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Pressure Presentation

Transcript: Be Happy Pressure on Myself Where I attend college has always seemed like a huge decision I would have to eventually make. My dad went to Harvard, and my mom was the first one in her family to go to college at Ohio State. It is hard wanting to make your parents feel like they worked hard for you to have a good life when your dad went to Harvard. My parents will always say they just want me to go where I'll be happy, but I still feel like wherever I decide I may be letting them down a little. I feel like society makes boys feel like it's not okay to show weakness. It could be from superhero movies or from watching sports but I have always wanted to be tough. Every guy in my family wants to be tough and seems to laugh at those who aren't tough. At school I try to make people think I'm tough when really i'm as soft as it gets. Stay Motivated Be Tough Play D1 Basketball Don't be a White Girl Not Care as much My parents put pressure on me to be a good person. I sometimes feel that they expect me to be a perfect person. Growing up, I was terrified to get in trouble and get lectured by my parents. I think activities like this are great. They give you a chance to reflect on things you are doing that are different than who you really are. This project made me more aware of some bad motivations to do things in my life. It is also comforting to see others projects and realize everyone is self-conscious and has insecurities. Be as Smart as my Siblings My parents did a great job of instilling gratitude in me. Because of this I appreciate how lucky I am and how great my life is. Knowing this, I sometimes feel like it's not okay to be sad or unhappy. I then feel like there is something wrong with me that I'm not happy while having such a great life. The pressure I put on myself to be happy does not make me happier. Be Healthy I have always put a lot of pressure on myself to be healthy. I eat a specific diet and do whatever I can to improve my health. My family is very healthy and for whatever reason being healthy became very important to me. Sometimes I feel that I hurt my mental health by overly stressing out about my physical health. My parents always talk about how smart our family is. My dad works in education, and values learning over everything. While my parents do celebrate my athletic achievements, they are far more interested in how I perform in school. Both my brother and sister are smarter than me, and this has always left me feeling a little bad about myself. Attend a Good College Get Girls Pressure from my Parents Pressure From Society I have big goals, and I put a ton of pressure on myself to achieve them. If I am not working I feel like I'm letting myself down. The pressure I put on myself to wok hard will lead me to not take any breaks and become exhausted. Ben Pressure Presentation Have a Nice Family For whatever reason, I have always enjoyed things that are stereotypically enjoyed by white girls. I love pumpkin spice lattes and get pedicures when my feet hurt. I've always heard people say "your such a white girl" and that has sometimes swayed me from doing things that I like. I feel like society makes it socially acceptable to not care. As a kid, I would get called a "try hard" and made fun of for taking the gym class mile seriously. I get made fun of for eating healthy food at lunch or for skipping a party to practice basketball. I have always tried to make it appear to people that I don't care about my goals as much as I really do. Both my Grandfather and my father both played D1 basketball and I have always been told that I would do the same. I put pressure on myself that I must accomplish this or I have failed. My mom has always described her perfect vision of our family ten or fifteen years from now. She wants my siblings and I to all be married with several children. Although I am obviously not yet searching for a wife. Getting married has always seemed like this big thing that I better do when I'm older. In Conclusion Be a Good Person I love rap music and listen to it all day. Rap music has a ton of rappers bragging about getting lots of girls and being a player. I feel like society makes people like this seem cool when really they aren't. Regardless of understanding that I still feel pressured to be a "player" or a "dog", when really that isn't my personality.

Electronics Presentation

Transcript: Phael Parham Marquis Collins Matthew Cato Electronics 2x Wilson COMPANY LOGO Electrical Blast to The past Alessandro Volta Volta Alessandro Volta was born in Como, Italy on Feburary 18 1745. In 1774, he became a professor of physics at the Royal School in Como. In 1776 Alessandro volta forn methane at Lake Maggiore by 1778 he figured out how to isolat and collect the methane. Years later in 1800 Volta invented the first battery which consisted of zinc and copper in seperate cells that worked together to produce elcetricty. Alessandro Volta Aleesandro Volta First Battery Made by Volta First Battery How Volta Made The First Bttery Video Joseph Henry Product Joseph Henry was born December 17, 1797. He was born in Albany, New York. Joseph Henry invent Henry developed the electromagnet into a practical device. He invented a precursor to the electric doorbell (specifically a bell that could be rung at a distance via an electric wire, 1831) and electric relay (1835). The SI unit of inductance, the henry, is named in his honor. Joseph Henry Joseph Henry Video on Joseph Henry Video on Joesph Henry Luigi Galvani Sales Luigi Galvani was born September 9th, 1737 in Bologna, Italy. Galvani was a physician, physicist, biologist, and philosopher, he discovered animal electricity. Luigi investigated the nature and effects of what he believed to be electricity in animal tissue, and is recognized as the pioneer of bioelectromagnetics. He later faced opposition from fellow Italian physicist Alessandro Volta and was disproved of his previous theories about animal tissue having electricity. Current Standings Luigi Galvani Detail Detail Our Team Expirement What's Next? Priorities Priorities Long-term Goals Long-term Goals

Electronics Presentation

Transcript: Old method of connecting a computer. Now replaced by DVI cable. Devices that use wifi Range: 5-30 Metres. Security: Low. Bandwith: (Low) 800 Kbps. Price: Low. Bit rate: 2.1 Mbps. Hardware required: Bluetooth adaptor on all the devices connecting with each other. Details: HDMI is only used on high definition tv's for greater visual experience. You also use it to connect consoles into tv's. Mobile phones, mouse, keyboards, office and industrial automation devices Bluetooth technology is useful when transferring information between two or more devices that are near each other when speed is not an issue. The Cloud USB Electronics presentation. The cloud is an always on server that people are able to download and upload files onto their devices. For example Microsoft have recently started using the cloud services for their office program. Bluetooth The most common cable. Used to connect most iphones to computers to transfers files from one another. Multiple types of usb cable varying in download speeds. USB 3.0 for example most expensive as it is the fastest. Wi-Fi is better suited for operating full-scale networks because it enables a faster connection, better range from the base station, and better security (if configured properly) than Bluetooth. Wifi VGA Cable Synchronisation. Notebook computers, desktop computers, servers, TV, Latest mobiles. Gaming devices/ consoles. Cables! By Harri Mclady. HDMI Bluetooth and wifi are types of radio frequencies that transmit information to other devices, also known as wireless communication. Devices that use bluetooth: A high speed connector for a computer connecting for data and gaming. E-Sata Range: 32 metres. Security: It is more secure. Bandwith: (High) 11 Mbps. Cost: High Bit Rate: 600 Mbps. Hardware required: Wireless adaptors on all the devices of the network, a wireless router and/or wireless access points. Firewire What is bluetooth and wifi? Details: Synchronisation takes data from one device and transfers it wirelessly onto another device such as a phone to a laptop or vice versa. USed to connect external hardrives to computers and faster than usb


Transcript: the formula Capacitance value/number of capacitors can be used to find total capacitance in this circuit, since there are multiple capacitors with the same amount of capacitance. For this problem since the like capacitance is 5microF and there are two capacitors the equation will be 5microF/2= 2.5microF. Cesar Mendoza To find the capacitive resistance for a capacitor, you can use the formula XC= 1/2(π)(f)(C). Since for the above problem both the frequency(f) and Capacitance(c) are given, all that is left to do is to plug it in. XC= 1/2(π)(400hz)(7microF)=56.86Ω. By : Cesar Mendoza When a resistor experiences one 'joule' of electrical energy explain the work done in the circuit. Determining Total Capacitance With two 7microF capacitors in series, what is total capacitance? With two 5microF capacitors in series, what is total capacitance? Energy and work share the same unit (joules). Also, Energy is needed to perform work. Work done in a circuit can be explain as the ability of voltage to push current through the circuit. When determining the total capacitance between multiple capacitors in series the general formula to be use would be CT= 1/ 1/c1 + 1/c2 + 1/c3... Furthermore, the formula capacitance value/the amount of capacitors can be use to find ct, only if the circuit contains multiple capacitors that happen to have the same amount of capacitance. Lastly, if there are two resistors in series you can use the formula c1 x c2/c1+c2 to find ct. Calculate the capacitive resistance for 400Hz and 7microF Since like in the last problem the capacitors have the same amount of capacitance you can use the formula capacitance value/number of capacitors. since there are two capacitors and they have the same amount of capacitance,the equation to be use would be7microF/2= 3.5microF. Electronics Presentation

electronics presentation

Transcript: Aimee, Angad and Roni Resistors and Capacitors what is resistance? Current is the rate of flow of charged particles what is resistance? Whether resistors are placed in series or parallel affects the total resistance in the circuit ohm's law calculating total resistance of resistors when... 1 ...placed in series 2 ...placed parallel resistors let us introduce precise amounts of resistance into electrical circuits so how do resistors work? what is a resistor? what is a resistor? A wire-wound resistor consists of: A ceramic rod running through the middle with copper wire wrapped around the outside. The number of copper turns controls the resistance: the more copper turns, and the thinner the copper, the higher the resistance. This is due to resistors being affected by three factors... Thermistors, LDRs and diodes are all resistors and also semiconductors. Semiconductors possess the characteristic of higher resistivity than metals. A Ntc thermistor is a resistor whose resistance depends on its temperature. types of resistors LDR - Light Dependent resistor The greater the intensity, the lower the resistance, thus the light provides the energy that releases more electrons. LEDs are designed to let current flow in only the forward bias and require a threshold voltage before they will conduct. In reverse bias, the diode has a very high resistance and very small amounts of current flows. More current leads to an increase in temperature, meaning ‘more electrons have enough energy to escape from their atoms and become charge carriers, leading to a decrease in resistance so the graph curves upwards.’ Led - light emitting diode what is a potential divider? A potential divider is a circuit with a voltage source and resistors in series, where the voltage across the battery is split in the ratio of the resistances.’ Therefore, you can use potential dividers to supply a voltage, V(out), between zero and the battery voltage. potential dividers Alternatively, you can use an LDR or NTC thermistor as a variable resistor in a potential divider A potentiometer is similar to a potential divider, with a variable resistor replacing R(1) and R(2). ‘If you move a slider or turn a knob to adjust the relative sizes of R(1) and R(2), you can vary V(OUT) from zero up to the voltage source.’ the continuously varying resistance of the potentiometer therefore creates an analogue system Capacitors Capacitors Capacitors Capacitors are made up of at least two conducting metallic plates separated by a dielectric Material Capacitance is defined as the amount of charge stored per unit potential difference Q = C V IN series In parallel Dielectric A dielectric is an insulating material which can be slightly polarised within an electric field Charging and discharging Charging and Discharging of a capacitor This exponential function is expressed in terms of RC which is the time constant (T). The duration of charging/ discharging can be divided into 5T for voltage and current analysis. useful equations Charging Discharging Capacitors in AC circuits Capacitors in AC circuits can cause a filtering effect. This can be demonstrated using High pass and Low pass filters. Capacitors in ac circuits High pass Filter High pass Filter A High pass filter allows higher frequency signals to pass through but resists lower range frequencies by reducing it’s amplitude Low pass filter Low pass filter A low pass filter allows lower frequency signals to pass however disrupts higher frequencies in the same manner Warm-up activity bandwidth The range of frequencies a filter allows to pass is known as the bandwidth. Cut off frequency

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