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Transcript: Mascot: bear Types of Housing: Women's dorms, men's dorms, married student apartments, single student apartments, disabled student housing Students in College Housing: 99% of freshmen, 38% of all students Housing Requirements-Freshmen are required to live on campus Freshmen are guaranteed housing Students Living Off Campus/Commuting: 62% Not co-ed dorms Average Housing Costs- $4,494 Cost of Attendance-$45,998 Tuition and Fees -$31,658 Room and Board -$9,650 Books and Supplies -$1,390 Other Expenses -$3,300 Payment Plans-Credit card, installment plan Location: Waco, Tx Law School 75% attendane rate Honor College Sports Hankamer School of Business Off-campus housing 2 highschool credits of Social Studies, and Foreign language. 14to1 Wellness School of music Student life SAT Math- 604 SAT Critical Reading- 586 SAT Writing- 571 ACT- 26 ACT/SAT Advarage class size Housing Must have a 2.0 or higher Gpa at the end of each semster. 3.5 Louise Herrington School of Nursing Baseball Collage of Arts& Science 14% GPA CLASSES: School of Social Work Counseling center School of Education Federal Loans-Direct subsidized Stafford loans, direct unsubsidized Stafford loans, direct PLUS loans, Federal Perkins loans, Federal Nursing loans State Loans-Available Other Loans-Private loans Requirments to get it Golf Recommendations Essay Interview Level of Applicant's Interest Extracurricular Activities Volunteer Work Particular Talent/Ability Character/Personal Qualities First Generation to Attend College State Residency School of Engineering & Computer Science Girls- 18 Soroities Rigor of Secondary School Record Academic GPA Standardized Tests Class Rank Tennis Faculty to Student Baylor University Volleyball All four highschool credits of english,math, science. Financial Aid Office of Academic Intergrity Football Graduate School Soccer Health center 7% Cost Judicial Affairs George W. Truett Theological Seminary 27 How to stay in Baylor Men- 24 Basketball Equestrain Track


Transcript: "Day of the Bear" School Facts Founded in 1845, Waco, Texas School Mascot: Bears Fight Song: Old Fite, The Good Baylor Line School Colors: Green and Gold Location: Waco, Tx, about 641 miles, 9hrs. from El Paso Enrollment: 15,364 student in fall 2012 Private School Fun Facts Out of state tuition: $30,586 Deadlines SAT- 1500 out of 2400 (critical reading + math + writing) ACT- 18 English, 21 Reading, 22 Math, 24 Science "Sic 'Em Bears" Prices Meal Plan Memberships Weekly Meal Allowances: allow you to set number of meals per week. They can be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night. Do not roll over from week to week. Block Plans: give you a flexibility of choosing when you would like to eat your "anytime" meals. You are given a set number of meals per semester and may use them anytime. Meals do not roll over from semester to semester. Dining Dollars: supplement your weekly meal allowance and can be used at all of our service locations on campus. The balance will roll over to the next semester until graduation. Dining Dollar only comes with your meal plan, cannot be purchased separately.Unused balance remains in student's account until used will be refunded at graduation or withdraw. Guest Passes: 5 guest passes are included with every meal plan membership. You can use these guest passes to treat a friend or family to a meal when they come to visit. Tution: $32,574 Required Fees: $3,598 Housing: $5,963 Board: $5,670 Total: $47,778 for both semesters $23,889 per semester Baylor awards ten annually to incoming freshmen who demonstrate leadership through service. Recipients are awarded at least $4,750 their freshmen year, renewable for three additional years. For consideration, applicants must: -meet all university requirements for unconditional admission -have a minimum score of 1250(combined Critical Reading and Math) on the SAT or 28 on the ACT -be in the top quarter of their graduating class -have completed a balance college preparatory program including history, science, and a foreign language -be a bona fide resident of the state of Texas The application deadline is January 31. You may access the 2013-2014 application at Carr P. Collins Olivia Arreola Andrea Cardona Sharon Zambrano Elizabeth Haro Scores Sat/Act Applying Create a goBaylor account, fill out application at Key Items Required: High School transcript; official SAT & or ACT scores Items Recommended: resume; letters of recommendation, short answer responses that can be submitted through your goBaylor account after submission of the application "Dr. Pepper Hour" Spring Semester: December 1 Summer Semester: May 1 Fall Semester: February 15 37.7% acceptance rate Scholarship "Day of the Bear": each spring since 1934, students are given a day off to enjoy the outdoors and nice weather with their friends. Features fun athletic tournaments, student activity booths, live music and more. "Sic 'Em Bears": the signature battle cry of Baylor has invigorated Bears and intimidated opponents for decades. Start by waiving your right "bear claw" up in the air as you yell "heeey." "Dr.Pepper Hour"-started out as Matinee Coffee Hour in 1952. When it was cold they served coffee then added hot chocolate and when in got warmer Coca-Cola, until July of 1997 when it was mixed with ice cream. Since then Dr.Pepper has become the official soft drink of the university.

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