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Background Radiation Presentation

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Background Radiation

Transcript: emits more radiation than Unless its a International Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) 285 stations operating, 321 monitoring stations and 16 radionuclide laboratories when completed Can detect much lower quantities of radioactivity in air, but not in real time using seismic, hydroacoustic and infrasound technology, collect and transmit monitoring data to the CTBTO for analysis. Background Radiation 6.2mSv 0.1mSv From Full body Scanner Monitoring Systems 70uSv Living in Concrete 1yr Canadian Radiological Monitoring Network (CRMN) 26 environmental monitoring stations provides information on natural background radiation levels routinely collect air, precipitation, external gamma dose, drinking water, atmospheric water vapor, and milk for radioactivity analysis Doses of Background Radiation Average Doses per year Radiation Myths 1.Natural Cosmic (Sun and outer space) Radon (decay of U and Th) Terrestrial (U, Th and other natural radionuclides from earth crust) Internal human body (K-40 and C-14) Sources 3.Smoking (Additional ~ 2.8mSv/yr ) 2.Artificial Medical (mostly X-ray) Consumer products ( smoke detector etc.) Others (building materials, Nuclear Power plant, etc.) Fix Point Surveillance (FPS) network 71 detectors monitors public doses from radioactive materials in the air measure external gamma dose rates of Argon-41, Xenon-133 and Xenon-135 gamma dose rate from all sources, measured as Air KERMA (Kinetic Energy Released in Matter) Radiation from radiofrequency is non-ionizing 250uSv Yearly Limit

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