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Beauty Product Presentation Template

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Beauty Product

Transcript: Beautiful Input Beauty Product. Our company is called Beautiful Input we make the best products for the best price. We guarantee our creams, moisturizers and scrubs will leave your skin looking and feeling beautiful. Our company does not test products on animals, and everything we make is 100% natural. Why do we use natural ingredients? We use natural ingredients in our products vs synthetic because it works better on skin. We disapprove of synthetic because it is usually tested on animals. Our Beauty Product. We have decided to make a lemon Scrub, this can be used for any dry skin, such as feet, elbows, hands, and face. Ingredients. •1/3 cup olive oil (or oil of choice) •2/3 cup sugar •Juice of 1/2 a lemon (about 1.5 tbsp) •two pinches of lemon zest What our product does: Our homemade lemon scrub is based around lemons. Lemons have a citric acid in the fruit called alpha hydroxy acid, this removes the dead skin cells on your body, allowing your skin to have a healthy glow and makes your skin very smooth. Our product also has a pleasant natural smell to it. If you use this product on your face it will also remove makeup and dirt. Recommendations We would recommend this to someone with oily or dry skin. Someone with access dead skin on their skin or just anyone who wants an everyday scrub. Health and safety regulations. Our jar is glass, which can be recycled. The product has no main allergies in it. We hope you enjoyed our presentation and enjoy our homemade lemon sugar scrub :) Beautiful Input Lemon sugar scrub - Sweet sunshine for your skin. Lemon Scrub.

Fabulosa Beauty Product

Transcript: Fabulosa Beauty Products COMPANY LOGO Shian Moulton and Josie Gonzalez Fabulosa Beauty Products INTRO Shian Moulton and Josie Gonzalez 12 / 14 / 18 Period 2 1 Table of Contents Table of Contents Executive Summary - 3 Business Description - 4 Overview of Business - 5 Legal Form - 6 Mission Statement - 7 Management Team - 8 Product Description - 9 Description of Good or Service - 10 Needs Met/Problem Addressed - 11 Uniqueness - 12 Barriers & Solution Plan/Market Analysis - 13 Market Size and Potential Growth - 14 Target Market - 15 Competition - 16 Marketing - 17 Plans for reaching goals - 18 Marketing Mix - 19 Price - 20 Promotions - 21 Bibliography - 22 2 Executive Summary About 3 Business Description Business Description We are Fabulosa beauty products. We are a company that focuses on expressing the inner beauty of fellow citizens by taking their most desired designs and bringing them to life in a quick, timely, efficient manner. This business was founded because everyone is always rushing around trying to get to places while trying to make life as normal and calm as possible but sometimes you just don't have the time to pamper yourself like you used to. We are not only a product for adult females but we are available to any age, gender, or social class available. We are currently based in California which we would later like to become a worldwide company known for our quick beautifying products. Fabulosa is now creating its line of Quick beauty products that give you the feel of relaxing pampering, fit into your busy schedule in a timely manner. We are currently renting an office space in California, around the $3,230 per month price range, that will be used for constructing the product in the back of the printers in the back with the testing stations and products upfront that are available for sale. Utility costs for the place run around $117.04 with labor cost around $800 per month. Product costs will run about $130. Advertising is about $6.70 per month on Instagram which we will later invest into other social media companies for an advertisement on their sites. 4 Overview of Business Overview of Business 5 In about ten to twenty years we see our company flourishing as technology advances and it will become a world wide product as well as have other products within the quick beauty line, thing that do you make up for you, or even do your hair. Our company not only is unique but is aimed at assisting the working class. Most products of this type are aimed at the higher social class, the class with money to spend on devices that cost $800. Our product fits into the busy schedule of working citizens as well as gives the consumers the opportunity to express their inner beauty. We are different from the rest because we are a company that isn't looking for the money but we are looking forward to helping people achieve the beauty they have always wanted with an affordable option. As nails are becoming more an essential thing that people like to have done we project that about 100 people will buy our product due to the large population in California of working class people as well as this being easy to use. With past nail printers people claimed they weren’t easy to understand for children and where they were supposed to place their fingers to accurately print the design. However our product senses the place of your fingers and accurately prints the design based off of your position. If 100 people buy the product our projected says are around $15,000. Shian and I are both Co- CEO’s of the company each owning 50% of the company with both of us inputting 1/2 of the costs for rental space, labor cost, etc. We are willing to offer up 15% of our company for an exchange of $400,000. With this money we will use it for labor and production costs. Legal Form Legal Form 6 Fabulosa’s main goal is to help anyone let their inner beauty show while being timely efficient as well as being an accessible and affordable resource. Mission Statement Mission Statement 7 Shian and I are both Co -CEO's of the company. We split the costs and profits 50 - 50 including labor costs, production costs, etc. Management Team Management Team 8 Product Description Product 9 Description of Good Description of Good Quick Beauty - a fast and efficient nail printer that paints any design desired onto nails in a matter of minutes 10 Problem Addressed Problem Addressed 11 Have you ever been in a situation where you are going somewhere fancy but are working and don't have enough time to do your nails for the special occasion well this device is portable, quick, and easy to use. Uniqueness Uniqueness There aren't many Nail printers on the market that are as accessible as our product. Our product connects to almost any portable device with Blue-tooth technology that allows you to pick any design desired to be painted on your nails in almost any location. 12 Nail printers are now becoming a bigger product due to the increase demand for technology related

Product Oriented Template

Transcript: Goals: Digital Display on Extended Network Total Investment Search Engine Marketing Plan is...Show how the schedule will work Plan is....break out impressions plan Audience Target: How does this help my goals: Spec Ad Slide How this helps reach our goals: This helps reach goals by.... Digital Display on Addresses goal by... Insert spec ads here Who we are focused on... Includes: List everything... Audience Focus: Quote: Print Suggestions Plan.... SEM is.... Audience Focus: Plan is...Show how the schedule will work How does this help my goals: Plan is...Show how the schedule will work The Post-Standard Audience Focus: SEO is...... Who are we looking to reach? Also, can throw in Geo-Fencing here. Ask for Video input. $$$$$$$$$$ Search Engine Optimization Mobile Advertising on Extended Network What it is: Mobile Advertising on Plan is....break out impressions plan How SEM helps with your goals: This relates to goals.... Geo- Target or DMA focused in SEM helps with.... Audience Focus: How this helps reach my goals: Who it is you are focused on...and how we will reach them on the site. This relates to goals.... Who are we looking to reach? Also, can throw in Geo-Fencing here. Ask for Video input. 1. Goal Example 1 2. Goal Example 2 3. Goal Example 3 4. Goal Example 4 Who it is you are focused on...and how we will reach them on the site. Who it is you are focused on...and how we will reach them on the site. How this helps reach my goals: Addresses goal by... Keywords to focus on... Company Name This relates to goals.... SEO helps..... Digital Display on How SEO relates to your Goals: Audience Target: Plus...Add your commitment to working with the advertiser or promise "Example Quote" Keywords to focus on.... How does this help my goals: What SEM is:

Men Beauty Product

Transcript: increase globally by 70% over the past six years ( 2007-2012) SWOT Analysis L'Oreal continue lead in Malaysia by 12% value share. New communication campaign “A water drop Save your Life. A mask drop Save the Children.” Donation of 20% net profits of our new product to “Save the Children” fund Guerrilla marketing Interactive Marketing – Contest Point-of-Purchase (POP) tactics Weakness toiletries products- deodorant & fragrance, shaving products... 1. Perception of male consumer toward Kiehl's product across different country. 2. Strong competition on the male beauty facial care industry can make it really hard to brand directly to customers. 3.Unique selling point of fine and natural ingredients can be easily copied by others. 4. Customers expenses. According to research from Global Industry Analysts, the global male grooming products industry is expected to generate more than $33 billion in revenue by 2015 Strength 3) Consumers’ Specific Expectations : Experts; specific expectations. Looking for added values i. Environmentally-friendly ii. Social responsibility iii. Strong customer relationship 1)main trend Clean- Shave- Treat system using modern technology, advanced ingredient target the market based on the skin types, and age. Threat botanical and herbal moisturizing and hydrating dermatological tested 1. Focus on excellence in customer service and retail experiences. 2. Kiehl's male beauty products are made by professional skill for specific customer 3. The benefit signature program which is 'Try before you buy' concept 4. The organization system is complete. 2) Characteristic Market trend Men Beauty Product Consumer focus on individual needs, skin types and age. Strategies Opportunity Market Situation Kiehl's competitors 3-step skin care system consumer-oriented, allergy tested and 100% free line Business performance Product Market share and ranking Positioning and image Pricing Consumers PR & Digital strategy Retail strategy Merchandising 1. Kiehl's brand awareness is not widely known 2. Kiehl's doesn't have appealing packages 3. Price reduction of Kiehl;s products influence the luxury image in Europe.

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