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Autodesk Maya Presentation

Transcript: Xage Apolony 2020-09-16 Autodesk Maya "used on every winning film since 1997." -Venturebeat Magazine Maya's History & Milestones What is "Maya?" What is Maya? Maya is an award-winning program by Autodesk and inspired by many animation programs used in movie production Maya was only originally produced specifically for 3D animation in filming Typically used for 3D movement animation, facial animation, & more Works similar to "Blender" What does "Maya" do? Facial animation Movement animation Full Body animating Environment animating Mechanical modeling Features & Layout Node & "wiring" components Clip, motion, graph editors Rendered & non-rendered viewports Addons & Connections Maya with Autodesk Arnold Autodesk Maya with Arnold CPU & GPU rendering Simple light processing, previewing, & rendering Global illumination (lights) Autodesk Bifrost Bifrost for Autodesk Maya Physics simulation Environmental physics simulation Fire physics Explosion physics Aerodynamic simulations Granular particles (sand, snow, etc.) Cloth animations Who can use Maya, and what for? Industry Usage Movie producers CGI editors Animators Photographers Geologists Personal animating businesses More endless possibilities Maya Maya with Arnold Monthly Sub: $265 Yearly Sub: $2,110 3-Year Sub: $5,695 Pricing Monthly Sub: $310 Yearly Sub: $2,470 3-Year Sub: $6,665 Disclaimer: Arnold does not come with Maya, it is subscribed separately The Beginning Created 23 Years ago (Estimated 1997) by Alias Sys. Corp. Originally animation product within several programs Was used for features animating by Wavefront Technologies Wavefront bought by Silicon Graphics Inc. Released 1.0 Patch in 1998 to the public as a release candidate 1997-1998 2002-2005 The Success Maya was used to produce 3 major movies in 2002 In 2003, Maya gained it's first Academic Award In 2005, it was rewarded a 2nd one, making software more notable for it's work on movies Bought out by Autodesk in 2005, Falling into their "Media & Entertainment" programs 3 Academy Award for Technical Achievement What Awards? Maya earned itself 2 Academic awards throughout this point in time, and another in the next The awards were for Maya's technological advancement in the growing Internet society & it's technological support in movies Team The Production Team Bill Kovacs Founder of Alias Corp. & Creator of Maya Dan Drake Founder of Autodesk Johnathan Walker Co-Founder of Autodesk 2008-2013 Maya's Next Gen. Earned their third Academy Award (2008) Re-branded to match Autodesk's new brand in 2013 2018-2020 Maya Today Released a revamped edition in 2018 Bifrost was created for Maya in 2019 Official stable release 5 months ago today What Now? (These are my ideas, not official) Disaster simulation? Humanoid-AI rendering? Out-of-world environment rendering (Moon, Mars, etc.) FUTURE Sources Wikipedia Links Maya: Alias: Academy Award: Autodesk: Wavefront: SGI: Other Links


Transcript: The begining... In 1994, John Walker decided to totally leave the company. He left to work on engineering in Switzerland. At this time AutoCAD still accounted for the large majority of Autodesk’s profits. The company had many other products, but none seemed to match the success of AutoCAD. However most of these programs were just extensions or add-ons to AutoCAD. Some examples of these programs include AutoSketch, which was a 2D design program, and AutoCAD designer, which allowed users to created solid models in AutoCAD, as opposed to hollow models. With the purchase of Softdesk in 1996, Autodesk began a new initiative to develop multiple versions of AutoCAD for specific sections of the industry. Softdesk itself was software for architecture, engineering, and construction, so these were three of the major areas Autodesk focused on. In addition to creating these multiple versions of AutoCAD, Autodesk began buying other smaller companies and incorporating them and their software into the Autodesk lineup Growing... The early ninety’s saw a transition for Autodesk. The company restructured itself into 5 main departments, each corresponding to a different version of AutoCAD that was dedicated to a specific field. Also during this time, Autodesk invested in, and then fully acquired the company Ithaca Software. Ithaca Software created the software Hoops Graphics System. This software was integrated into AutoCAD, which resulted in the program being easier to use for new and less savvy customers. Autodesk, Inc., is a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software. Between 1998 and now Autodesk has acquired over 30 different smaller companies, and have taken their software and either incorporated them into their own, sold their newly acquired software with an “Autodesk polish”. Some of the more significant acquisitions Autodesk has made are of Alias and Softimage, Co. Alias is the company that produced the program Maya and was purchased in 2006 for 197 million dollars. Softimage was purchased 2008 and developed a program of their namesake. With this transition to a public company, Walker’s role as founder changed from being project management to financial management, which was not in his favor. Thus, he stepped down from his head roll and started to directly work on programming for the company. He developed an AutoCAD software expansion for engineers that allowed for prices and schedules to be set up along side the design process In 1982, computer programmer and entrepreneur John Walker acquired the rights to the CAD program simply known as AutoCAD. Walker bought the program from its creator Michael Riddle for 10 million dollars. Walker created the company Autodesk around AutoCAD and the program was extremely popular and financially successful upon its completion. The success led to Autodesk going public in 1985. That commitment to both engineering and entertainment software seems to be one of the great hallmarks of the Autodesk Company. Since computer aided design can be so beneficial to both of those fields, and the people at Autodesk understand what is required for both fields, Autodesk has a wide variety software products that can appeal to a generalist or someone looking for software that does very particular tasks After many years of appending AutoCAD, Autodesk seemed to make its top priority acquiring other 3D software based companies. By acquiring all these different software, Autodesk made it so that all the software was up to a certain operational standard. It is interesting to theorize where Autodesk will go next and if they will continue to acquire any other big name companies. In 1994, Autodesk set up over 700 user training programs around the world. The programs helped teach users about and how to use various Autodesk programs. During this time, Autodesk also set up a system so that savvy users and companies to create their own add-ons to AutoCAD and other Autodesk programs. This allowed Autodesk’s programs to gain a large new level of customization and specific application for its users.

Autodesk Presentation

Transcript: At the moment, students prefer using Fusion 360 for furniture, bathroom utilities and different product designs, although various design softwares are used in the companies where they work as interns. Incase of a facing a problem while they are using the software, they reach me via whatsapp or by calling. I helped to tens of students, using Fusion 360 , during their internships. Last November, I have been awarded as the Student of the Month by Design Academy and I interviewed with Ms Espey for Student Highlight. Afterwards, I started working as Fusion Champion Student Expert since my designs reached to a high view volume. Gazi University, DesignNow Event 8th October, Ankara Rixos Grand Hotel Design Engineering Society, Faculty of Technology I was born in 1995, in Trabzon. I'm studying Industrial Design Engineering at Gazi University I learnt about Autodesk and Fusion 360 at DesignNow event organized by Mr Arin about 2 years ago. From that day I have been an active Fusion 360 user and I have been teaching the software to designers as well. Until now, I participated in 8 Autodesk activity/workshop including 5 Fusion 360 courses at universities. Karabuk University, DesignNow Event To-Do List Moreover, I organized a 2-month Fusion 360 course at my university. At Gazi University we learning Solidworks but the course became so effective that students converted from using Solidworks to Fusion 360. They do their homeworks with Fusion 360 now. Design, Manufacture and Technology Society, Faculty of Technology After the course I organized at my university, Dean of the faculty gave me a Certificate of Appreciation. Now on it will be very easy for me to reorganize new courses at my university. I am grateful to you for listening to me. Karabuk University, DesignNow Event 20th February, Ankara CerModern Gazi University, DesignNow Event Gazi University I believe , I will fulfill all expectations during the Catalyst experience. Design and Innovation Society, Faculty of Architecture I have deep Fusion 360 knowledge now. Morever I can teach Fusion 360 to any age from a primary school student to a master degree student. What I learned from my Fusion 360 experience is : Students pay much more attention and learn faster when they take the course from a student instead of a professional teacher. So that, I am very happy to be a member of Autodesk Education Experiences program. Automotive Engineering and Automotive Design Society, Faculty of Technology Gazi University, Fusion 360 Course I'm planning to visit Catalyst Furkan Günal in 3 months to talk about Fusion 360 and create DesignNow events in cooperation with them. Erciyes University, DesignNow Event I have trained more than 400 students at Gazi University, Erciyes University and Karabuk University. My designs were published in several promotional Autodesk products such as International Education Brochures and Calendars delivered to Turkish Academicians. Karabuk University, DesignNow Event

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