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Transcript: Julia Estey End of Life Lived in late sixteenth-early seventeenth century England Poet, writer, literary critic, and philosopher Founder of Romantic movement Member of Lake Poets Coined many familiar words and terms Helped introduce German Idealist philosophy Influence of many writers throughout time, notably Emerson and Shelley Childhood and Youth The Romantic Era and Coleridge's Impact Most Famous Works "Common sense in an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom" Coleridge was born October 21st 1772 in a town called Ottery St. Mary in Devon, England. Son of Reverend John Coleridge (a respected vicar of St. Mary's church in their town as well as headmaster of the King's School) and the reverend's second wife Anne Bowden (more than likely daughter of the Mayor of Devon), he was the youngest of thirteen. Never athletic, always reading. His father died at age eight He finished seondrary school at the boarding school of Christ's Hospital (which was dedicated to orphans). He continued studies at Jesus College at Cambridge (where he dropped out) He was plagued with rheumatism and neuralgic disorders Illnesses Resources His addiction to opium was quite intense and only worsened as time went on. In his later days it's said he used as much as two quarts laudanum (an alcoholic solution containing about 10% powdered opium by weight; the equivalent of 1% morphine). It most likely contributed to his quarrells with William Woodsworth (1810) and his divorce with Sarah (1808). Put himself under the care of Dr. Daniel in 1814. He spent many of these years living in London on the verge of suicide. One of the reasons people believe that had he lived in modern times he would have been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, showing signs of depression, preceeding or following bouts of productivity and appearing socially frequently with his famous charm. Before dropping out, Coleridge adopted what were then radical theological and political ideas, such as that of Robert Southey The two plotted to found the Pantisocracy (this plan was abandoned) He established The Watchman, a short lived journal. After meeting William and Dorothy Wordsworth he had an especially fruitful period writing his three greats (Kubla Kahn, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, and Christabel) as well as his "conversation poems," This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison, Frost at Midnight , and The Nightingale. In 1798 he published a joint volume of poetry, Lyrical Ballads, with Wordsworth; the starting point for English Romanticism. The same year the two spent time in Germany where Coeridge's philosopical mind developed falling in love with critical philosophy, transcendental idealism, and the teachings of Immanuel Kant. Sarah Fricker Success and Adult Life Robert Southey was his friend whom he met during his days at Cambridge. Coleridge and friend, Robert Southey, married sisters, Sarah and Edith Fricker. They separated as he married her only due to social constraints. Coleridge's relationship with Wordsworth is a huge part of his work and success It was also through Wordsworth that he met and fell in love with Sarah Hitchinson (who was the sister of Wordsworth's future wife). Several of his works have connections to her. Kubla Khan The Rime of Ancient Mariner Biographia Literaria Table Talk Aids to Reflection The Watchman Samuel Taylor Caleridge Addiction and Mental Illnesss Rheumatism is defined as any disease marked by inflamation and pain in the joints , muscles, or fibrous tissue. Given his time period we don't have extensive detail on his illness, but we do know it ewas severe along with his nuerological disorders. These afflictions were treated with opium (not inconsistent with the time period) which led to a life long crippling addiction. Coleridge is a major player in the Romantic Era He ushered in the movement with Wordsworth with their Lyrical Ballads for the English. He was invested in Transcendentalism Coined the term "suspension of disbelief" His big three were heavy with romantic trends such as symbolism, strong emotion, and the abstract of fantastic. These were also strong examples of gothic romance. Coledge helped push the craze for gothica. He even influenced Mary Shelley, who refrences The Rime of the Ancient Mariner multiple times in her novel. Drug Use: Influence On Work and Style In 1804 he traveled to Sicily and Malta; the hope was leaving England would improve his health and impair his extreme opium consumption It didn't work. He was a full blown addict at this point and was in the care now of Dr. Daniel by 1814 He lectured in London between 1810 and 1820 (often on Shakespeare) He spent the remainder of his life in Highgate in the physician James Gillman's home (here he completed his work for Biographia Literaria along with a handful of other publications). Coleridge died July 25th, 1834 of heart faluire and an undefined lung disease. Academy of American Poets. Web. 14 Oct. 2015. "Samuel Taylor Coleridge." - Biography and Works.

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Transcript: I was born on May 30, 1989 to two extraordinarily loving and supportive parents who fall more and more in love with each other as the days turn into years. I was the third of three children. My nuclear family can be considered an upper middle class who values education and has high expectations for children to grow up and have successful careers and families. I grew up in a place and in a family that provides me with a unique perspective on the impact SES and families can have on literacy development. Every child must become a multiliterate contributor to society, but every child will not be inclinded to pursue the same types of literacies. My literacy experiences are marked by social motivations and I have shown a clear preference for literacies that can be demonstrated and developed kinesthetically or with the use of technology. It is never too late to find the joy of reading. Early Family Background - Proverbs 22:6 "Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it." Early Schooling - Exodus 20:12 "Honor your father and your mother." I attended Bethany Lutheran School in Naperville, IL from preschool through eighth grade. My classmates also came from middle class, supportive families. My mom was the school librarian so she taught me a lot about computers and books, but I still did not enjoy reading. I did, however, develop the desire to grow up and become a teacher like her. My parents always bought us educational toys and computer games such as Reader Rabbit, Math Blaster, and Slam Dunk Typing that helped to develop my digital literacy. Bethany offered experiences such as book fairs, Science fairs, research papers, projects, and musicals. There was also a well-balanced curriculum that followed the Whole Language approach to literacy. I was an above average reader, but I found I enjoyed creating and performing better than reading. I did grow fond of certain series such as Junie B. Jones and Harry Potter during these years. I was socially motivated in school and often got in trouble for talking too much. I tried to resist this habit because I am a people-pleaser and always wanted my teachers to be happy and my parents to be proud. I earned good academic scores, but so did everyone else. Where I really stood out was socially and athletically; my basketball team won the LSA State Tournament and went on to Nationals. I attended Hope College in Holland, MI. The spiritual growth that I encountered when I was at Hope has had a profound impact on my literacy development. In college, I found my Classical Literature class boring, but I thoroughly enjoyed my Environmental Studies and my Physiological Psychology classes. My favorite classes were by far my Special Education methods classes even though they seemed to focus more on identifying student needs rather than meeting them. I still appreciated my functional ability to read and write as I needed to in order to excel in my classes. What changed was that I finally began to read for leisure and I started journaling. When I recall these years, I still associate each class with the friends I had in them and the relationships I developed with my professors and in my field experiences. I continued to be socially, athletically, and spiritually motivated as I was on the basketball team, volunteered in the community, and became a Young Life leader at a local high school. I traveled on several mission trips and rarely missed chapel or the Gathering. I continued to work on my communication skills during the aforementioned activities. I also filled my calendar with countless coffee dates where I delved into deep and transforming conversations with friends and acquaintances. By the time I was a senior, I was inducted as a member of Mortar Board and graduated Summa Cum Laude, but I find that I do not value those accomplishments as much as the lives I was able to positively impact through my volunteer activities. I am currently in the process of transitioning from a primary placement in a self-contained classroom to a co-taught classroom. As I continue throughout my graduate studies, I fully intend on continuing to grow and develop as an educator as I have during my Differentiation and Learning Theory class as well as this one. The positive mentoring relationships that I have developed with the students that I teach and the players that I coach have motivated me to continue to develop my abilities to meet the needs of diverse learners by differentiating content, process, or product in response to individual student readiness, interest, and learning profiles. Like myself, some students may not like reading as much as acting, speaking, and writing which is okay. While my undergraduate years were focused on identifying learners' needs, my graduate studies have helped develop methods and strategies to meet the needs of diverse learners. Many of my students need transition services that will help them become positive contributors to

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Transcript: OSU Recreational & Intramural Sport Department Thank You! ` Oregon State University Oregon State The Website! Sports Opportunities. Basketball Schedule Roster News Facebook Twitter Instagram Football Schedule Roster News Facebook Twitter Instagram Golf Schedule Roster News Facebook Twitter Instagram Rowing Schedule Roster News Facebook Twitter Instagram Soccer Schedule Roster News Facebook Twitter Instagram Wrestling Schedule Roster News Facebook Twitter Sports& Teams Sports All participants must create an IMLeagues account and have an active IM Pass to be eligible to register for intramural sport leagues, tournaments, and events for that term. Log into IMLeagues from the OSU Rec Sports website to create an account and obtain an IM Pass. Registration for specific activities will be completed online through IMLeagues. How to register. How to register. Fitness Classes Fitness Classes Cardio Kick Boxing Choreography and basic boxing skills grow together through the term in this heart-pounding workout. Zumba Designed to engage and captivate for life, Zumba® fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms with easy-to-follow moves. Have a blast while working out in this calorie-burning, body-energizing program. Picture Picture <im <img src=" On-campus employment works well for students because it is often flexible, part-time and convenient. These opportunities work particularly well for people without readily available transportation or for international students who do not yet have authorization to work off campus. You can find on-campus employment (including internships, administrative, lab positions, etc.) through Oregon State’s internal job board. The same positions can be found on Handshake. Get the Most Out of Handshake. Note that “work study” is a program that provides certain offices and faculty across campus with federal funding to hire qualified students. You may apply for work study positions if you are eligible through your financial aid package. Learn

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Transcript: ‘Context’ • Definition: the factors shaping the circumstances of a statement and the perception of it, in terms of how much of it can be completely understood. • Countries in Asia, the Middle East and Southern Europe are typically dominated by ‘high context’ culture • Countries in North America, Northern, and Western Europe often are ‘low context’ cultures ‘Low context’ • In ‘low context’ cultures most messages are overt and explicit • Highly mobile environments such as the Canada and the US, where people come and go, need lower ‘context’ culture • Communication in ‘low context’ cultures is direct and clear & Low commitment to relationship, transmitting the task is more important than relationships • ‘Low context’ cultures argumentation and rhetoric are used in advertising, whereas symbolism and indirect expressions are commonly found in advertisements in ‘high context’ cultures High Context ad: Japan: Suntory beer - Comprehend: Corporate meeting/social gathering over beer at night. Uncomprehensible meaning resides in: - Non-verbal language, hand gestures. - Unexplaind interactions/relationships. - Implicit communication. Not translated into low-context cultue. Introduction ”Finally a lite products we, as men, understand. 30 % less calories, 4.1 % alcohol. ” Comprehensible meaning: Dilemma between health and taste. The Carlsberg solution: Same amount of alcohol, less calories. Meaning resides in: - Explicit non-verbal language, outward reaction . - Sound effect. - Overt messages - Summarizing statement. Beyond Culture: High Context Culture Low context examples Conclusion Published in 1976 Contains simple but logical comments on culture and its influence on our behaviour -> “it provides a good understanding of the manner in which culture conditions us to perceive our world, and the people who inhabit it, in certain predetermined ways.” (Pacific Sun) Introduces the concept of “high and low context culture” Low context ad: Denmark: Carlsberg Lite ‘High context’ •Requires people to understand the rules, by using their knowledge of contextual elements •People in ‘high context’ cultures rely more on indirect language, many covert and implicit messages, with use of metaphor and reading between the lines. •Communication tends to be through words, the tone of the voice, body language, timing, facial expressions, eye contact, and the use of silence as pauses • ‘High context’ cultures are more relationship-oriented, community and the traditional way of doing things are very important High context examples Example: Low Context American anthropologist and cross-cultural researcher Influential colleague of the well-known media theorist Marshall McLuhan Gradually developed his concept of “cultural dimensions”, which he described in several books. Thank you for your attention! Concept Differences: • Behaviour (verbal / nonverbal) • Emotional expressions • Relationship-building • Directness/indirectness Example: High context High Context Culture vs. Low Context Culture Konrad Schneider Jakub Drwiega High or Low Context Culture? Edward T. Hall (1914-2009):

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Transcript: Basic Background Competitive Advantage Our core customer focus will be specializing parts for mainstream mining equipment, where they could render parts using their existing skill sets in CNC, Milling, Welding and various other capabilities Australia Key Reasons to Invest in Australia Entry Strategy Cont'd Demographics Doing Business in Australia Entry Strategy The Australian economy is one of the fastest growing economies in the world The country faces, low unemployment, easy inflation, low public debt and the countries’ financial system is well maintained and stable Australia’s economic growth is averaged at 3.5% a year, growing for about 20 years now Population: 22.9 million Major Ethnic Groups: White 92%, Asian 7%, and Other 1% Major Language: English 78.5%, Chinese 2.5%, Italian 1.6%, Greek 1.3%, Arabic 1.2%, Vietnamese 1%, and Other 8.2% Major Religion: Protestant 27.4%, Catholic 25.8%, Eastern Orthodox 2.7%, other Christian 7.9%, Buddhist 2.1%, Muslim 1.7%, other 2.4%, Unspecified 11.3%, None 18.7% Direct foreign investment Rotate key personnel in until staff in country can be hired Replicate existing services provided in the United States as possible Protecting Investors 70 Starting a Business 2 Paying Taxes 48 Getting Credit 4 Trading Across Borders 44 Dealing with construction permits 11 Kevin, Adam, Ikechi, Saira and Ryan Skilled Labor Joy Global Caterpillar Oshkosh Existing Manufacturing based in WI

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Transcript: The Beginning Journey Hard work and dedication is a major part....along with patience. Smothering a cool fire with dried cow manure trapped the smoke Then using a special type of paint on top of a burnished surface, in combination with trapping the smoke and the low temperature of the fire resulted in turning a red-clay-pot black. Talk about watching the grass grow... Maria Martinez Black on Black pottery plate Took over 6 months alone for this one piece Made by Maria and her husband. Goes for over $4,000!!!! Maria and Julian's signature Julian helped her with making the pottery for over 50 years. How is it really done??? MAGIC!!! just kidding.... Done before meeting her husband Around 1920's After her husband's death in 1970's she used this signature. Had her oldest son help with the pottery but he never wanted his name on the pottery Basic Background Born as Maria Antonia Montoya (1887) In San Ildefonso Pueblo, New Mexico Died 1980, In San Ildefonso Pueblo, New Mexico Her Nationality Tewa, Native American She is Known for Pottery, Ceramics And her movement comes from San Ildefonso School She was discovered by Edgar Lee Hewett in 1908, for her amazing black-on-black pottery. While searching through the sandy dirt and red clay of the New Mexico desert terrain, found Jet black pottery. sought a skilled pueblo potter who could re-create this ancient pottery style. Looked to Maria known for making the thinnest pots in the least time. Hewett saw her as the perfect Pueblo potter to bring his idea to life

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