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See it Through

Transcript: When you're up against trouble Meet it directly, face to face Lift your chin and set your shoulders Stand tall and take a stance When its hard (mean) try to avoid it Do the best that you can do You may fail but you may overcome See it through It may seem bad And your future bad too But don't let go of your excitement Keep yourself ready If the worst is gonna happen Desire of all that you can do You can't turn away (avoid) it, it won't help See it Through Even hope may seem pointless When troubled you're threatened Remember you are up against (not alone) What other men have faced too You may fail but fail trying Don't give up no matter what Head up See it Through A Heap o' Livin' (1916) All That Matters (1922) All in a Lifetime (1938) Spite: desire to hurt, annoy, or offend someone Conquer: overcome, take control of See it Through The last stanza is telling you that you're not alone in this. It explains that other people have gotten through and so could you. Then it says to never give up and be proud of what you did accomplish. He started at the Detroit Free Press and he slowly rose to higher positions in the newspaper. In 1904 he worked on an extremely popular daily feature called "Breakfast Table Chat" this led into other follow up work which is how his poetry got started. Break it Down See it Through The theme to me is based on not giving up and fighting through challenges. Theme: obstacles you face, and how you have to get through them. By Edgar Albert Guest Beset: troubled or threatened persistently The first stanza is kind of preparing you for the challenge you're about to face. It encourages you to go up against the challenge. Literary Devices The speakers tone is encouraging and I thought of it like a fighting voice. Edgar Albert Guest Worked at the Detroit Free Press for 60 years. Words to Know Moved to MI as a young child Citations When you’re up against trouble, Meet it squarely, face to face; Lift your chin and set your shoulders, Plant your feet and take a brace. When it’s vain try to dodge it, Do the best that you can do; You may fail, but you may conquer, See it through! Black may be the clouds about you And your future may seem grim, But don’t let your nerve desert you; Keep yourself in fighting trim. If the worst is bound to happen, Spite of all that you can do, Running from it will not save you, See it through! Even hope may seem but futile, When with troubles you’re beset, But remember you are facing Just what other men have met. You may fail, but fall still fighting; Don’t give up, whate’er you do; Eyes front, head high to the finish. See it through! There are no shifts or changes in the speakers tone throughout the poem. See it Through Why I Picked This Poem This stanza is almost bracing you for the worst to happen and that if it should you shouldn't lose hope. This poem jumped out at me because I can relate to it. I face many challenges when balancing sports with school. This is very encouraging and I can imagine it really well in my head. When I read this I imagine people facing different challenges and we all pull through it kind of in a similar way. Metaphor: Poetry Foundation Google Images Poem Hunter Dodge: avoid, quick movement Theme Speakers Tone Vain: showing an excessively high opinion of one's appearance etc.. Known as the People's Poet Up against trouble Plant your feet Dodge it Black may be the clouds Fall fighting Grim future Don't let nerve desert you See it through Futile: pointless, incapable

Project See Through

Transcript: This building was originally built by Army Corps, and stored with heavy artillery. It was used primarily by rotating naval crews who scouted the shoreline for enemy submarines. Because of times in the bunkers history, we will need to get a permit from the township that confirms the improvements made on the bunker will be safe. We also need a permit from the state park service to operate on the bunker in general. Any additional funding needed will reach out to the local benefactors in the area. Since tourism is a key to Cape May, a addition like such will bring new tourist down to the area for something new. Idea proposed 5-23-16 The security for the building will be provided by the local police to ensure that the building will not be infiltrated. Cape May MAC corporation, that is involved with historical virtues of the area, will be asked to help fund this project and possibly sponsor it. Plan: The reason for a night shift is because the bunker is considered haunted, so there will be ghost tours. Joshua Hedum Once Inside... This project has been created by What I want to do is turn the WW2 bunker on the Cape May beach into intricate piece of history that people will be able to walk through. It will be a non profit mission where all donations and money goes into refurbishing and bringing more historical value to the building. Inside the Depths Cape May, NJ Once the bunker is fully restored, it will need to be maintained at a small fee that includes water leaks, structural supports, ect. The plan of the bunkers schedule, is to be open through the summer for tourist attraction. The hours would be from 12pm until 5pm, and then a 8pm until 10pm shift. Reaching out to the local schools for additional funding, could result in field trips of history classes to experience history for free, due to the schools contributions. After many years of being on the beach and in the sand, we would have to remove resonating sand in the bunker With this project we will be trying to get the funding and permission to open the WWII bunker on the Cape May beach for historical tours. A glimpse into the past Economics The employees that will be working the tours will be receiving minimum wage plus any possible tips from hosting tours. A restoration of the structure would be needed along with painting over the graffiti. This picture was taken from inside the Bunker To ensure that people will pay to go inside, nothing will be placed at the entrance for people to see inside, without going on a tour. Reaching out for Funding Also... The cost to fully refurbish the stand-alone structure of the bunker will be more the $100,000 5/24/16-present Project "See Through" For the internal structure and layout of the complex, everything will stay the same for historical value. I would like to add more historical things inside like the artillery that may have been held there. Also, style the rooms the way they looked during its use in WWII. Expected to be carried out by 2019

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