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Beauty pageant

Transcript: Introduction. The history. Advantages: children feel self-secured children feel comfortable in front of a big audience you get a scholarship if you win pegeants help beneficial programs The costs The reasons. Disadvantes: parents are obsessed parents force their children kids can get depressed Thank you for your attention. This was our presentation. Conclusion Child beauty pageant. Are there any questions? Our opinion Explain the subject History The pageant Costs Reasons to participate The program Toddlers and Tiaras Movie Our own opinion Conclusion Child beauty pageant. It's a American Reality Serie Participants up to 18 years of age. They are judged by a professional jury. It started in 1921. It's very expensive. There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of beauty pageants. Toddlers and Tiaras is a American Reality Serie. We think it's not good for children to participate. The movie On TLC Pageant It's very expensive, they have to pay this: the travel entry make-up and hair by a professional makeup artist. spray tans accessories clothing and outfits Started in 1921 to boost tourism. Orginally, it was for teenagers from 13 to 17 years old. Later there were over 35.000 participants. It is a more and more profitable busisness. It's a contest with participants up to 18 years of age. They have to show: their talent outfits makeup hairstyles No longer than 90 seconds on stage for talent or 45 seconds for modeling routines. All pageants have slightly different guidelines, rules, criteria for what they judge on, and events They compete to win a variety of prizes. We think it's not good for children to participate because: they don't have the time to be a child they are not greatful with it they are forced They take a look in the world of beauty pageants Toddlers and Tiaras.


Transcript: Fairfax NZ News. "Horrid Beauty Pageant Strip Away Girls Innocence". The Dominion Post. 13 Aug. 2012. 7 Dec, 5, 2012 <>. Natural pageants only for young girls No photo shopping young girls head shots for pageants Different outfits; young girls are now seen in tight pants and revealing swimsuit. With young girls wearing sexy clothes is saying "I'm sexually available" to pedophiles. Venues holding the pageants. Nick Kowalenko says "beauty pageants are harmful to children's mental health, with the potential for significant consequences for their 'identity, self esteem, body perception.'" Work Cited Kathy Teel says“mostly pageant moms and directors, who insist that pageants are not about sexualizing the children involved. Oh, really? How about the 3-year-old dressed up as Julia Roberts’ character from Pretty Woman? Or the 4-year-old dressed up as Dolly Parton—complete with fake breasts and padded bottom? Or the 2-year-old in the gilded-cone bustier, dressed like the outrageously sexual Madonna?” Beauty Pageants Exposes Young Girls What We Agree On Communication Skills -strengthen public speaking skills - thinking on your feet - well roundness - how to present yourself Judges says beauty pageants are about their skills. LIES. What skills? Appearances are more important to judges. Natural beauty pageants have many limitations, in order to keep the girls from growing up ahead of their time. Pageant photos are over the top photoshopped. Beauty Pageants today now exposes young girls to sexualization due to: Angry Mom Takes it Too Far! Pageants teach children to be gracious winners & losers Beauty Pageants Does Not Help Their Self-Esteem! "Child Beauty Pageants Pros and Cons." Squidoo : Welcome to Squidoo. N.p., n.d. Web. 4 Dec. 2012. <>. Pageants Teach Young Girls Confidence Glitz pageants can be taken too far, and too heavily focused on the physical appearance of the young girls growing up in the pageant world. Makeup and hairstylists. Transportation costs to travel to pageants. What We Agree On Pageant coaches/choreographers. Hayley & Sam Focus - teaches poise - builds determination - discipline - builds confidence - work towards goals Shared Solution Pageants Stimulate The Economy Pageant dressmakers. Natural Beauty Pageants Pageant judges. BOTOX! & remove the swimwear category in pageants for young girls It's the stage moms that take things too far. Pageants provide a place for young girls to develop self confidence and social skills. Beauty Pageants The regulations for natural beauty pageants in the United States, is for girls age 0-12 the maximum amount of makeup they can wear is mascara & lip gloss. More focused on personality, and talent rather than physical appearance in natural beauty pageants. Glitz pageants only for contestants 18+

Beauty Pageant

Transcript: By Rachel Farnsworth Pros: Self esteem high self worth family time scholarships Great opportunities Money and Prizes Cons: Low self esteem if losing. Over Bearing parents no time for anything else. you get "burned out" can be linked to psychological problems. 10 - There’s an 80% chance that the Father of a Beauty Pageant Contestant will take Karate lessons 9 - There’s a 70% chance that the best friend of the Beauty Pageant winner will join a gym 8 - 90% of women will talk trash behind a Pageant Contestant’s back 7 - The Pageant Winner will receive at least 2 free items a week from her local store 6 - There’s a 60% chance that the Father of a Beauty Pageant Contestant will purchase firearms 5 - A Beauty Pageant Contestant will have to wait an average of 4 minutes for help when she has car trouble 4 - Men in the vicinity of a Pageant Winner will suck in there stomachs 99% of the time 3 - There’s a 30% chance that the Father of a Beauty Pageant Contestant will get a large dog 2 - The average Pageant Contestant has 3.3 stalkers 1 - The Mother of a Pageant Winner will refer to her as “My Daughter, the Beauty Queen…” 75% of the time Talent and casual wear is an additional $20 to $30. Do you think this is right? Or this.. Do you know what they have to do? This is what they have to go through They get spray tans They wear fake teeth Their parents change thier appearance There are also other problems with pageants like: A lot of the children are forced The girls yell and hit their parents They get very competitive and call the other girls ugly and fat. Prizes They say they search for talent but do they really? Do you think beauty pageants sexualize children? The entry fee varies from $50 to $500 depending on thr level of the pageant. The sexualization of children in beauty Pageants $2600 can be spent on the dress.

Beauty Pageant

Transcript: Beauty Pageants Pageants on a World Scale Keeping in mind we tend to think in terms of ethnocentrism, believing that the way we do something is the best. “there is no scientific standards for considering one group as intrinsically superior or inferior to another.” The consistency of physical attractiveness ratings across cultural groups was examined. In Study 1, recently arrived native Asian and Hispanic students and White Americans rated the attractiveness of Asian, Hispanic, Black, and White photographed women. The mean correlation between groups in attractiveness ratings was r = .93. Asians, Hispanics, and Whites were equally influenced by many facial features, but Asians were less influenced by some sexual maturity and expressive features. In Study 2, Taiwanese attractiveness ratings correlated with prior Asian, Hispanic, and American ratings, mean r = .91. Supporting Study 1, the Taiwanese also were less positively influenced by certain sexual maturity and expressive features. Exposure to Western media did not influence attractiveness ratings in either study. In Study 3, Black and White American men rated the attractiveness of Black female facial photos and body types. Mean facial attractiveness ratings were highly correlated (r = .94), but as predicted Blacks and Whites varied in judging bodies. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2010 APA, all rights reserved) There are differences in ideas of beauty In many areas of the world beauty has little to do with the physical features of an individual and more to do with the personality and values that they adhere to. Bolivian “Traditional” Pageant focuses on cultural identities The Indian Monimbo pageant has been to preserve and reinvigorate traditional forms of cultural expression. Indian queens are elected not so much on the basis of their looks as on their aptitude for representing cultural ‘authenticity’. Russia tried to mimic what was taking place in the West but insisting that it was meant to demonstrate Russian nationalism and pride. “Standards of Beauty” are becoming more uniformed in an increasingly connected world, as shown by such competitions as Mrs World and Mrs Universe. Top 5 countries with the most "national-level" pageants 28 23 7 6 5 A study in done by Coastal Carolina University’s College of Education evaluated the Self-esteem, dieting, and body image of 131 women who competed in beauty Pageants. The women who participated where from 43 states and the average age was 26 years old. Of 131 participants… •89.6% stated they were a pageant finalist or winner. • 55.2% participated in pageants at the national or international level. •26% about 1 in 4 women surveyed either believed or had been told they had an eating disorder. Of those who reported as having an eating disorder, stated that it began at approximately 16.25 years of age. •48.5% stated they wanted to be thinner •While 57% were currently trying to lose weight. “There were no significant differences between the two groups on measures of bulimia, body perception, depression, and self-esteem.” An interesting thing to note is that I was unable to uncover any Psychological studies looking for positive impacts of beauty pageants. Familial pressures of Beauty Pageants The influence of parents, specifically mothers, on child beauty pageant contestants has long been a source of controversy. Mothers generally manage their child contestants, and are seen as the influence for them joining the pageants. What effects do pageants have on child participants? (later in life) As they age, child contestants show: ~Greater adult body dissatisfaction ~Interpersonal trust issues ~Surprisingly, there seems to be no correlation between childhood pageant contestants and eating disorders or depression. Pros Parents have claimed pageants: ~are "well-organized, fair and fun" ~teach kids "how to be their very best ~builds friendships and is fun for contestants ~promotes camaraderie among contestants ~have fun for contestants backstage, including pizza, hot dogs, popcorn, candy, and various other treats. Larger pageants usually have several activites for the kids. Others even have costumed characters for the younger contestants. Cons ~Mothers can be living through their daughters, entering them into pageants solely for their own desires and interests. ~Parental ambitions and pressures can make their children mentally unwell, and expose them to levels of stress they shouldn't be subjected to. ~"Australia attorney-general Martin Pakula said: 'There really is no place in Victoria for these pageants.' As the father of a five-year-old girl, he found the pageants 'creepy' and believes 'they are not some innocent baby bonnet parade, they are something a bit more insidious.'" ~Some believe subjecting children to the rigors of "beautification" is a form of child abuse. Things like waxing, dieting and botox are not meant for children and should not be forced upon them. Yes, you read that right. Botox - for children. ~One major

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