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Background Story

Transcript: Protective And Risk Factors! The strategies all link together to help Stephen get through the change situation and build resilience. The most important strategy Stephen could use is to think positively, because if Stephen does not think positively he will not be able to find the motivation to do all the other strategies provided because he will gain depression and think that there is no point in using the other strategies and they will not help. Background Story This is Stephen. He is the father of four including myself, my sister, and my two brothers. He is currently searching for a job after he stopped working at a job which he had worked at for 20 years. He is high on the social Gradient (Social DOH) and will do anything in his power for me and my siblings to have a good future. He is very determined and self motivated, he also values family a lot (cultural DOH). He is a very resilient person and a great role model. Stephen is a resilient person because... He was able to go through one of the most tough situations of his life and bounce back out of it determined and ready to move on. My dad Stephen is one of the most important role models in my life because, i know he went through so much in this situation and yet he still found the motivation to get up and search for a new job and do everything in his will power to provide a healthy living style for our family even though he had no job. He is an amazing role model and a very resilient person. Resilience Strategies! Personal : -A personal strategy Stephen could use is to think positively about the situation. -Stephen can also decide to join a support group. These strategies will help reduce risk factors because by thinking positively, it will help enhance his motivation to carry on searching for a new job, and by visiting a support group, he is seeking help and also getting to meet new people who are in the same situation he is in. Interpersonal: - A interpersonal strategy Stephen could use is to seek help and support from his family. - Another interpersonal strategy Stephen could use is to try make time for his friends and get together with them. These strategies will help Stephen a lot, because by seeking help from his family it will make him feel less alone in the situation. And by spending more time with friends it can help take all the stress off his mind. Societal: - A societal strategy Stephen could use is to use online working networks. - Another societal strategy Stephen could use is to visit a wide range of support groups. These strategies would work well for Stephen because by using a online work network he can meet and talk to new people online that are in the working business and maybe even get employed! visiting a wide range of support groups is also a good idea for Stephen because it can help him seek information and help for his situation and also meet new people in the same situation as he is and make him feel not alone. Inter-relationships between the strategies A interpersonal protective factor Stephen could have is his family. having his family around to support him can help him get through the situation and make him feel not so alone. This is a cultural determinant of health. A interpersonal risk factor Stephen could have is losing some friends. being under so much stress can cause Stephen to get angry and frustrated a lot, which can cause him to loose some of his friends. A personal protective factor Stephen could have is to think positively about the situation and to think of what good things can come out of the situation like finding a better job. A personal risk factor Stephen could have is to think negatively about the situation. This can cause Stephen to shut down emotionally and physically and get depression. A social protective factor Stephen could use is to use online working networks. this could help Stephen enhance relationships with other people in the working industry and he could find a job easier. A social risk factor Stephen could have is that he may not get along very well with some people on the social network and that would put his job hunting at risk because people on the network may not want to hire him.

Background Story

Transcript: Utopia to Dystopia Background Story CITIZENS Hero Setting education government infraction workforce theme in my dystopia people are forced to work when they are 13 years old. kids that dont have an education cant get jobs where they pay alot, like they cant get a job as a doctor because they dont have the education for it. you decide what you want to do when you get older. whatever career you have, you get paid less amount than the real world. we purge once a year Lauryn Anderson no poverty be in by curfew the govener in my dystopia is very cruel. his name is henry davis. he tries to make the world better by doing things he wants to do. he is very religious. if you dont follow his religion you are going to get put in jail and you cant leave. if you get caught trying to leave you will be put in jail. you would be very lucky if you could escape. no violence Men don't beat or divorce their wives children should work at certain age in my dystopia school, kids learn everythng that we learn. all they wear is normal school uniforms. kids do nothing in school, like they dont go on field trips or nothing else. they behave good. women can only teach. there are no boy and girls school. boys are sperated from girls. women must cover their body 5 laws of utopia In my dystopia people only wear dull colors like: brown, gray, black, white, tan, but its all designer. Women stay at home, the Men work and kids go to school. you can only have 4 children or less. Children must be in by a certain time depending on what grade their in. Kids go outside and play and stuff like that, but parent cant go out. no inflation there is so much violence in mystopia. there is people obey their leader in my dystopia, if citizens do not obey the government, they would be put in jail. if you kill someone you will be killed to unless it is self defence. what every you do to someone you will be done the same. we paid taxes (not as much) The town in my dystopia is very bad. This is the year of 2053. The citizens live in a trashy town. there is a lot of littering. there are no cars. it is only buses and trains. The mood in the town is very down and dark. the houses are all the same, but building and stores are different. 5 laws of dystopia my dystopian hero is melissa brown. she is in high school about to graduate and go to college, but she was getting tired of the government and what he is trying to do. melissa wanted to make a change. she would need people to help protest. so she would spread the word around town. that was her plan whe she got out of high school.

Background Story

Transcript: The government controls when people eat , what people eat and how much eat. If someone does not eat what they're given , gives it to someone else , or doesn't eat all of it then they are punished. The punishment is starvation. Depending on the case depends on how much the person is starved. Background Story An obesity boom is taking place in the U.S. 80% of America is obese. That 4 out of 5 Americans suffering obesity. No plans or programs could possibly help these people , because it is too hard for them to follow. The government came up with a plan that could actually work. They would make everyone eat the same healthy and same portioned meal at the same times daily. This way people who are obese would lose weight and people who were fit would stay fit. Rising Action Setting-The year 2020 in Stooyork a bright live and happy place stoonocka keeps trying to convince the goverment. He finds their food stack and takes it to his family, but there isnt enough for himself Body Biography Supporting Characters stoonocka ends up passing away from malnutrition but he did hi goal and made syre his family was safe The govt. tells Stoonocka that he is wrong Blanca is Stoonocka's sister. S.T.K. is the government in control. Roleo is Stoonocka's father and Suzuki is his mother. Stoonocka is the main character (hero) in the story. Closest to his heart is his sister-Blanca. Stoonocka's goal is to change there ways to eat. I admire how he cares for others. Love and care represents him. Climax Falling Action Governing Body STOONOCKA When Stoonocks goes to the govt. because people are being fed wrong.

Background story

Transcript: *my map displaces my distopian little world the middle of the the map is where the middle class live *the outside where the water is at is where the rich live * But that is also where the rare majestic sights live at for example unicorns, pegasus, pixies, and mermaides etc... Background story Its the year 50301, a man named Carl Diswaz made a nuclear gas that is toxic that can spread all across the earth.Well one day Carl had a seizure and accidentally spilled his experiment.Luckily the alarm went off and the government got the message. The rich and middle class got saved but those who didnt have enough money got left behind and was forced to give up all their money.All of the survivors got on a spaceship heading out of the milky way and to this planet called Resaeyan.A purple planet outside our solar system and it has all we need warmth, water, oxygen,and actual dirt. This guy named Jacob Mcguire is the ruler. He is also the founder meaning we go under his rules and opinion on this world's future. The rest of humanity must follow his command Fun Facts :Unicorns Infractions Dear civilian, You are to remember that you are not free to vote or speak on what you believe in you must stay in silence,You must attend the royal ball where we would bid for the punishment of all the criminals. Workforce Dear Person, Diary All women should be greatly respected in the family or a group of people because they are the leaders,Their transportation would be horses, pegasus, or unicorns.Every men must have a job. For women its optional.Men are to wear a black suit with a white collard shirt and a black tie.Women are to wear a dress or a shirt with a skirt and long high knee socks. Also the average citizen must look happy at all times. Education All men must start working at least one job by the age 21 The job you will get will be defined by all your test scores and grades overall. The higher the grade the closer you live to the ocean and the more money you earn Women are not obligated to work. Once men get married they must get a second job Today my dearest friend cataline had a second child a twin and she was assasinated for it. The government does not know where the child is but I am the one taking care of him making sure that no one sees him just like i promised her i would.I dont think this is right killing her just because she had twins it wasnt her fault but mine for not telling her.Still I am very afraid of Jacob dicovering that I his wife is keeping this child.I will keep this child and raise him as my own. Afterall i did lose my child giving birth but he doesn't know that. I am still unsure clearly this child will not look like me or him he will suspect and find out soon. sincerely, x-yris Propaganda Health care Government Bill of Rights resaeyan's map to be whipped starve for 2 weeks if one of the parents break the rules their child will get killed in front of them get raped (women) given a disease send back to earth getting burned alive Death penalty (painful and slow) Citizens all couples must have one child if you have two the youngest must be killed in front of the parents. thieving and disloyalty is not allowed every one who is 45years old must go to the center to prepare for their sentence there is only one religion allowed and it is catholism all of the workers from both rich and middle class is equally valued for their work If you are a daughter your husband would be chosen for you by your parents the government chooses the civilians future job based on their school grade All of the children must listen to all their elders everyone must treat the animals and others with respect no one shall litter the planet or do anything to harm the planet there is only 2 hours each week to interact with others besides your family They are carnivores meaning they will eat you if they are starving how they hunt or eat; they rip off the skin and wait till you bleed to death then start eating their prey.So yes this can be used as a punishment You must be very wealthy to keep it fed and full at all times They are colorful and very sensitive creatures unicorns have very colorful horns male have uneven colorful stripes and females have an even striped horn Yes they are fluffy No one really gets sick or injured but when they do they have to pay a fine.But if you are pregnant the mother must give birth in 20hours from your contractions.If you get a contagious disease or infection of any kind you would get isolated in quaranteen or sent to earth meaning you will not get treated you will no be fed, groomed, or be given any medication for the pain. Resaeyan :the purple planet By: Karen Oropeza Period: 04 Education is mandatory to all the children from ages 3-20year olds they would have to be mature and take responsibility. All of them are obligated to learn 7 languages three mathematics and science skills/standards.Once they reach the age of 18 they must learn about business and must take an exam to know their future jobs.All of

background story.

Transcript: characters. The genre of my game will be 'maze game' it will be in the style of a mix between 'diamond maze' and 'indi cat' My game will have a sound effect for everytime the player finds a stone. It will also have a sound effect for 'go' when the player first starts the game. Another sound will be when the level changes, and also when the game ends. All of these sounds will be different. purpose/object music/sound effects PEGI rating inspirational games. game genre and style The PEGI rating for my game will be 3, this is because i think that the content within this game is suitable for any ages. Also no violence is included, all the characters are fantasy and there are no sounds which will frighten the player. The purpose of this game is to relieve all the kingdoms residents from darkness, to return, 'win' back the light for them. In order to do this they would have to make theway through some sort of maze, to find all of the stones and become a hero. background story. The evil Queen Farandur has plunged the kingdom of Tanfreda into darkness. The light will only return to the kingdom when the stones of Malithican have been placed back into the marble floor of the high palace. The stones have been hidden by Farandur throughout the land. Who will step forward to take on this challange? my target audience will be for mainly boys of the ages between 3-9. This is because there wont be any violence involved at all within this game, so it will be suitable for gamers as young as three. I have targeted up to the age of nine only because i dont think that much older would be that interested, i think they would prefer more violent and mature games. However they will be more than welcome to play if they wish. In my game there will be about five characters which will be, the player, the evil queen, the person who presents the player with a medal and a couple of residents who thank the player. target audience. Two games which inspired me, were Indi cat and the diamond maze. I think i could and definitely will use some parts of both games, the maze from indicat was very inspirational and also the diamonds from diamond maze, i think that if all goes to plan then my game will end up being an indi cat maze with the diamond sprites from the diamond maze.

background of story

Transcript: The Most Dangerous Game By: Jonathan Ballard background of story Rainsford decides that he wants to go hunt panthers and meets a men that the way he is going is very dangerous island called ship-trap island rising actions Rainsford goes over board and swims to ship trap island where he finds a pool of blood and a bullet casing. Rainsford finds mansion and knocks on the door to find a huge man who holds a gun to his head. He meets general Zoroff who is also a hunter but is got board of hunting animals so now he hunts men. They go to bed but he can't sleep so he sits up and hears the sound of a pistil the next morning he is found by Zoroff and he said he wants to hunt with him but what he meenes is he wants to hunt rainsford. climax The chase is on Zoroff is now hunting Rainsford but Rainsford is smart and knows how to stay alive and how to reason in desperate times. falling actions at the end Rainsford is found in the bed Zoroff's bedroom and Rainsford is the only one with a gun... Theme The theme of this story is that you should think of others before you do things protagonist: Rainsford antagonist: Zoroff Paragraph on why i think you should keep reading this story The Most Dangerous Game is a cool story, and i think that you should continue reading this with your up and coming classes. The reason why i think that you should continue reading this with the next classes is this story is mysterious. Most people like reading these kind of stories. Another reason is there is a lot of action and descriptive words. Another reason is the theme is good and has good morals. in conclusion i think it would be a good idea to keep reading this story in your class for feature years. rainsford sets a trap and killed Ivan then rainsford jumped into the sea in hope to escape Zoroff The point of view is third person pg.8 Rainsford sprung up and moved quickly to the rail. The most telling part of the story is the part where Zoroff is killed by Rainsford because of all the descriptive details. pg.34 Thank you! the end

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