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Background Radiation Presentation

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Background Radiation

Transcript: Cosmic radiation Annual Dosage The main source of cosmic radiation are galactic cosmic waves. You can be exposed to cosmic radiation on flights Karyn: Radon in the air: 200 mrem Diagnostic x-rays: 40 mrem. Food and water: 40 mrem Cosmic radiation: 26 mrem Area of residence: 23 mrem Elevation from sea level: 9 mrem Video display terminal: 1 mrem Television viewing: 1 mrem Smoke detector: 0.008 mrem Airport luggage inspection typical x-ray machine: 0.002 mrem Your Total Dose: 340.01 mrem Background Radiation The main source of internal radiation is the human body. You can be exposed by breathing, eating, or having radioactive material pass through your skin. The main source of terrestrial radiation is the earth’s crust. You can be exposed from rock, soil, water, air, and in food. The most common sources of man made radiation are CT scans, televisions, medical X-rays, smoke detectors, nuclear medicine, airport security scanners, food irradiators, and radiography sources. Annual Dosage Precautions Background Radiation Measured in: Millirem -A unit in measuring radiation absorption and its effects. Careers Average: 350 mrem Up to 5,000 mrem per year for people who work with radioactive material 100 mrem for people who don’t work with radioactive material (in addition to the radiation we receive from natural background sources) Exceed annual dosage risks: Cancers- Leukemia,breast, bladder,colon, liver,lung, esophagus, ovarian, multiple myeloma, and stomach. By Jadie, Karyn, Maren The uniform microwave radiation remaining from the big bang. Annual Dosage Man Made Sources THE END Internal Radiation Terrestrial radiation General Information

Background Radiation

Transcript: emits more radiation than Unless its a International Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) 285 stations operating, 321 monitoring stations and 16 radionuclide laboratories when completed Can detect much lower quantities of radioactivity in air, but not in real time using seismic, hydroacoustic and infrasound technology, collect and transmit monitoring data to the CTBTO for analysis. Background Radiation 6.2mSv 0.1mSv From Full body Scanner Monitoring Systems 70uSv Living in Concrete 1yr Canadian Radiological Monitoring Network (CRMN) 26 environmental monitoring stations provides information on natural background radiation levels routinely collect air, precipitation, external gamma dose, drinking water, atmospheric water vapor, and milk for radioactivity analysis Doses of Background Radiation Average Doses per year Radiation Myths 1.Natural Cosmic (Sun and outer space) Radon (decay of U and Th) Terrestrial (U, Th and other natural radionuclides from earth crust) Internal human body (K-40 and C-14) Sources 3.Smoking (Additional ~ 2.8mSv/yr ) 2.Artificial Medical (mostly X-ray) Consumer products ( smoke detector etc.) Others (building materials, Nuclear Power plant, etc.) Fix Point Surveillance (FPS) network 71 detectors monitors public doses from radioactive materials in the air measure external gamma dose rates of Argon-41, Xenon-133 and Xenon-135 gamma dose rate from all sources, measured as Air KERMA (Kinetic Energy Released in Matter) Radiation from radiofrequency is non-ionizing 250uSv Yearly Limit

Background Radiation

Transcript: Radiation -The release of energy in the form of moving waves or streams of particles. Natural Background Radiation The widespread construction of well insulated and sealed homes inthe northern industrialized world has led to radon becomes the pimary source of background radiation. What is Background Radiation? These energy can be low-level like microwaves and cell phones,or hight -level like x-ray or cosmic rays from outer space Well insulated house can result in the accumulation of radon within the dwelling,exposing its residents to high concentration . 1)Medical The global average human exposure to artificial radiation is primarily from medical imaging. Human contributors include,smoking, air travel,radioactive building materials, histrorical nuclear weapons testing, nuclear power accidents and nuclear industry operatrion . Radon is a decay product of uranium,realtively common in the earth's curst but more concentrated in ore-bearing rocks scattered around the world. Artificial Background Radiation Radiation exposure from radon is indirect which mean it has a short half-life(4days) and decay into other solid particulate.These radioactive are inhaled and remain lodged in the lungs,causing continued of lung cancer to human. Thank You for your attention ! .Civilian Air .There are two major civilian Radon air (radon) cosmic radiation terrestial sources food and water areas with high natural background radiation photoelectric neutron background Radiaactive material found in nature like soil,rocks,water,air and vegetation . The biggest source of natural background raidaion is Airborne Radon. 2.Nuclear accidents It is the ubiquitous(found everywhere) ionizing radiation present in the enviroment . Two types of background radiation 1.Natural Background Radiation 2.Artificial Background Radiation Background Radiation The Fukushima 1 nuclear accidents The highest level of purely natural background radiation ever recorded on the earth's surface was on a Brazillian Black Beach. The Chernobyl accident The Chernobyl accident

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