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Transcript: Icelandic kronur (ISK) per US dollar - 127.2 (2012 est.) 115.95 (2011 est.) 122.24 (2010 est.) 123.64 (2009) 85.619 (2008) Exporting: Sending products from U.S. to foreign country Personal Products Industry Risk Licensing Allowing another entity to sell Avon’s products Competitors Market seekers Raw material seekers Production efficiency seekers Knowledge seekers Political safety seekers Barriers of Entry Strong brand name/Loyalty Economies of Scale Advanced technologies High sunk costs High barriers of entry -2008 -Restructuring -Human capital -Attract Back -Long Term Growth G.O.A.L.S Foreign Direct Investment INTERNAL Attractive? Quantitative Analysis Bargaining Power of Buyers Importance of the product to the buyer Large number of buyers AVON Qualitative Analysis Recommendations to invest abroad Direct Investment Company background on Avon Motives for foreign direct investment Overview of Iceland Qualitative Analysis Political environment Avon’s strategy Industry risk Competitors Economic analysis Business/Financial Risk Iceland’s attitude toward foreign companies Exchange rate risk Foreign demand for Avon’s products -Population: roughly 319,000 -Population growth rate of about .674%. -GDP/capita (PPP): $39,400 -GDP (real growth rate): 2.7% -Unemployment Rate: 5.6% -Inflation Rate 5.3% Political Environment & Risk Strengths Proportion of youth in the total population above average for Western Europe High level of education Restructured household debt Representatives interest in profitability Target Market high potential Advantages of FDI Comparative advantages when each nation: Specializes in products that it produces the most effectively Import products from countries that produce them the most effectively Everyone gains Tax incentives Product life cycle Economies of scale Differences in taste Create new job opportunities Lower wages in developing countries Economic Motives Shall Avon invest abroad? Economic Analysis Bargaining Power of Suppliers High competition among suppliers Similar production inputs ICELAND Yes! Abroad already (in Iceland) 85% of their profits come from outside the U.S. Financially sound Low entry/exit barriers Forms of Investment vs. FDI Fahrman, Katrina Almao, Jesus Schmid, Haylea -Firm Specific Advantages -Financial Strength -Product Competitiveness -Avon’s Vision -Avon’s Core Values -Experience in Going abroad -Integrated into existing projects -Competitors from multinational firms -Capital Structure Business/Financial Risk -GDP (World Bank) $14.06bil. -GNP (World Bank) $10.09bil. -Population (World Bank) 49.63% -Income Chief of State: President Ólafur Ragnar GrímssonHead of Government: Prime Minister Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir Country rating of A4 Business risk of A1 FUTURE OF ICELAND -there is a continuation of positive growth projected for 2012 -public and external accounts will continue to improve -companies are still very vulnerable Inward FDI Potential Index is a 12 on a scale from 1 to 141. Currency Controls Threats Competition Local products/Companies Drugstores Price Diversification Location Competition Exit barriers are low Large industry size Weaknesses Small economy Foreign debt and current account deficit still large despite improvement Erosion of investment (13% of GDP) Representatives interest in profit or product EXTERNAL Gov’t Attitude Toward Foreign Companies Foreign Demand for Avon’s Products -David H. McConnell founded Avon in 1886 -In more than 100 countries and there are more than 6 million active independent Avon reps. -Their product line includes: color cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, fashion and home products, featuring such well-recognized brand names as Avon Color, ANEW, Skin-So-Soft, Advance Techniques, and mark. The company for women Comparative Advantages Factor Endowments Product Lifestyle Economies of Scale Differences in Taste Strategic Motives Quantitative Analysis CF analysis Cost of Capital Risk Analysis Capital Budgeting Advantages and Disadvantages of FDI Decision to invest abroad Recommendation on form of investment Exchange Rate Risk Company Strategy Threat of Substitute Products Natural/Traditional Remedies Disadvantage of FDI Risky Political factors Expropriation Cultural differences Costly to travel and Language and culture Opportunities Youth population Growing economy Profitability Diversification/Localization The purchase or acquisition of a controlling interest in a foreign business by means other than the outright purchase of shares.

Avon Final Presentation

Transcript: PROJECT MANAGEMENT INTERNSHIP ABOUT Introduction PERSONAL GAINS There is always a takeaway The importance of listening and understanding A transferrable skillset useful in all teamworking environments What knowledge have I acquired about myself throughout my time at New Avon? The importance of providing interns with a learning opportunity Contribution impacts the overall business no matter how small Cross-Functionality plays a key role in running a successful business What have I taken away from corporate life? Skill Set Cross-functional Communication Exposure to other departments Discovered elements of my major that are applicable to positions beyond my field of study How did this experience influence my career direction? EXPERIENCE As the PMO Intern, I was involved in many different projects I worked cross functionally on projects within Operations, S&OP, Digital, and HR (relocation) These projects collectively work to transform the business into a new social selling company, with redesigned features and processes. How did I contribute to New Avon? REPRESENTATIVE EXPERIENCE Simplified Ordering Process Flexible ordering Direct to consumer delivery options Real-Time Inventory Tracking Digital Appointment Kit What areas need improvement? Simplifying Some problems are currently being addressed New version is easier to navigate Real-Time Inventory Tracking Beneficial for and Representative E-store's *NEW* Digital Appointment Kit (E-Kit) Solutions to a few problems... INTERN INSIGHT Bowlmor Launch and Learns Exposure to NALT Representative Challenge Product exposure Benefits Just one... shorter orientation Having an orientation was a nice start this year but I feel as though a half day would have sufficed Spacing out events such as the career panel would have made for more engaging meetings throughout the program Suggestions Project Recaps Project Recaps Q&A?

Avon Final Presentation

Transcript: Beauty Related Products = 73% of Revenue 1,154,059,200 SWOT Assessment Cut costs through creating new efficiency by eliminating duplicated work, streamline processes, improve cash flows and working capital. Price Target Market, Puts more effort into protecting kids Brand does not provide enough differentiation between other repellents to specifically seek out Skin So Soft Bug Guard Avon Discussion: Plus Skin Based on the information presented; what should we do? With Children 3.59 Average Household consumption per year 86.16 units per year 39,177,996 single units and 77,538,296 household units. Cap of 70% for urban households unlikely to buy product. Short Term Objectives: 12 1 Segments Considered (cont.) Natural Mothers will buy since product will, Fulfill the need to protect her family Provide 36 hours of water proof protection Protect from insects and bug bites Prove to be convenient Assuming: 6 Ounce Spray with 24 Servings 6 15 Product Overview Fridays, 2:25 "That is a deal breaker" The Few Positives Market Share Assessment Unit Justification for Product Pricing Features, Works for 36 hours Healthy for the skin (aloe) Water resistant Deet free Market Demand & Potential $1.00 per patch Lack of retail presence High saturation of market Lack of distinction between competition Low probability of obtaining a 5% market share Shrinking market by 19% by 2015 Justification For Pricing, Differentiation, Aloe property Brand recognition and loyalty Due to representative selling at a 35% commission there is a need for a higher price than The Bug Patch All 3 4 Guard 18 14 Average Number of Units Purchased Per Year Per Consuming Unit Decision Criteria No Go 16 Segments Considered Skin So Soft Bug Patch Skin nurturing attribute Capability to leverage strong Avon reputation 9 This represents 35.8% of the total retail pest control product market. The market is expected to shrink 19% through 2015. 8 To Be Successful, Product would have to be sold through a retailer Product Pricing Bug Average Score: 18.5/35 = 52.8 10 Per Adding Retail Channels, Beneficial for this product Overall too costly for the company Total Number of Consuming Units Jordan Teschendorf Luke Will Katherine Hale Stephen Amend 11 Target = 66.43% of Entire Market 17 Mothers, Avon is a woman focused company Product distribution methods Bug repellent is purchased by those with children 77,538,296 households with children 19 21 So Retail Distribution Competitive Assessment Our pricing is set to, $1 per unit which is a 20% mark-up from The Bug Patch and cheaper than the OFF! Clip-on. This is an assuming 50% mark-up on a a cost of $0.50 per unit. Additionally there is a commission of $0.35 per unit When product is sold through commission the total cost is $1.01 per unit. Our calculations show that this product could be absorbed into the market. Our market has the potential to purchase roughly 80 units per household. Achieving 0.063 units per household with the introduction of this product will be very difficult. A lack of big-box retail presence, strong substitutes, a lack of strong differentiation and a saturated market are large challenges which this product will need to face in its launch Without Children: 2.87 Average Household consumption per year 68.88 units per year Total Market Demand in Retail Sales Dollars 13 Market Demand = 160 Million Avon Products Inc. Average Avon's current channels include ONLINE and SALE REPRESENTATIVES 5 Skin-So-Soft is a beloved brand with a dedicated following. Introduced 50 years ago, it comes in a variety of body lotions, washes, scrubs and shower gels. Team Members Retail Sales Requirement: $7,372,800 Number of Units to be Sold: 7,372800 Avg. Number of Units Purchased Per Capita for the Target Segment: 0.063 Households: 0.021 units per household Households with Children: 0.042 units per household A V O N 2 Patch Deal Breakers Preferred Segment Chosen 7 Soft 20 86.16(0.661) + 68.88(0.336) = 80.10 22 11/30/12


Transcript: Avon uses the mode of selling their products through catalogs and its website Launch of the line 'AVON WELFARE'. From products to cosmetics products useful for the day to day, such as toothbrushes, portfolios and clothes. AVON have not standardized their prices. According to the market of each country, as well as the purchasing power of the population, edited the sales catalogs, with prices in line with the same. Housewives Cosmetics AVON Notes Men A market share strategy Fragrances Ideas Price Variation Makeup The Avon Foundation A market leader strategy Brushes The Avon Foundation fulfills its mission in all countries where there are operations of Avon, focusing on two key areas: the fight against breast cancer and support for the overcoming of the women. Skincare Ideas Babies Kids Ideas Personal Care TARGET Stephanie Vásquez Avon was established in the USA over 120 years ago by a 28 year old door-to-door bookseller, David McConnell. He discovered that the rose oil perfumes he was giving away as an added customer incentive were the very reason women were buying his books. The scene was set for him to realise a big dream, a fast-moving product line of superior quality merchandise, sold by a vast network of spirited entrepreneurs direct from the manufacturer to the homes of consumers. (Available at Website History A market profit Product Line Catalogue Women fron age 17 22.014.78 AVON is, at present, a world leader in sales of beauty products; its products are available in 143 countries by means of 4.4 million representatives of independent sales Hair Care

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