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Baby boy

Transcript: Friday is a 1995 American comedy film, based on a young man called Craig Jones who lives in the Southern California, he has just lost his job. Not having any plans, he hangs out on his front porch with his best friend Smokey, who is a pothead and sells marijuana for Big Worm, the neighborhood supplier. Throughout the day, Craig and Smokey observe the goings-on in their neighborhood. They encounter Ezail a crackhead who supports his habit with petty crime; Also a girl comes into the scene called Debbie a girl who Craig has a crush on. Smokey, who has been smoking rather than selling his consignment of marijuana, has a confrontation with Big Worm. In an attempt to explain his money shortage, Smokey incriminates Craig. Big Worm threatens to kill them both if they do not give him two hundred dollars by ten pm. Friday Boyz n the Hood is a 1991 American hood drama based on how young black men live their lifestyle on a daily basis in south central Los Angeles. The film connotes two different rival gangs of teenagers that dislike each other to the point of murdering. Love & Basketball is a 2000 American romantic drama based in Los Angeles California, the storyline connotes a young man and a young woman who have patient for basketball as the years past the two have not seen each other roughly for thirteen years since their childhood now the two living next door to each other pursuing their basketball careers before but now eventually falling for each other. Love & Basketball Baby boy Boyz in the hood

Baby Boy

Transcript: Act 3.Refusal of the call Baby Boy (2001) Anthony Granada Mr. Hurst Act 4.Meeting with the Mentor Act 10: The Road Back In Baby Boy's ordinary world he usually goes by Jody. He lives with his mom Juanita but he also lives with his girlfriend Yvette. He has a kid with his girlfriend and both of them mean a lot to him. She is what drives him even when he does wrong to her. He gets money by selling clothes or fixing bikes. Act 1. The ordinary world Jody's call to adventure is when he was at Yvette's house and he answered the phone and it was Yvette's ex-boyfriend from jail. He didn't know that he was calling the house and what it made it worse is that he was coming home soon. While he was on the phone her ex was threatening him from jail. Act 2.The call to adventure Jody's refusal to call is when he is forced to mature when his mom's new boyfriend comes to live with them and accept the fact that he wasn't a little boy anymore. Jody did not want to make changes, take responsibility, and grow up. He refused the call multiple times until he had no choice but to accept it when Yvette's ex-con boyfriend Rodney gets out and goes to live with her and tries to rape her in front of Jojo. Jody's mentor was his mom and her boyfriend Marvin. His mom gave him advice about his baby mama's, told him whats right, and what he needed to do. Marvin gives him wisdom, tells Jody what he needs to hear, advises him to take responsibility and be a man, Marvin steers him into the right direction. Act 5:Crossing the First Threshold Jody is now ready to cross the threshold. He is now ready to fix his problems, mature, and take responsibility. Jody want's to be a better father, companion, and overall person. In order to begin this journey he needs to stay strong and do the right thing. Yvette's ex-con Boyfriend Rodney will be a physical boundary that he will have to cross. Act 6:Tests, Allies, and Enemies Now that Jody has crossed the threshold and is ready to begin his journey he is faced with tests, allies, and enemies. Jody's allies and trusted ones are his mom, sweetpea, Marvin, and Yvette. Along with that he has accommodated Rodney and his friends as enemies. He will now prepare himself for greater ordeals and there will be tests. Act 7:Approach to the Inmost Cave Jody talks with SweetPea and Yvette. Yvette goes back to her house to collect her things and leave right after. SweetPea and Jody discuss their plan and and what precautions and preperations to make before they take action. They pray for guidance, forgiveness, and strength. Jody is having doubts but is reassured and ready to execute the plan. Act 8:Ordeal Rodney fires at Jody multiple times. For a second Jody thought he was dead but he survived. Later that night Jody and SweetPea Chased down Rodney. Rodney was shot in the back of both legs by Jody and SweetPea told Jody to finish him but he couldn't so SweetPea did. Rodney had died right after. Act 9:Reward Jody was able to mature, take responsibility, get a job, move out of his moms house and move in with Yvette and their son Jojo. Jody had finally grew up he was able to form a relationship with Marvin move on from old ways and things. Jody was a better person. Jody has finally gotten what he has wanted better relationships, happy ending for all, a family of his own, and the strength he needed to overcome and perservere. Jody has also humbled hisself. He is no longer inconsiderate and arrogant. Act 11: Resurrection The resurrection is like the final step of them all which can make or break everyone. It is the cleansing/purification of one. You will see all Jody has accomplished and learned. He has succeeded and come to the end of his journey he also has a new outlook on life. Act 12:Return with the Elixir Jody has finally returned to his ordinary world a changed man. He woud have grown as a person, learned many things, face many terrible dangers or even death but now he looks forward to a new life. Jody's changes may bring hope to others, a direct solution, or even a new perspective. Now he has change, success, and proof of journey. His allies will be rewarded, enemies punished, and there will be a fresh start.

Baby boy

Transcript: BRANDON'S NURSERY CHANGING TABLE Storage (Toys) Used For: Storing the babies toys. Dangers: Child could get locked in it or could squeeze their finger in it. Choosing a Safe one: Consider buying a toy box without a lid if box has a lid, make sure that it is lightweight & completely removeable. It should lock in place when fully open and close only slowly the box should have air holes in case child gets trapped inside. Found: Price: $399.99 BEDDING Used For: Putting cushion on the crib so it is not hard. Dangers: Child could put their face in it and suffocate. Choosing a safe one: Make sure that the bedding fits the crib and its not to thick to suffocate the baby. Found: Price: POWER OUTLET COVERS Used For: Covering up outlets so babies don't put their fingers in them Dangers: Babies take them out and get shocked. Choosing a Safe one: Make sure it fits into the outlet securely. Found: Price: $3.49 ROCKING CHAIR Used For: Mother to rock baby to sleep. Dangers: It could break and the mother and baby could fall. Choosing a Safe one: Make sure it is not home made. Everything is on correctly. Found: Price: $209.99 BABY MONITOR Used For: Making sure that the baby is okay while they are in a different room than the mother. Dangers: It could not work and something could have the baby while you cant see it. Choosing a Safe one: Making sure it works and doesn't die quickly. Found: Price: $199.99 STROLLER Used For: When you go out you can push the baby around in it Dangers: It could run over something and make it flip Choosing a Safe one: Make sure everything is on securely. Try using it without the baby in it. Found: Price: $529.99 CRIB BATHTUB Used For: Bathing your baby Dangers: Your baby could drown. Choosing a safe one: Make sure its not to big for the baby Found: Price: $39.99 CURTAINS CLOTHES DIAPER BAG CAR SEAT WALKER Used For: Changing the baby and storage for their pampers and wipes. Dangers: Baby could fall of or it could collapse. Choosing a Safe one: Make sure it is sturdy and can hold weight. Found: buybuybaby Price: $399.999 Used For: Baby to sleep in or lay down in. Dangers: It could tip over or babies head could get stuck between the bars. Choosing a Safe one: Check the safety cetification and the slats are no more than 2 3/8 inches apart. Found: Price: $999.99

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