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Transcript: María Fernanda Portillo Barocio Edgar Humberto Rionda Guillen Omar Francisco Velázquez del Angel About Introduction BASF create chemistry for a sustainable future. Their broad portfolio ranges from chemicals, plastics, performance, products and crop protection products to oil and gas. Combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. Through science and innovation enable their customers in nearly every industry to meet the current and future needs of society. Created in 1865 in the city of Ludwigshafen, Renania-Palatinado, by Friedrich Engelhorn. Locations Show locations World Map BASF has sites in more than 80 countries. Currency Risk 27.221 M 14.682 M 11.512 M 57.550 M 47.3% 25.5% 20% Foreign currency risks Currency Risk Changes in exchange rates could lead to negative changes in the value of financial instruments and adverse changes in future cash flows from planned transactions. The foreign currency risk exposure corresponds to the net amount of the nominal volume of the primary and the derivative financial instruments which are exposed to currency risks. Risk of asset losses Currency Risk They limit country-specific risks with measures based on internally determined country ratings. They lower credit risks for our financial investments by engaging in transactions only with banks with good credit ratings Due to the global activities and diversified customer structure of the BASF Group, there are no major concentrations of credit default risk. Currency Risk Interest rate risks Interest rate risks result from potential changes in prevailing market interest rates. These can cause a change in the fair value of fixed-rate instruments and fluctuations in the interest payments for variable-rate instruments, which would positively or negatively affect earnings. Currency Risk Exchange rate volatility For BASF’s purchasing, opportunities and risks arise in particular when the U.S. dollar exchange rate fluctuates. A full-year rise in the value of the U.S. dollar/euro exchange rate by $0.01 would result in an increase of around €40 million in the BASF Group’s EBIT. On the production side, they counter foreign currency risks by producing in the respective currency zones. Currency Risk Commodity price risks BASF takes the following measures to reduce price risks associated with the purchase of raw materials: BASF uses commodity derivatives to hedge the risks from the volatility of raw material prices. These are primarily options and swaps on crude oil, oil products and natural gas. Risks to margins arise in volatile markets when purchase and sales contracts are priced differently. Country Risk Their objective is to secure competitive advantages for BASF through professional procurement structures. Their suppliers are an important element of their value chain. Together with them, they aim to create value and minimize risks. Country Risk Inflation depending on the area can be a risk: In 2016 sales went down: In Europe 36% In Northamerica 10% In Asia 7% In Southamerica 12% In Africa 12% Country Risk CORRUPTION PERCEPTIONS INDEX 2016 Cultural Risk Cultural Risk Their Group-wide Compliance Program aims to ensure adherence to legal regulations and the company’s internal guidelines. This topic has been integrated into their “We create chemistry” strategy. Their employee Code of Conduct firmly embeds these mandatory standards into day-to-day business. Cultural Risk They firmly believe that for corporate responsibility to be a success, there must be an active culture of living these guidelines within the company. This culture takes years to develop, they introduced their Code of Conduct early on, these standards have already been firmly established and are undisputed. In their last Global Employee Survey, they have now investigated all cases in which the answer to the corresponding question showed unit-specific anomalies, and held, for instance, additional seminars or workshops as necessary. Cultural Risk Commercial Risk Commercial Risk Sales and Incomes Sales and Incomes Commercial Risk Commercial Risk In October 17th of 2016 there was an explosion in the Ludwigshafen plant in Germany. After that the firm closed 14 facilities, including two large units that manufacture major chemical components. This could be the reason why sales went down 36% in Europe that year. Commercial Risk Some of BASF’s divisions are exposed to strong fluctuations in raw material prices. SUMMARY SUMMARY CURRENCY RISK Exchange rates COUNTRY RISK Corruption Inflation CULTURAL RISK Risks solved by the code of conduct COMMERCIAL RISK Downs of sales Internal problems


Transcript: Interconnection: important concept of Verbund structure Real World Examples : McDonald’s By-product' synergy Alliances in Agriculture ISO 14000: An international standard that gives requirements for an organization's quality management system It is there to minimize harmful effects on the environment Environmental Management Standards: Environmental Management Auditing Performance evaluation labeling Life cycle assessment Benefits of ISO 14000 Environmental Management Positive public image, reduced liability Reduced materials/resource usage Reduced energy Consumption Lower distribution costs Reduced waste & disposal costs ISO 14000 Interconnection for other industries > ISO 9001 : An international standard that gives requirements for an organization's quality management system (QMS). > Following areas of business will be checked for quality management to get ISO 9001 certified : * Facilities * People * Training * Services * Equipment Benefits of ISO 9001 Quality Management : * Meets customer needs * Becoming consistent competitors * Saves Resources * Increased Profits * Achieve Rewards * Recognition at National & International level •, (2015). BASF Factbook 2014. [online] Available at: [Accessed 12 Feb. 2015].​ •, (2015). BASF Uses Verbund Concept To Build on Its Core Strengths. [online] Available at: [Accessed 11 Feb. 2015].​ •, (2015). More value from the verbund for BASF - Speciality Chemicals Magazine. [online] Available at: [Accessed 13 Feb. 2015]. BASF, 2014. Sustainable Development at BASF. [online] Available at:[(en)wcmstore/CorporateWebsite/content/sustainability/index] [Accessed 17 February 2015]., (2015). BASF Ireland Ltd. [online] Available at: [Accessed 18 Feb. 2015]., (2015). Quality Management - BASF Intermediates. [online] Available at: [Accessed 18 Feb. 2015]., (2014). ISO 9000 quality management - ISO. [online] Available at: [Accessed 18 Feb. 2015]., (2015). ISO 9001 - Benefits of ISO 9001certification. [online] Available at: [Accessed 18 Feb. 2015]. •The acquisition and development of key power plants within international hotspots.​ • The production verbund: BASF’s traditional core competency.​ •The applied use of verbund logistics through interconnection. ​ •The verbund principle also applies to energy.​ • Usage of verbund infrastructure.​ Who are we? •A sophisticated and responsible platform that enables BASF to continually enhance global competitiveness. (, 2015)​ •BASF cater to over 110,000, customers through the usage of six verbund sites​ • All six sites serve a key purpose ensuring continuous value is created not only through innovation but internal waste reduction and redistribution. (, 2015) BASF References BASF: sustainable development means the combination of long-term oriented economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility BASF states: “We systematically evaluate the contribution to sustainability made by expenditures for property, plant and equipment as well as by investments in financial assets on a case-by-case basis” Five of BASF’s sustainable management structures: 1. Corporate Sustainability Board 2. Sustainability Core Team 3. Sustainable Communities 4. Stakeholder Advisory Council 5. Sustainable Strategy How does the verbund concept work and how is it used Verbund Concept How does Verbund concept work Sustainability & BASF By: Lindsey Chillingworth - CHI13361758 Jordan Milton - MIL13355283 Astha Saboo - SAB13357833 Mark Savin -SAV13360917 Temuulen Od-ochir - OD13352145 ISO 9001 Leading Chemical Company Founded in 1865 Headquarters in Germany Production sites in 41 countries Core competency: The Production Verbund Sustainability - “The quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance” Sustainability


Transcript: Motivation Berlin love art.. Coffee Junkie! • Working with ambitious and smart professionals • International environment • A challenging environment •Fast and growing companies • Able to take ownership • Open and direct communication • the change to develop my skills as a HR professional • A fun place to work Loves.. Let's get in touch • Advising all 5.500 employees and HR colleagues on HR related topics through the Contact Centre such as: terms of employment, Dutch labor law, pay rolling, holiday and leave, contracts, benefits and compensation, development and mobility, pension and salary. • Developed and implemented the HR Contact Centre and still improving our concept • Create and analyze the reports of our in and out coming calls and questions • Provide advice and assistance in developing HR plans • Editor of the HR Portal for maintenance and new topics • Update personal files and other HR administration • Organize (HR) staff training sessions, workshops and activities • Develop and improve instructions for our internal HR processes • On boarding for new employees Experience Addicted to sports.. And like to challenge myself to see the world and travel.. Why BASF Animals Music and festivals My application at Last achievement is running the Marathon of Rotterdam this year Evelien Schilder Current city Rotterdam Future city Berlin This year my partner and I are moving towards Berlin. For work but also for an experience of a lifetime.. Start date within two months +31 618751701 Skype:schild02 This is me.. A big dreamer.. - Hard working - Accurate - Problem solver - Enthusiastic - Creative • Experience in payroll services and HR administration processes • Used to an international (technical) environment • Up to date on the Dutch labor law regulations and legal positions • Always trying to keep the HR processes up to date, efficient and effective • I'm a person with a 'getting things done' mentality and a problem solving attitude • I'm a great team player, but also a people person that loves working with people from different cultures and backgrounds • I have a service-oriented and proactive mind-set Looking for • BASF is one of the world's leading chemical companies with over 150 years of experience with strong brands they supply to, such as Adidas • It really excites me to be part of a company and an international team that really understands the needs and challenges to inspire and support the employees • A combined HR and Finance Shared Services center that's located in Berlin • A learning environment where i can grow as a HR professional • On-the job training through the Buddy-system Life lesson.. Put a smile on someones face at least once a day! Addicted to.. COFFEEE! Need to.. exercise (running, crossfit, bootcamp) Bad habit.. Can be over enthusiastic Can't live without.. my friends and family Favorite series.. Games of thrones Favorite song..


Transcript: ABOUT US ABOUT US OUR FOUNDER OUR FOUNDER Friedrich Engelhorn Friedrich Engelhorn was a German industrialist. On 6 April 1865 Engelhorn wanted to enlarge his engagement in the chemical industry and with several partners thus he founded the “Badische Anilin- & Soda-Fabrik” company OUR VALUES OUR VALUES At BASF, we create chemistry for a sustainable future. We combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. Through science and innovation we enable our customers in nearly every industry to meet the current and future needs of society. We at BASF provide a wide range of products to account for the ever changing demand of consumers OUR NUMBERS OUR NUMBERS 2015 2016 Statement of income Statement of income Revenue:70,449b Revenue:57,550b Gross profit:19,077b Gross profit:18,285b Net profit:3,987b Net profit:4,056b Profit margin:5.6% Profit margin:7% Gross profit margin:27.07% Gross profit margin:31.7% Here at BASF, we own over 30 Group companies in in Ludwigshafen, Germany, e.g PCI Augsburg GmbH, BTC europe GmbH. Ownerships Ownerships Market share Market share Viewed over a five and ten-year period, the long-term performance of BASF shares still clearly surpasses these indexes. 30.1% BASF 6.9% DAX 30 11.2% MSCI world Chemicals PRODUCTS PRODUCTS BASF mainly produces chemicals like (soda) sodium carbonate and plastics for engineering styrenics(electronics, building and construction, and automotive components.),oil, gas, ect. PRICING PRICING Basf is a Public limited company with over 500 000 shareholder. Our stock price is $91 per stock as of 2017 PUBLICITY PUBLICITY In 2008 BASF had a massive fall in demand where it temporarily closed 80 plants around the world and cut production at 100 more, a move that will affect 20,000 workers. Negative news Merging and aquisitions BASF has merged with many companies like Chemetall in december 2016 or with the German chemicals group in 2017. BASF announced it on October 13 2017 which was the biggest acquisition in its 152-year history, paying €5.9bn to acquire “significant parts” of Bayer’s seed and non-selective herbicide business.

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