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Background For Social Media Presentation

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Using Social Media For Background checks

Transcript: Bibliography Today in our world communication is very important aspect of our lives. we use it for business like by making pages on Facebook for advertisement purposes, people now know about global issues they didn't know about before, and it makes the world a much smaller place by connecting people and making it easier to communicate to one another. Its the next best thing since the telephone, and employers have taken advantage of this. since people now post things about there daily lives, employers can now look at your profile and see what you've posted and make a decision on hiring you. should employers be using this method? lets find out To reject a potential employee based on a search through there public profile doesn't seem right for many reasons. one reason is that they can not be sure the profile is there's or some one else with the same name, unless there is a profile picture of some sort. employers can now also easily discriminate them against there religion or any other private info; on resumes nothing private is put on it for a reason and employers can't judge you. lastly, some employers may look for "inappropriate" things, but what do you define as inappropriate? we all have our own definitions, and plus if an employee/potential employee does say something inappropriate, than who are you to judge as to what they do outside of work? we all have the right to express our thoughts and feelings online but do not have the right to insult someone or promote hatred towards something. rejecting an applicant based solely on a social media network seems ridiculous, and it is. If they meet the requirements of the job but they are a little silly on the web with there friends then they deserve the job. would you want to hire someone who almost meets the requirements but has a profile that's clean, or the other way around. In the end its the requirements that matter not what you post on a social media site. Companies now doing social media checks In conclusion, judging someone just based of their social media profile is not appropriate and employers should look for other sources if they want to make a decision on hiring them or not. If they just want to see what kind of a person they are outside of work then it is acceptable. people who use social media should also be aware of what they post even if they've made their profile private. when companies are hiring potential employees they usually check over there resume and call them in for an interview to get to know them, but some employers want to know the other side of a person so they might either get some one to go and check their profiles online or they might just do a quick skim themselves of the persons profile. Why this is not appropriate Do employees prefer this? do potential employees care about this? well of course they do but a lot of them don't realize the potential the employers have while looking through their profiles. Keep in mind that not every company does this and most just look at the resumes and decide upon that. even if the employee knows (s)he will be screened they can just delete there profiles or delete all the things they don't want the company to see. Firstly, Is it even legal for employers to do that? yes, In fact it is. remember when you first signed up for Facebook or some other social media site and after creating your account you were asked to accept the terms and conditions you didn't bother to read? well once you make the account and start posting stuff to the website, when its out there its not yours anymore and the website owns it. Why or Why not? Conclusion Using Social Media For Background Checks why do they check?

Social Media Background Checks

Transcript: Identification of Law 1. Should employers be able to look at someone's social networking account as a basis for hiring? Why or why not? 2. Can someone's privacy still be compromised or invaded even though the information posted on social networks were made "publicly available" ? How is it done? How are employers using social media? 1) Requesting usernames and passwords 2) DIY "Do It Yourself" Legal Issue Summary of Article Privacy Act: 1980-81-82-83, c. 111, Sch. II “2”. Act current to 2015-04-22 and last amended on 2015-02-26 “administrative purpose”, in relation to the use of personal information about an individual, and the use of that information in a decision making process that directly affects that individual Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) S.C. 2000, c. 5 A law that prohibits federally regulated employers from using or collecting an employee or potential employee's personal information without their knowledge and consent Canadian Human Rights Act R.S.C., 1985, c. H-6 All individuals should have an opportunity equal with other individuals to make for themselves the lives that they are able and wish to have and to have their needs accommodated, consistent with their duties and obligations as members of society, without being hindered in or prevented from doing so by discriminatory practices based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, disability or conviction for an offence for which a pardon has been granted or in respect of which a record suspension has been ordered. The use of Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) as a basis for hiring employees Pros: Employers may be looking to... see how applicants present themselves in public make determinations regarding an applicant’s personality and character. ensure employees are a great representation of the company. ensure they hire the best candidate possible for a position as demonstrated in their work ethic, dedication to the company and ability to fulfill their job responsibilities. to validate data included on a job application such as education, professional associations and credentials Cons: The company could be faced with discrimination lawsuits. There is a risk of invading individual privacy rights. Information posted on social media websites could be misleading or taken out of context Employers can, based on the information found, discriminate the applicant without his/her knowledge Questions "Social Media and Background Checks" Talks about the reasons as to why an employer might want to run a background check on an applicant through their social media accounts Legal Issue in terms of privacy in accordance to the privacy act and PIPEDA ( Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act) However, PIPEDA does not apply to personal information that is "publicly available" Ontario does not have its own PIPEDA Human Rights aspect that can be classified as discrimination Social Media Background Checks By: Vanessa Bondoc

Social Media Presentation For FabBag

Transcript: We would get to Mars by: Upgrading the quality of designs. Giving consumers a reason to interact. Spending less on media, and gaining more Keeping you active 24/7 By giving your audience information By having a lot of fun. What's the flight-plan? Well, that's a surprise. Customize your surprise, and: Surprising Beauty Facts Reasons to surprise yourself! Product Posts, with useful information! A Few Contests Should Be Nice Idea: What's in the bag? Execution style: A transperent FabBag with outlines of the product. What's this guy doing here? Twitter Ideas: How did FabBag make your day? (RT and design answers) Vines of products in the bag What surprised you this month? Tweeting on current issues Vote the product to be included in this months FabBag To talk about beauty trends To talk about men trends To talk about celebritiees Share your personal grooming tip with us! Share pictures of celebrities lookin fab Share some of the FB content! Media Spending We believe that through precise targetting, we can use the Post Boost tool on FaceBook - and get you a rate lower than 15 paise per engagement. We have managed to get a 0 paise engagement rate for a lot of brands - and the advantages of this tactic are tremendous Depending on how much you want to spend, we can maximise engagement, get page likes, sustain a high reach and get people to go on the website - all through this one simple tactic. Instagram: To manually follow men and women To post product posts To use a few ideas from Facebook and Twitter To popularize #MyFabBag or #MFB by asking consumers to click a pic whenever they use a FabBag product To give-away a product daily by conducting everyday contests. And we land! Hire us and get to Mars! Social Media Ideas And Tactics for FabBag If Sales, Engagement, Brand Loyalty, Popularity and everything else that makes FabBag a force on Social Media were 'Mars' - how would we get there? We mean, literally 'surprise.' We intend on using the concept of surprising yourself as a basic strategy message. Why? Because who doesn't like a monthly surprise in a bag? Twitter Not Getting Too Many Engagements? Why? Because the content is boring.

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