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Autism Puzzle Piece Powerpoint Template

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Puzzle Piece

Transcript: Our Puzzle Problem statement A local office furniture manufacturing company throws away tens of thousands of scrap 3/4 inch hardwood cubes that result from its furniture construction processes. The material is expensive, and the scrap represents a sizable loss of profit. Fine Office Furniture, Inc. would like to return value to its waste product by using it as the raw material for desktop novelty items that will be sold on the showroom floor. Design, build, test, document, and present a three-dimensional puzzle system that is made from scrap hardwood cubes. The puzzle system must provide an appropriate degree of challenge to middle school students. Design Statement design statement The puzzle must be fabricated from 27 3/4 inch hardwood cubes. The puzzle system must contain exactly five puzzle parts. each individual puzzle part must consist of four to six hardwood cubes that are permanently attached to each other. at least two puzzle parts must be made up of six hardwood cubes. no two puzzle parts can be the same. The five puzzle parts must assemble to form a 2 1/4 inch cube some puzzle parts should interlock students in grades 4-9 should need an average of 5-7 minuets to solve the puzzle adults should need an average of 10-15 minuets to solve the puzzle. Criteria/constraints Criteria/ Constraints How did we find the number of cubes for each piece? We used a tree diagram to find the right number combination for our puzzle brainstorming ideas brainstorming and sketches trial and error Shape of the pieces? Shape? Piece 1 sketch #1 Piece 2 sketch #2 Piece 3 sketch #3 Piece 4 sketch #4 piece 5 sketch #5 cube layers Our prototype was most successful.. Most of the student were successful on solving the puzzle. Some student solve it in 20 seconds others did not solve the puzzle in time. Descriptions Test descriptions test Prototype The Prototype was mostly solved in 4-7 Minuets. Some people had it the first 30 sec other failed Prototype The graph data shows how long each pod took on solving the puzzle.Now the class decided each person would take 5-7 minutes but for us that wasn't the case each group reduced their time by a minute or two. Graph Data Subtopic Based on the data we got I would say it was not the hardest but also not the easiest because some groups took 40 seconds on it and others took 3 minutes so I would say it was not the hardest at all. Difficulty Subtopic

Puzzle piece

Transcript: presented by Isabella Trivett,Mia Impiazzi,Zachary Lake,Muhammed Durrani What is expo What is expo Dubai is hosting world expo 2020. a body of 167 member states that oversees selection ad organizing of world expo's, voted in paris on wednesday to award the 2020 event to Dubai rather than competing cities izmir in turkey , sao paulo in Brazil and Ekaterinburg in Russia the EXPO event is bringing commuities together in a better way. Meet the team Meet the team Project leader Innovation leader Mia impiazzi Marketing director Isabella Trivett Design director Muhammed durrani Zachary lake Finance director introduction introduction puzzle piece is going to be an ispiration to a family and friend bonding expirience for all,a fun filled destination is the only way to describe puzzle piece with games on each floor, kids can explore thier freedom from different point of view structual design structual design why puzzle piece? why puzzle piece? our team together decided on the name puzzle piece mainly because the structure is technicly puzzle and the player is the piece that is needed to complete the sybolises the join between the community. Finance Finance Us puzzle piece have calculated that in six months we will gian 25,250,000AED in six months! With the ticket cost at 60 dhs for children and 75dhs for an anual pass 175 dhs and for the party it cost 150 dhs The puzzle peice building cost 4,500,025 so we have 500,075 left plus the urning we will have 607,075 Govement funded 4000000AED buy in from other contries 1000000 AED Base of plan Base of plan Puzzle piece is supposed to be a destination to forget about all the odds in youre life and just to enjoy the now.each floor with exploration and adventure sized board games,children will seize the oppertunity to climb to the top of this unique puzzle! addvertisement will be shown during presentation Thank you for listening! Sponsored by GameWay Park, food level, Atom, SPT, Monster recycling, Waviom, Thank you for listening!

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