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auto body powerpoint

Transcript: The boat was not easy but not to hard. All we really had to do was sand it and then sand it again the bondo was a thing that we did the sand that down and then we put down fiberglass matting we grinded that down and then more bondo then sand it was pretty simple for the most part Details so for this little project used 400 grit sand paper, hot rod black paint, the hardener and a spray gun. we first sanded the shelves and the other things and then we painted them and then we sent them off and it was very simple it took time but with any good project it takes its time. Ok so this honda civic nearly killed me it was brought to us with the engine bay covered in bondo i tryied for so long to under stand why he thought it was necessaryto cover this in bondo. but he did and so we worked on it over and over and over again and we are still working on it. We recently got the engine bay primed and painted and clear coated and soon we will have to paint the whole thing. tools and proc. hey guys i will be talking about my experiences in autobody. By: Michael Kearley On the boat we used 80 grit sand paper, an air grinder, bondo, bondo spreader, and a bondo board. we had to sand it down with 80 because the gel coat it tough then we applied bondo to it sanded that and took off the stuff that didn't dry and then reapplied the bondo sanded that Mr.P noticed some crackes so we fiberglassed that thing then we grinded it down and bondoed it and then sanded it . and now it has been painted i have no ide what still needs to be don to it but not my problem right now . What else we did I will be so thankful when it is gone it has given me such a headache. AUTObody experiences tools and proc. heading this image is of me plastic welding and i would have more pictures but i was having a fun time learning something new and i had to limit the amount of staples i used because we were running out. the items i used was a cutter a hot stapler and a plastic welder, i also used a bumper to plastic weld. I used the cutter tool to cut the bumper, next i used the stapler the hold the to parts together then i pulled the long rods out and then i used a welding rod to weld the two peices together we had to do these bookshelves they were not hard there was just a lot of them so it got old really fast it was a fun project though we used a hot rod black which is my favorite color to paint. honda civic tools and proc. the boat the items we used was 180,80,320, and 600 grit sand paper,d.a,sponge block, hands,bondo spreader,bondo,bondo board. i believe that is all we used we first had to sand it and there was uneven amount in diffrent places it was bad but once we sanded it we had to rebondo it several times and then after that they painted it. me and spencer had to remove the orange peel and scuff it so it could be painted so we did. Oh yea i forgot the welding and the grinder spencer should remember that we did a good job there was an accident that i thought was hilarious. But it got fixed and that is all that matters. We used tape to tape all the places MR.P didnt want scuffed up on the body so we did and the we sanded and then wet sanded.


Transcript: Yushi is basically an authentic Asian cuisine turned into a modern Asian cuisine. We get our ideas of food from different Asian countries such as China, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnamese, Japanese, etc. We are basically a fast food chain place with the concept of an “Asian Subway/Chipotle”. Unlike these places, most of our food is freshly prepared. We receive fresh fish everyday, which are used for sushi and salads. We have just-made chilled and hot grab and go dishes. You have an option to try something different everyday due to the variety of options being provided. We review performance every 6 months. We keep tracks of their overtime. This shows that they are willing to put in extra hours for themselves as well as for the company. That shows the amount of dedication they have. Our employees are one of our top priorities. We want them to succeed as much as possible and reviewing performance is a great opportunity for them to show case their abilities and talent. How would you describe Yushi? YUSHI: ASIAN KITCHEN Date: October 26 2012 Time: 3pm Individual's name: Tenzing Jangchup Position: Human Resource Location of employment: 100 Maiden Street, New York, 10038 Contact Number: 9174344767 Email Address: BY: Dorje Sherpa what kind of training program does the company offer? Is it highly structured or more informal? How often do you review performance? In order to determine the status of an employee, performing Evaluation programs is very helpful and important. It helps the HR and the manager figure out how the employees are performing. In Yushi, Jangchup evaluates his employees once every 6 months. In my opinion it should be taking place 2-3 times every six months. There are employees who might not be able to stick with the job for 6 months. It’s a very long gap that needs to be filled with the records of the employee and their progress that they have made so far. Application -Interview -Hired on Spot -Orientation _start off your first day at work. When we first opened our restaurant in Maiden Lane, we had an orientation, which lasted for a week. One of our executive Chef Danny Lachs talked about the background information of company such as when we were created and what influenced us to open up a food chain such as Yushi. It is highly structured because we planned out the orientation before hands. We have a process of going through all the information they need to know about the job and their position. We train our employee before the restaurant operates. asd NEGATIVE ASPECTS EMPLOYEE SELECTION THE END

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