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Mikayla Powerpoint ASTHMA

Transcript: In 2012, more than 18 million adults and 6 million kids have asthma. Boys are 2x more likely to develop asthma compared to girls Colored people (African Americans) have a higher risk of having a fatal (deadly) attack. My sister (Myklene) and Dad have asthma. Additional facts about ASTHMA Thanks for being an awesome audience! By Mikayla Attaway When tobacco smoked is inhaled it irritates the moist linings in the airways. Allergies are another factor that affects asthma. If you are allergic to let's say pollen, your lungs get all swollen if not pre-treated. That is why when you have asthma you would need to take allergy pills. Well, Asthma is a condition that affects your lungs and how you breathe. When you breathe your lungs have tubes called "Airways" (aka breathing tubes) When you are an asthmatic, your aiways get all red, swollen, and sensitive eventually build up mucus.(EW!) What causes asthma exactly? What is Asthma, Exactly? Lastly you can also use anti-infamatory pills. These pills prevent asthma attacks. How to treat Asthma? The word asthma came from the Greek language meaning "sharp breathe." Italian physician Bernardino Ramazzini found asthma in his patient in the early 1900's. In the 1960's asthma researchers discovered that asthma is a inflammotory disease. All about Asthma Another way to treat asthma is steroids. (NOT THE ONES YOU TAKE TO GET MUSCLES!!)These ones help open up your airways. Cold air is another factor as well. Usauly when it's cold out, you can get sick. When you get sick you have a highter chance of having an asthma attack compared to when you were well. One way to treat asthma is you can take a Bronchodilator, Which if you didn't know opens up the airways.


Transcript: Moderate Differential Diagnosis Bloods Sputum culture, FBC, U&E, CRP, Blood cultures Risk of death Specialist supervision indefinitely Investigation Prominent dizziness, light-headedness, peripheral tingling Chronic productive cough in absence of wheeze or breathlessness Repeatedly normal examination of chest when symptomatic Voice disturbance Symptoms with colds only Significant smoking history (>20 pack years) Cardiac disease Normal PEF or spirometry when symptomatic > symptoms PEF >50-75% best or predicted No features of acute severe asthma Diagnosis Less likely if: Characteristic Pattern of symptoms Absence of alternative explanation More Likely if: Acute Asthma Clinical Severe breathlessness, tachypnoea, tachycardia, silent chest, cyanosis or collapse PEF or FEV1 PEF1 = expressed as% of the patients previous best value is most useful clinically Pulse oximetry SpO2  adequacy of oxygen therapy and need for ABG Aim of oxygen therapy = maintain 94-98% ABG SpO2 < 92% or other features of life threatening require it <PaO2 & <PaCO2 = hyperventilation If > PaC02  HDU/ICU for ventilation Chest X-ray Not unless Suspect pneumothorax, consolidation, life threatening asthma, fail to respond to treatment, require ventilation >1 of: Wheeze, breathlessness, chest tightness and cough Especially if: Worse at night and early morning In response to exercise, allergen, cold After taking aspirin or beta blockers History of atopic disorder Fx asthma/atopic disorder Widespread wheeze on auscultation Otherwise unexplained low FEV1 or PEF (2 readings) Otherwise unexplained peripheral blood eosinophilia Pulmonary OedemaCOPD Large airway obstruction – foreign body/tumour SVC obstruction – wheeze/dyspnoea not episodic Pneumothorax PE Bronchiectasis Obliterative bronchiolitis Asthma Acute Management


Transcript: What can you do to help? Asthma treatment can vary from anti-inflammatory and bronchodilator asthma inhalers to oral medications to asthma drugs delivered in an asthma breathing machine. Asthma treatments How is asthma treated? Asthma Why is asthma a risk? In mild-to-moderate cases, asthma can improve over time, and many adults even become symptom free. If you know somebody that has asthma you could learn what to do or how to help them if they have an asthma attack or help them find out what triggers their asthma What is the disorder? One of the most severe risk factors of asthma is cardiac stress. This risk factor is caused by the inability of your lungs to accept and process enough oxygen during your normal respiratory cycles during periods of extreme exertion. References By: Matt Baird Medication Drugs What is the long term outlook for the treatment Scientists have identified seven genes linked to childhood asthma that paves the way for new treatments. British researchers picked out new targets for drugs or antibody agents that could be developed within ten years. The international study looking at DNA from more than 26,000 people found several genetic variants that substantially increase susceptibility to asthma in children. What research is taking place? Inhaler Asthma Nebulizer Asthma is the common chronic inflammatory disease of the airways. It causes the bronchi in your lungs to swell, constricting the airways in your lungs, making it difficult for you to breathe. Even in some severe cases, adults may experience improvement depending on the degree of obstruction in the lungs and the timeliness and effectiveness of treatment. In about 10% of severe persistent cases, changes in the structure of the walls of the airways lead to progressive and irreversible problems in lung function, even in aggressively treated patients. Long-term outlook generally depends on severity:

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