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Transcript: Iapetus (from the titans) Clymene (from the oceanids Titan Atlas Atlas Parents Atlas is the titan of astronomy and navigation. He gets punished for supporting Cronus against Zeus Name meaning One who Suffers, Endures, Dares (atlaô) Punishment Atlas sided with the Titans during their War with the Olympian Gods. The Olympian Gods won the war and cast all titans into Tartarus (depths of the Underworld). But Atlas was singled out by Zeus for a special punishment and made to hold up heavens with bare hands and bear their weight on his shoulders forever. Brothers & Sisters Prometheus (Titan god of forethought) Epimetheus (Titan god of afterthought) Menoetius (Titan god of violent anger) Atlas Wife & Kids Heracles had been told that he would never get the apples without the help of Atlas. Atlas was happy to help, since it meant being relieved of his burden. He told Heracles to hold the pillar while he went into the garden of the Hesperides to retrieve the apples. Heracles took the pillar while Atlas went to get the apples. He was successful and returned quickly enough, but in the meantime he had realized how pleasant it was not to have to strain for eternity keeping heaven and earth apart. So he told Heracles that he'd have to fill in for him for an indeterminate length of time. Heracles agreed, But he said that he needed a cushion for his shoulder, and he wondered if Atlas would mind taking back the pillar just long enough for him to fetch one. The Titan graciously obliged, and Heracles strolled off, and never returned. Atlas was married to the titaness Pleione (protectress of sailing) who he had three kids with. Hyades (nymphs of the five stars of the constellation), Hyas (spirit of seasonal rains,) and Pleiades (seven sisters). He was temporarily relieved of this punishment by Heracles, who needed the Titan's help to retrieve the Golden Apples of the Hesperides. Work cited

atlas powerpoint

Transcript: Empire of Atlas Structure of our Empire Emperor and Empress are by royal blood, the emperor is always someone from the region of Zeus and the empress from the Region of Hera and they have to get married to become the rulers. Each region has their own king and queen The king and queen will be chosen by the empress every 5 years Background (How it's ran) Our region is based on greek mythology with advanced technology Each region is named after a god or goddess Each region is named after a god or goddess Our region is based on greek mythology with advanced technology Atlas flag primary colors black, white, and gold Resources Natural Resources The natural Resources in our Empire Atlas are: Diamonds, Gold, silver, and a high concentration of Titanium, Thanks to our rich land and high percentage of scientist is that our empire has prosper and become the #1 empire of the world and have achieved numerous advance in technology. Their are chips inserted in the wrists which show your currency, and identity which makes identity theft impossible. Your identity and currency will only show when you want it to show and if someone tries to force you the chip will send signal to the police. You control it with your mind, For Example: If you want to transport money somewhere You will need to think the process in your mind and how much you want to give. Money The language spoken in our empire is English and Greek Our writing system is based on Greek alphabet and English alphabet Language Technology All of our transportation run by solar energy. At night a sort of portable charger will be giving energy to the vehicle to keep it moving, you will need to charge them during day so they can last all night. Flying Horses also known as Pegasus, cars and motorcycles power by solar energy, royal palaces have a teleportation to move between regions and make it easier to go to reunions of the empire. Kinds of Transportation College will be free for everyone as long as they have the GPA for it. GPA requirement would be 3.0 - 4.0 to go to a Private college anyone with a GPA lower will have to go and learn a trait like : Culinary art, mechanic , barber etc. School The three theories in our society Theories Functionalist:Our empire is built to be stable and come together as one. What we have in our empire is respect towards each other for being different. conflict:Although our society is a functionalist and stable there will be some type of commotion Symbolic interventionist:People will always act different with every other person.

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