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Parent Teacher Open House

Transcript: Welcome to Open House Northeast Magnet 2013 Modeling Instruction in the classroom means giving kids complex science and technology problems to solve and letting them figure out how to solve them. Getting College & Career Ready ------------ Close Reading A Little About Me... Bachelors degree - Biology & English (2005) Alternative Science Teaching Certification Program (2006-2007) Masters degree - Neurobiology & Linguistics (Thesis defence in Fall, 2013) High School Science Teacher - Astronomy, Biology, Forensic Science, Science Research, Zoology (2006-2013) Computer Programmer / Science Writer - Allied Health Network & FARA, Inc. (1999 - 2006) Supervisor in the Work Release Program for the Louisiana Dept. of Corrections (1992 - 1995) I am married to a history teacher & football coach at Maize High School. We have 4 sons -- ages 18, 14, 13, and 9. We have a farm in Valley Center with two goats named Einstein and Newton, 8 pigs (2 are named Tesla and Galileo and the other 6 are temporary residents), a pony named Louis Pasteur because he lives in the pasture, and 7 laying chickens. We sell produce on weekends at the Sedgwick County Extension Farmer's Market. On a more personal note... My husband is a history teacher and football coach at Maize High School. I am the mother of four sons -- ages 18, 14, 13, and 9. We have a farm in Valley Center, KS with two goats named Newton & Einstein, 8 pigs (only two of which are named -- Tesla and Galileo), a pony named Louis Pasteur because he lives in the pasture, and 7 chickens. My sons grow produce and sell it at the Sedgwick County Farmer's Market. Who's going to fill that gap, and what skills will they need to fill it? Work Experience A Question Think about what it means to educate your son or daughter. Should their school be different from the ones you and I had growing up?

Open House Presentation

Transcript: Welcome to Open House Ms. Zeal - Math and Science Ms. Somday - Language Arts and Social Studies Schedule Behavior Our emphasis in the classroom is to encourage the development of positive behaviors. Will you be the support to help a child succeed? Computers Home access to many sites Destination Success Passwords located in the agenda Reading to Succeed Writers Workshop Informational Communication Essay Narrative Procedure Narrative Persuasive Report Response to Literature Field Trips for your support in guiding your child down the road to success! Contact us at: 696-8758 Ms. Zeal x136 Ms. Somday x130 Grades Neighborhoods Florida Families and Culture Economics Exploration Switch at 11:00 Place value to at least 1000 Adding and subtracting with regrouping for two and three-digit numbers Geometry and Fractions Money and Time Measurement Data Social Studies Other ways to help our children soar! Afternoon class is morning class the next day Common Core Standards Math Curriculum Field Trip t-shirts are available through PTA for $10.00. Join PTA Participate in SAC Homework Test and Quizzes Parent Portal Grades updated by Tuesday of following week Readers Workshop Strategies Fluency Comprehension Responding to literature Genres Author Studies Skills Block Vocabulary Spelling Grammar and syntax Capitalization and punctuation CHAMPS Reading, writing, and math volunteers Complete volunteer application online Resources are on Yellow Days and Tuesday 1 Conversation Help Activity Movement Participation Succuss align with college and work expectations clear, understandable, and consistent rigorous content and application of knowledge evidence based

Open House Presentation

Transcript: Writing Goals Homework is an important part of learning. It is carefully planned and designed to give students an opportunity to practice what has been taught in class or to explore ideas we will be discussing during the next class. Most homework will be weighted according to its level and difficulty. Students with missing assignments will be asked to stay after the school day to complete. Homework is expected to be IN CLASS (printed) on the date that it is due, at the beginning of the class. Grade 8 Gold Team Reading Goals WRITING: * Persuasive, Argumentative, and Research Writing that is analytical, logical and evidence based * Creative Choices: Short Story, Poetry, Journal... *Develop Writing Skills: focus/organization/fluency and sentence variety... Conventions and Grammar S.O.A.R Homework *Strengthen ability to critically evaluate literature It is imperative that every student is prepared for class daily. -an outside reading book -the book that is being read in class -one highlighter -4 different colored pens (or a mulicolored click pen) - not for Mrs. Reilly...instead, add a composition book to the list -one 3 ring binder (1.5" or 2") for both LA1 and LA2 -broken down into 5 sections: literature, writing, grammar, vocabulary and permanent pages *Explore and evaluate ideas and information *Analyze, criticize, realize... *Engage in class, small group and one-on-one discussions *Present / Speak in front of a group Mandy Bellman Cindy Morrissey Jennifer Bradley Kim Reilly Language Arts 1&2 Speaking / Listening, Language Goals Preparedness Students are expected to uphold our school's core values Safety Ownership Active Learning Respect Language Arts deal with some sensitive topic matters. RESPECT is key :) *Read a diverse array of classic and contemporary literature - and non-fiction / informational texts *Analyze, build knowledge, gain insights, consider possibilities... *Critical Thinking - a BIG focus! *Develop vocabulary

Open House Presentation

Transcript: I am a native Floridian, born and raised here in Orlando, Florida. I enjoy spending time with my family and taking trips to the beach. Your child will have homework Monday through Thursday. If there is a legitimate reason that the homework could not be completed, please send me an email or note. Should a child forget his/her homework or choose not to do it, he/she will complete it during a portion of their morning break time. Please sign your child's homework each night. Parents can teach important skills that enable children to be successful in school. Show your child ways to organize school supplies and materials so they can get their work done properly and efficiently. Parents can help children by designating times for homework and bedtime routines. Children can place backpacks and lunchboxes in a specific location at home to help with organization. Tips for Parents Procedures Contact me if you have any questions or concerns at any time: (407)-555-1234 ext. 567 Connect Home and School Policies My name is Julie Daniel. I am excited to have the opportunity to teach first grade and explore many new things with your child this year. I use a discipline technique called THINK TIME. THINK TIME has two parts. The first part allows students to focus and gain self-control by asking them to either sit off to the side or move to another classroom. The second part provides the student feedback about their behavior and an opportunity to plan for future success in the classroom. If your child has been directed to THINK TIME, a paper will be sent home to be signed and returned the following day. “Parent involvement in education is like the frosting on a cupcake, it makes it complete and oh so sweet.” ~ Author unknown Snacks • Look at your work to make sure it's your very best work. • Put your work in the finished work basket. • Check your work folder for other work to do. • Choose a book and read quietly. •Raise your hand. •If the teacher is talking, wait until the teacher calls on you. •Be patient – Do not shout out. First Grade When You Are Finished Working During our first grade year, we will be learning to be better readers and mathematicians. We will also learn about the world around us by studying animals and their habitats, transportation, plants, and many other exciting topics. We will learn many new concepts while your child grows both academically and socially. This year will be a year of discovery and fun! Set up a Homework Station Entering the Classroom Birthdays are very special days for our first graders. You are more than welcome to bring small tokens to help your child celebrate during the last 15 minutes of the school day. If you would like to hand out birthday party invitations, please include all students in the class to avoid hurt feelings. Discipline Parents are encouraged to provide space at a kitchen or dining table or a desk area in a child's bedroom so a child can work free from distractions. The homework station needs to be well lit, comfortable, quiet, and stocked with any supplies necessary to complete the assignment. Parents should remain available to provide assistance and encouragement as needed. Walking in a Line Set Realistic Expectations It is important for parents to convey to their child that school is important as well as become involved in the classroom and support what the teacher does and teaches. Helping with homework and volunteering in the classroom are good ways to become actively engaged in your child’s school life. Thank you for coming to Open House ! When You Have a Question Give Children Tools to be Successful Best ways to contact Mrs. Daniel: email - voicemail - (407)-555-1234 ext. 567 Welcome to Open House at ABC School ! • Line up in order. • Face forward with no talking. • Keep your hands to yourself. • Walk quietly through the hall with your hands by your sides. Time is provided in the morning for students to eat a healthy snack. It is imperative that we keep our room free of all nut products. I would ask that candy, cookies, and other snacks with high sugar content be kept for home. School policy also dictates that drinks other than water are not allowed in the classroom. I graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Elementary Education. I was a first grade teacher for 10 years and then took some time to be a stay at home mom. During the last two years, I have been a homeschool teacher in first, second, and third grade. I look forward to getting to know my students and their families throughout this year. There will be many opportunities to volunteer in the classroom and participate in school wide activities. I encourage you to become involved and share first grade experiences with your child this year. Set realistic expectations for your child based on his/her abilities and interests. When children are made to feel successful they are more likely to become motivated to continue trying and to continue

** Open House Presentation

Transcript: Race Gender Ability Nation Class Consumer Capital What am I interested in? How do I understand it? How do I study it? "Listening In" Focus on how media companies attempt to (1) maximize profit while (2) minimizing risk and (3) minimizing costs in order to produce a return on investment for shareholders. *Have to take note of the economic peculiarities of cultural commodities. Blog Networks in Capitalism Political Economy the ways the options open to allocative controllers are limited and circumscribed by the general dynamics of media industries and capitalist economies Content Ted Leonsis “ "Leverage the cost of the overhead of one site by running many." Instrumental Approaches "if there are 150 million plus bloggers today, ISN’T IT TIME WE RECOGNIZE THEM as MAINSTREAM MEDIA?! Can’t get more mainstream than 150 million people." MONTHLY U.S. VISITORS Sports Journalism & The Audience Commodity CAPITAL INVESTMENT 280+ team and sport-specific blogs Accel Partners (Facebook & Boston Celtics) Allen & Co. Ted Leonsis (AOL & Washington Capitals) Northgate Capital Yahoo! senior. execs Rosensweig and Weiner Providence Equity Structural Approaches One week, roughly 15 mins. each What are we talking about? -- Herb Schiller (1) (the structural approach...) ALL SPORTS MEDIA CONTENT IS LOCAL? How political & economic processes have shaped SB Nation (1) Nov. '10 7.4 m SBNation's Resources & Strategies Including... SPORTS BLOG NETWORKS --Murdock, G. (1982). Large corporations and control of the communications industries *e.g., for Penn State for golf Oakland A's blogger Tyler Bleszinski and Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas Political Economy GOAL the everyday practices of a network of sports bloggers Led by Khosa Ventures Others re-upped (1) What “blogwork” routines do SB Nation bloggers use to create content? (2) How do bloggers understand their practice (both in terms of their own blogging and broader operations at SB Nation)? (3) How have political and economic processes—particularly processes of audience and labor commodification—shaped SB Nation and the practices of SB Nation bloggers? Focus on the ways the options available to allocative controllers are limited and circumscribed by the dynamics of the media industries and capitalist economies "metropolitan dailies cater to perceived male tastes in order to generate a commercially appealing audience commodity; they do so by providing extensive coverage of commercial spectator sports" We actually embrace fan bias and fan perspective Content sharing & promotional deals (1) A discussion of how that day's blogging fit into the interviewee's daily practices (2) A post-by-post conversation about: How SB Nation bloggers understand their practice (and SBNation operations) How SB Nation bloggers use "blogwork" routines to create content Media Sociology were different methods used to uncover it, different forms of news would result Led by Comcast Interactive Capital Re-upped: ** Accel Partners (Facebook & Boston Celtics) ** Allen & Co. ** Ted Leonsis (AOL & Washington Capitals) Ethnomethods Focus on the control exercised by individual capitalists to advance their own interests AND the way the communications industries bolster the capitalist class generally ** SB Nation's CEO since 2008, Jim Bankoff is a Providence senior advisor AND former AOL exec Nov. '09 3.5 m 2010: $13 million 3rd round -- Murdock, 1982 Newspapers in Capitalism (11) GOAL Huh? the ways that a media firm's resources and strategies are shaped by its efforts to maximize profits while minimizing costs and risk within a historically specific political and economic context -- Fishman, 1980 Research Approach: Critical and qualitative 2008: $5 million 1st round of PE & VC investment Routine "Newswork" Methods Laura McGann of Nieman Journalism Lab on SB Nation: huh? my translation... Structural Analysis Research Questions: 2008- Washington Capitals (NHL) Owner 1st & 2nd round SB Nation VC investor Vice Chair Emeritus, AOL 2009: $8 million 2nd round Things get interesting Content the profit maximizing (sports) media corporation (tentative) [This perspective] takes journalists' routine work methods as the crucial factor which determines how newsworkers construe the world of events they confront . . . Routine "Blogwork" Methods GOAL - Lowes, M.D. (1999) Inside the sports pages Launched in 2003 by... "Approximating" Observation: Daily Phone Interviews Media Sociology Leonsis is a leading voice for expanding of NHL press credentials for bloggers: Jim Bankoff Chairman Jim Bankoff: --Croteau D. & Hoynes, W. (2006). The business of media --Garnham, N. (1990). Capitalism and communication The company has 29 full-time employees, including people on the advertising and technology side, while most of the contributors to SB Nation’s sites are paid a monthly stipend. -- LANDING PAGE -- How the entry was conceptualized & developed -- What human & material resources were drawn on --

Open House Presentation

Transcript: Enter class quietly, Sit in your assigned seat, take out needed materials, & begin Warm- up Wait until I dismiss you, gather all materials and make sure your surrounding areas are clean. Keep in contact with me. If you have any questions or concerns I will be more than happy to answer or assist in the best way I know how. Monique Tompkins FUN FACT Phone: 407-555-3556 Ask your children questions such as, "Have you studied?" or "Do you have homework" During Independent Work time Phone: 407- 555-5655 Email: 1. All students are to treated with respect. 2. NO PROFANITY is to be used in classroom 3. A student must have a tardy slip to enter the classroom after the late bell. 4.If a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to make up missing work. Motivation and encouragement is key to a students success and what better way to be supportive than to team up as their parents and teacher to become their greatest advocates. Thank you all for coming, If there are any further questions feel free to contact me. Policies How to help your child be successful I once volunteered to get tased at a self defense class During group work time Contact Information: Degree in Math Education Classroom Procedures Work silently on assignment, do not interrupt other students. Independent work time is not a time to socialize. Email: Help your child stay organized. Keep noise levels low, stay on the topic of the assignment, do not wander to other groups, everyone must participate. Make sure they know how important their education is to you. Exiting the classroom Math is a skill that is fundamental in todays society. From counting money, to tellling time, numbers are everywhere. My goal is to make sure that every student I encounter has a firm grasp of all mathematical concepts to ensure not only their success in school, but in everyday life. Entering the Classroom

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