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Transcript: Quibbles Myths John Winthrop Oral tradition and oral lore is cultural material and tradition transmitted orally from one generation to another. The messages or testimony are verbally transmitted in speech or song and may take the form, for example, of folktales, sayings, songs, or chants. Assertion Lady Madeline is Roderick ushers twin sister. Roderick and Madeline are the only two left living in the house. She suffers from a strange disease and dies. Gloom is the scary noise and the way things look within the stories like the sighs, moans, howls and the eerie sounds and the rusty buildings. Therefore the suspense that follows after those noises. For example in "Rappaccini's Daughter" The mansion is old and very gloomy. Your introduction is your first paragraph in your essay. the introduction always explains your prompt. It starts your paper off. Repent is admitting to your sins , for insistence in the Crucible when you repented you would spend an eternity in hell for it. (you must blame others for bewitching you) It's good because you wont be hanged Evidence supports the assertion or any topic sentence. You get your evidence from the sources that are handed to you. Then you embedded your evidence correctly. the hook is the first sentence of a introduction paragraph. The hook is what draws in the reader. The hook is usually interesting. a traditional story . one concerning the early history of a people or explaining some natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events. For example "The World on a Turtles back" the mother is pregnant with twins and one twin is born out of her armpit. Naked is without any clothing on. In the Crucible they were doing a ritual in the woods and some of the girls got naked. in Gothic literature, death is horrific because it is often not quite the end. This prevents the human wish for certainty. There is also the family of the dead who return in " The Fall of the House of Usher". Oral Tradition By: Nikki Hurla Hour: 5 Universal principles are more important than individual traits. In native american literature there is not much attempt to characterize to the charters in the story. Universal principles are what make the story into a moral lesson. Values Confessions Hook Puritan Evidence Puritans is a type of religion that was attempt to "purify" the church of England in the 1600s because they did not approve of the church. Puritans were punished severely for their heretical ideas. Puritans were not allowed to dance. Execution is getting forced to your death. In the Crucible many were executed for telling the truth. Values are what supports and validates a creation myth. Values guide people though the trials of life. Value can also be thought of as morals. Folktales Suspense Thesis is your last sentence in your introduction paragraph. Your thesis answers the prompt and it your opinion Assertion is the first sentence of your body paragraph. The assertion states the main point you will be discussing in your body paragraph. This is also known as a topic sentence or claim. Universal Principles During the Crucible, confessions played a big role in life or death. If you confessed to witchcraft, you would sit in jail and be judged for the rest of your life, but if you didn't confess to witchcraft you would be hung. ' I'd have you see some honesty in it. Let them that never lied die now to keep their souls" (P. 204). ABC Book the term, taken from Matthew 5:14-16 was coined by John Winthrop, the governor of the puritan community in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The concept reflects their belief that god had put aside this piece of land for them to serve as an example to others. Introduction Background information provides explanation of the topic you are discussing that will lead into your evidence. The Background information also shows your knowledge of the topic. the background information is not only provided in your introduction paragraph, but also in your body paragraphs. Repent eXecution Suspense is a feeling of curiosity, anxiety, or uncertainty,or uncertainty about the outcome of events. Suspense is an emotional process. Suspense is created though the setting Witch craft is the practice of magic. In the crucible many people are falsely accused with witch craft. They were sentenced to be hung to death Lady Madeline A folktale is a story or a legend forming a part of an oral tradition. It also has many beliefs and myths and usually involves a trickster. For insentience in "Coyote and The Buffalo" The coyote was always tricking the Buffalo. Thesis Gloom Background information! An evasion of the point of an argument by raising irrelevant distractions or objections. For insistence when Abigail and John were fighting in the wood John told Abigail to stay away and she threatened him by saying she saw Elizabeth in her dreams Witch craft Death Naked

Assertion - Evidence - Commentary

Transcript: Here's my assertion: This means providing CONTEXT. Context is: 1.) Lead-in/background information. 2.) A brief EXPLANATION of the topic you are discussing that will lead into your EVIDENCE! We made it to the HOLY GRAIL and wrote an entire paragraph! Next... include EVIDENCE! Some things to remember when it comes to EVIDENCE: Make sure the evidence you are including SUPPORTS your ASSERTION. Make sure it is EMBEDDED (integrated smoothly) into the text of the paper. Do NOT throw the quote in at the end of the paragraph! Here's my CONTEXT (added to my assertion): Justin Timberlake surpasses all other musical artists. COMMENTARY IS... Your comment, response, or explanation of how the evidence PROVES the assertion. It makes the connection between evidence and assertion. Do NOT restate the quote in your own words. (This is the most important part of the paragraph. It demonstrates YOUR critical thinking!) After you make an assertion... you EXPLAIN your assertion. The first sentence of your paragraph is called the ASSERTION. ASSERTION = TOPIC SENTENCE/REASON This sentence introduces YOUR main idea for the entire paragraph. - It also answers the question asked in the prompt. - This is YOUR viewpoint in regards to the prompt. - Make sure you avoid first person: "I think" or "I believe." Example Prompt: Who is the best music artist? Why? After your EVIDENCE... Unpack your evidence by providing COMMENTARY. Let's "rock your body" paragraphs! Lead into your quote! Here's my COMMENTARY added on: Now it's YOUR turn! Justin Timberlake surpasses all other musical artists. He is a pop singer that has won nine Grammy Awards as well as other prestigious music awards. Some musical critics regard him as "the songbird of our generation" (83). He has been able to bring millions of people together with his lyrics and blue eyes. When listening to his music, fans can cry or dance, but always sing along. Timberlake will continue to inspire young artists to pursue their dreams. Justin Timberlake surpasses all other musical artists. He is a pop singer that has won nine Grammy Awards as well as other prestigious music awards. Some musical critics regard him as "the songbird of our generation" (83). Assertion - Evidence - Commentary Here's my EVIDENCE (added to my assertion and context): Let's put on my suit and tie and start from the beginning.... Justin Timberlake surpasses all other musical artists. He is a pop singer that has won nine Grammy Awards as well as other prestigious music awards. This is the bulk of your paragraph!


Transcript: The characters hope to be..."whales". Page 22 "A whale is someone who can lose a million dollars at cards-and not give a damn." Interview Reasons Why ..... No. This should NOT be in the Freshmen Math Class Summary: MIT school Card Counting Team Micky Rosa and Kevin Lewis Vegas; $$$$$$ Casino's suspicion Fisher and Martinez in Bahamas Creation of New Team Result Refutation Math is Missing: A lesson plan the students could relate to. Would you want students to relate to gambling? ESPN The Magazine's writer Bill Simmons specifically said in his book review: "This book made me want to gamble! Vegas! Vegas!" Quote: YOU CAN'T MAKE A LESSON PLAN FROM THIS! Should not be in cirriculum A relatable book should be used 21: Bringing Down The House By: Ben Mezrich Even though they get "backroomed" and become "dinosaurs"... THEY STILL GAMBLE TODAY Assertion -Using your knowledge for the wrong reason is acceptable. Chapter 4 "We're not cheating, all we're doing is using our MIT education to our advantage." -Lying is permissible when you're earning money. Chapter 11 "Kevin felt pathetic because he didn't have the nerve to tell his father about the money, but he knew his father would think he was lying to the government." -Relying on gambling is a sustainable way to live. Chapter 21"Kevin realized, Fisher and Martinez had nothing else besides their Vegas gambling lives, and they we're still doing better than him. Maybe it was time for Kevin to take some risks in his life." Recommendation Continued Themes Students Shouldn't Be Learning

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