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Transcript: Barclays Business Meeting Presented by Fenn Newsome for Barclays Financial Information Financial Information Initial Costs Fine from ICO Security upgrade Compensation payout Initial Costs Short Term Costs Short Term Costs Long Term Costs Long Term Costs *1000 of GBP Impacts and risks Impacts and risks Reputation of PaySF Reputation of Barclays Future risks Customer Loyalty and Retention Customer Loyalty and Retention Shareholders and Investors Shareholders and Investors A report by Comparitech considered how data breaches affect stock market share prices. IBM® sponsored Cost of Data Breach Study conducted by Ponemon Institute Protecting the future Protecting the future Internal Internal Unencrypted Data New Hacker Oppurtunities Changed or Manipulated Data BEC and other scams Advanced Spoofing Techniques More sophisticated attacks which for example attack users who type in the correct URL, making these attacks almost impossible to notice. Multifactor authentication is key to keeping user accounts safe. In addition to this privileged user management solutions can be used to great effect to restrict user access and provides quality security intelligence. When data is unencrypted, it can easily be used straight away by the hackers. Use proper encryption for all sensitive information. Adopt a holistic approach to cybersecurity. Observe for symptoms or patterns of hacking New technology results in new areas to hack. Hackers delete or manipulate data, this makes the data untrustworthy. Produce accurate backups of all data and store seperatly. Meticulous research goes into the creation of these scams, often targeting high-value accounts. These scams are often detected after the damage is already done. The education of employees to help them recognize and realize when something is out of the ordinary. External External Insecure Third-Party Services Malware Attack New Chip and Pin Attacks Foreign Sponsored Attacks Cyber-attacks sponsored by foreign governments and organisations. Be alert and aware of government announcements Other parties and partners may become compromised and in turn may affect the bank as collateral damage or the party may be used as a means of attacking the bank itself. Make sure tests are carried out before collaborating with partys outside of the bank. Provide regular updates for their security systems. With use of personal devices is increasing the likelihood of a compromised device connecting to the network also rises, with hidden malware possibly able to read or edit data. Use of high quality security systems and network security protocols will help restrict dangerous traffic. The introduction of EMV payments has increased security of debit and credit cards however this has made online fraud much more appealing. Planning for the aftermath of a breach is key to minimizing damage from a breach, such as having a copy of data available. Reducing damage Reducing damage Confidence - open and transparent Plan of action Public message


Transcript: Introduction Aisha Emara 1642008 Ramgopal Selvaraj 1657052 David Jaros 1441236 The Team Barclays in the UK Background UK economy Industry analysis Financial analysis Forecast Background Background Founded in 1690 120 Thousand Employees Europe USA Africa Asia Products and Services: -Personal banking services - Credit cards and transactional lending - Investment products and services - Business banking solutions Economic analysis Interest rates and inflation UK economy Consumers UK economy Service UK economy Banks UK economy Industry analysis Buyer Power PORTER 5 FORCES Competiton New Entrants Substitution Supplier Power Competitive Environment External Factors Technology Political Environment - Digital Age: Mobile and Internet Banking - Rapid Technological Innovations: Open Banking Block-Chain Aritifical Intelligence - Growth in Cyber-Fraud - Increase in geopolitical tensions - Post-Brexit arrangements Post the 2007-2009 financial crisis there has been number of regulatory reforms implemented by Central Banks all over the world to prevent such crisis in the future and UK's FCA and PRA has also implemented many regulations to the financial industry its operating. Some of them were, Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (as amended) (FSMA) CRD IV, which implements Basel III, the main primary source for capital, liquidity and leverage requirements in the EEA. Market Abuse Regulation. European Market Infrastructure Regulation. Short Selling Regulation. Securities Financing Transactions Regulation. Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation (MiFIR) (from 2018). Benchmarks Regulation. This may expected to change significantly over the next few years. Since in June 2016, the UK voted in favour of leaving the European Union, which is expected to have an impact on the legal and regulatory framework governing the regulation of banks in the UK Government Regulations Financial Analysis Financial Analysis Income statement Financial Ratios BVPS and CPS Forecasts Forecasts The 17 analysts offering 12 month price targets for Barclays PLC have a median target of 230.00, with a high estimate of 252.00 and a low estimate of 150.00. The median estimate represents a 11.00% increase from the last price of 207.20 Share price forecast Dividends In 2017, Barclays PLC reported a dividend of 0.03 GBP, equaling last years dividend. The 18 analysts covering the company expect dividends of 0.06 GBP for the upcoming fiscal year, an increase of 103.33% Earnings history & estimates Barclays PLC reported 4th quarter 2017 earnings of 0.0255 per share. This result was in line with the expectation of the one analyst following the company and under-performed last year's 4th quarter results by 36.25%. The next earnings announcement is expected on Apr 26, 2018 Barclays PLC reported annual 2017 earnings of 0.1492 per share on Feb 22, 2018 Revenue history & estimates Barclays PLC had 4th quarter 2017 revenues of 5.02bn. This missed the 5.16bn consensus estimate of the 6 analysts following the company. This was 0.60% above the prior year's 4th quarter results Barclays PLC had revenues for the full year 2017 of 21.08bn. This was 1.75% below the previous year's results. Contact Contact Info Aisha Emara Ramgopal Selvaraj David Jaros Q & A


Transcript: Barclays Challenges Challenges Opportunities Challenges Political & Legal Political & Legal Societal PESTLE Analysis Rates of obsolescence Responsibilities of the Board: Oversee and be critical of the business Evaluation of senior executives strategy-making and strategy executing skills Compensation plan for top executives Value creation: Customer value proposition Key resources Opportunities: Societal Banking Environment Initiative Carbon offsetting Opportunities Political & Legal Societal Economic Technological Environmental Value delivery: Key processes Capturing value Range of PR initiatives Sponsorships: Sports Arts & Entertainment Social Initiatives: Building Young Futures – with UNICEF Barclays Cycle Hire & Superhighways LifeSkills initiative Five Million Young People Campaign Challenges: Increase in Bank Levies Various Controversies Barclay's Business Model Opportunities Green Lending Critique of corporate governance structure Technological Security Poor PR standing due to: Financial Support of Human Rights Abusers Banking Sector’s Role in Financial Crisis Bankers’ Bonus Controversies Customer Satisfaction Taxation Economic New telecommunication systems Global increase in computer literacy Environmental Challenges: Unemployment Rates Political Stability in Key Markets Greater Regulation – “The regulator can play a constructive role in the development and embedding of a positive culture in a bank.“ – Chairman Project Merlin Opportunities:

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