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Literacy Autobiography PowerPoint

Transcript: My strengths according to Accelerated Learning are Musical and Naturalistic. My weaknesses, however, are Bodily/Physical and Mathematical/Logical. As I started going into my later elementary years, I started to have a liking for the Harry Potter series. The topic of magic was always an appeal to me when I was younger. Growing up it was very hard for me to picture what was happening while reading, but the Harry Potter series allowed me to open up my mind and use my imagination. This made reading a more enjoyable experience for me. As I moved into my middle school years my teachers pushed me to pursue more advanced readings than the Harry Potter series. The House of the Scorpion was one of those books that grabbed my attention instantly and was extremely easy for me to focus, since it satisfied my love of sci-fi/fantasy. I remember being so terrified during some readings due to the suspense of the content, but that made the experience all the better for me as a reader. One of the more challenging books that I have read in my high school career would definitely have to be Leroux's "The Phantom of the Opera." Since I am extremely obsessed with the Broadway musical version, I was more than happy to read the book. Reading this book was an absolute thrill for me because it gave me the opportunity to see the "Phantom" character in a completely new light, and get more of a back story on him that the musical neglected to tell us (Did you know his name is Erik?). This book not only allowed me to grow as a reader, but it also challenged me to look deeper into a story, discover some of the hidden motives of characters, and also figure out why things are happening the way that they are. Reading this book also helped me in terms of growing my vocabulary. Since the story took place in the 17th century the dialogue used in the book was different than what I was used to. I had to look up certain terms, and at the end of the day it allowed me to have a better understanding of the story. "The Story of Ferdinand" was definitely one of my all time favorite books as a child. As a child I really connected with the character of Ferdinand and saw a lot of myself in him. Just like Ferdinand I wasn't one to go with the crowd, I wasn't fond of doing everything the other boys were doing (playing rough, playing sports, etc.), and I just preferred to be off somewhere just "smelling the flowers." When I was younger I definitely was not interested in reading books at all, but after reading "The Story of Ferdinand" it really opened my eyes to the world of literature and gave me the curiosity to go and explore what else was out there. Literacy Autobiography PowerPoint by: Tyler Omundsen

Autobiography Powerpoint

Transcript: My Teaching Autobiography by: Sara Brown My Best Practices Teaching Changes.... My Professional Teaching Journey.... My Teaching Evolution For the Future.... Teaching is Student Centered -Using differentiated instruction during lessons -Acting as a teaching guide as opposed to lecturing Teaching is Interactive -Encouraging constant collaboration amongst peers -Modeling positive relationships amongst peers Researched-Based Teaching Used -Using lessons and learning tools which are developmentally appropriate -Clearly outlining learning goals for each lesson Classroom Learning Environment -Rules and expectations are clearly outlined and followed in the classroom -Classroom decorations are helpful to academic success Teacher/Student Relationships -Teacher has a good handle on each student's home life -Positive relationships are built between teacher and students -Good choices and behaviors are noticed and rewarded Teaching Flexibility -Constantly reevaluating lessons to maintain high lesson quality -Changing lessons, schedules, routines, etc. whenever needed or on the fly -Encourage more interactive learning among the peers in my classroom by using collaborative activities. -Making lessons more student-centered by doing less direct teaching and more guided learning with me being a facilitator. -Using researched-based teaching in an across curriculum manner instead of in only one subject area. -Taking time to do more differentiation among lessons to cater to all learners in my classroom. -Graduated from BGSU with a degree in Early Childhood Education and an Intervention Specialist minor. -I did both methods and student teaching in a Kindergarten classroom in Oregon, OH. -Substitute taught for various grade levels for 1 month after graduating college. -Was hired into a rural school district (Wauseon, OH) and taught 1st Grade for 2 years. -Many cuts were made in my district causing my position to move for the following 3 years. I taught Kindergarten for 2 years and 2nd Grade for 1 year. -My district's financial state improved and I was assigned to stay in Kindergarten. I have taught Kindergarten for the past 2 years and will continue on in Kindergarten. -For 3 of my 7 years of teaching I have done co-teaching. Me Teaching!!


Transcript: Interdependence What is this Interdependence is when two countries rely on each other through their trade because each country has something the other country needs. Pros and cons of interdependence Review Questions Question #1 What does interdependence mean? Interdependence is when two countries rely on each other through trade because each country has something the other country needs. Question #2 What is not an example of interdependence? A non- example of interdependence is a person having food and water and doesn't need anything else and another person needing both but not having anything to give. Question #3 What is an example of interdependence? Someone needing water but having food and another person needing food but having water so they trade with each other for what each other needs thus making this an example of interdependence. Question #4 What are the countries in the example we showed you that use interdependence? Steve and Bob are the countries in the example and they traded lesson plans (education) for water. Question #5 What are some pros of interdependence? Pros of interdependence: Country A and Country B will always have a trading partner. Their will most-likely be no trade barriers beteween Country A and Country B. Also, since both countries have a good trading partner, their economies won't be bad. Question #6 What are some cons of interdependence? If country A runs out of what you need then it would make both of your countries economies crash because country A would lose a very important trading partner and country B would lose a place in which they can get the resources they need. Preguntas? Cons of interdependence: ?

Autobiography powerpoint

Transcript: Shared a Photo Past Graduate from high school and enroll into college (BMCC) Obtain an associates degree in nursing and then transfer to a four year college to obtain my bachelors. Work at Mount Sinai as a pediatric nurse Marlen Zurita My name is Marlen Zurita and I was born on January 1, 1998 at 4:00 a.m. My parent's raised my two siblings and myself in East Harlem. It is a neighborhood filled with lots of history, and various types of cultures. I attended the Head Start program and P.S.72 where my knowledge expanded. Photos like comment share like comment share Writing Reading Volleyball Inspirational person My son Jayden was born on January 4, 2015 and he is the center of my world. Jayden is my motivation to do well in school and I am working hard in order for us to have a bright future. I am Currently attending Vanguard High school and will be graduating June 20th. I am thankful to be able to have the opportunity to attend school while the Lyfe program takes care of my baby. A friend who had a big influence on my childhood, was my tutor named Gladys who would help me with my homework and taught me how to read and write. My love for writing came from her since we would spent hours reading in her living room. When asked the question of who inspires me, I always answer by saying that my mother is the women who I look up to. She is the strongest women that I know. The characteristics that I love most about her are the fact that she is down to earth, hardworking, and loveable. She has been there for me through thick and thin, and she is my super women. Journey of my life like comment share Present Future Interests

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