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Battleship Game Template Powerpoint

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Battleship Game Strategies

Transcript: A B C D E F G H I J Defensive Strategies: Placement of your ships By Stephanie Hennin and Semhar Mebrahtu Objective resources Offensive Strategy: "The Checkered Board Strategy" yes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Place your ships in a random order but space them out. If your ships are next to another and your opponent finds one of your ships and starts searching around to sink it, then you're just compromising another ship. To win you must sink all your opponents ships before they sink yours. This is done by placing your ships so that your opponent won't be able to guess where your ships are and also by guessing the whereabouts of your opponents ships. X This strategy is essentially just guessing in diagonal patterns.This strategy is bound to work considering that ships are a minimum of 2 spaces and cannot be placed diagonally. Although you should probably guess the pattern in a random order otherwise your opponent will be on to you. Once you do get a 'hit' search around the spot untill you have sunken the ship. Battleship Game Strategies Back Ground no Battleship is a two player guessing game. It was first a pad and paper game back in the 1930's, but later in 1967 Milton Bradley made it a plastic board game. vs. X -ships are place on 10x10 grid -ships cannot be place diagonally -ships cannot overlap -one ship that takes up 2 spaces -two ships that take up 3 sapces -one ships that take up 4 spaces -one ships that take up 5 spaces -a combined total 17 spaces out of 100 are taken X ex: E5, J6, A7.....

BattleShip Game Project

Transcript: Approach to Project -We learned more advanced coding that is utilized in every day life. -How each code plays part in operating the game. -How to create and utilize arrays. -We learned how games are made in java and how complicated it can be. WOWS! Challenges: Roles/Responsibilities VS. -Each of us has spent time outside of school on the project. -Each of us were able to cooperate and help each other on different parts of the project. Diane lee Matthew Tompkins Esther Ki Kyra Mendez Battle Ship Game Project -Instead of multiplayer, you play against the computer! -Figuring out how to set up the board in the project -Learning which code goes where -Time management - Esther: Powerpoint/coding BattleshipComputer Kyra: coding Computer/BattleShipRunner/planning powerpoint Matthew: coding Diane Lee: coding Mrs. O... We hope you have a wonderful and safe time being a mountain ranger! We wish you the best of luck and we will miss you:) We learned so much this year!!!!! We wouldn't even be able to do this project without your guidance throughout the year. you played a VITAL role in this project!!! <3 #JimmyBuffettforlife #a&m #compsci #thenavy #cebu #beachishome #BAHAHAsmFFASFS Theme ayo they call me MJ -Using the 80's theme, we've chosen 3 famous singers from the 80's as characters you can choose to play the game with. - From Whitney Houston, Jimmy Buffett, and Michael Jackson, you can choose one individual as your character to play the game with. -When group members were not present, we still made sure to give the other notes on what to do so no time will be wasted. What we learned: 80's - You get to choose from 3 different characters of your preference among Michael Jackson, Jimmy Buffett, and Whitney Houston.

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