events. The people eligible to vote for politics were white men and black men, black men got the ability to vote after the 15th amendment. With that said there were a lot of restrictions whites threw up to make it as difficult as possible for blacks to vote. Such as a literacy test, groups prevent the blacks from expressing their rights (KKK), and Jim Crow Laws. Later on women got the right to vote via the 19th amendment, after many rebelious actions. although it was difficult to vote for blacks, it wasn't never an option In early America only white men could vote. Blacks nor women were allowed any say in politics. In addition blacks could not run for a spot in politics whilst men who were rich and white took over the political scene. After Before and after History of voting power for people After an even such as that people started to realize that every human is equal, and they should all have the same rights. Too racism was a big issue back in those days, including inside the political sides of things. Although people tried to help the blacks through funding them education and shelters, freedmen's bureau and morehouse college. Even after that people of the south still hated them and didn't want them to have any rights, but during the progressive era there was a lot of, good and bad, change. For example there was Jim Crow Laws being put up to try and hold the blacks down, then Plessy v. Ferguson which lead to the whole "seperate but equal" (it wasn't), that court case ended up leading to a lot of segregation at the time. To put racial equality where it belong came a corperation called the NAACP which fought against these Jim Crow Laws. People eligible to vote or hold office. People eligible to vote or hold office. Although white men were dominating politics and economy, blacks and women were fighting for the rights that the whites had. For black it was a really rough journey to get where they had gotten to at the time, they had to endure all that slavery and racism until the time of the civil war ending. After, the civil war ended there came along 3 important amendments for them the 13th abolished slavery, the 14th granted them citizenship, and the 15th gave them the right to vote. As for women, the were looked apon as citizens, but they had no sayso in the political side of things. They ended getting the right to vote after the 19th amendment was passed. Citizenship and voting rights. Before Another issue was people who were willing to die for the rights of blacks. These acts were also known as rebellions. An example would be John Browns Raid when he attempted to gather slaves to fight for their rights. This example would be relevant because the idea of fighting for political powers for voters could be influenced by a white man at the time. In addition several other rebellions would soon add fuel to the fire for voting rights for blacks and women.  Another factor that restricted blacks and women to have rights was that there was never a law that gave them these rights. Also blacks were considered as property not as people and women were thought to never be eligible for voting rights. Lack of citizenship and voting rights.

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