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Assembly Line

Transcript: When: December, 1, 1913 Assembly Line By: Jaleen Roberts Why was the assembly line invented in the first place? 1974 Silver Arm: The 20th Century (Cont.) Victor Scheinman forms his own company and started marketing the Silver Arm. It is capable of assembling small parts together using feedback from touch and pressure. 1961 George Devol's Robot: Henry Ford produced his first assembly line involving the frame of the car attached to a tow rope that took the frame around a room where different workers would assemble the same part on each car. The 21st Century (Cont.) Who: Henry Ford The Five Double-U's This was the peak in the Model T’s production. Utilizing the assembly line, 1.8 million cars were produced in one year. Jan. 1, 1969 The Stanford Arm: 1954 The Robotic Age Is Born: Olds proves the assembly line’s efficiency by quadrupling the output of vehicles in his factory. He moved from 425 in 1901 to 2,500 to in 1902. Victor Scheinman created the Scheiman arm, a robotic 6-axis arm. It was the first robotic arm that could move things and assemble things in continues patterns repeatedly. The arm's design becomes a standard and is still influencing the design of robot arms today. 1901 The Curved Dash: Oct. 7, 1913 Henry Ford: 1902 Power Of The Line: General Motors installs first robotic arm to use on assembly lines. This was installed in Trention, New Jersey. The arm weighed 4,000 pounds and cost $25,000. At this point Japanese and Italian companies use robotic assembly lines to manufacture cars. This sparked a surge in worldwide robotics usage. The 21st Century Automotive companies showered robotic companies with investments. Which allowed them to make more robots and caused more companies to buy robots. 1914 Double Wage Day: The invention of the assembly line revolutionized the automobile industry and the concept of manufacturing worldwide. Jan., 1924 The Peak: Ransom Olds produced a curve dash by using a progressive assembly, which used a horizontal plane that was easy to move around on wheels and sped up the car-making process exponentially. Where: Highland Park Ransom Olds uses the assembly line in his Olds Auto Factory. He also patents the concept of the assembly line. General Motors, also using the assembly line, and introducing the idea of paying cars on credit, took over the business that Ford had started, overshadowing Ford and leaving 75% of Americans buying cars on credit. What: Assembly Line Unimation, a company working in robotics is created. It was founded Joseph F. Engelberger, and later George Devol Was appointed Co-Head of the company. Jan. 1980 The Dawning : George created the "Programmed Article Transfer". Henry Ford doubled the assembly line worker’s wages from $2.50 to $5.00, and reduced the work day from nine hours to eight hours. This spurred tons of workers to join the assembly profession and allowed more and more cars to be made at cheaper prices. The Assembly Line Today The Future Assembly Line 1980 The Money : The 20th Century 1961 The Installation: Jan., 1901 The Patent: May 26, 1927 G.M.:

Assembly line

Transcript: In an assembly line, each worker is assigned one very simple yet specific task, which he or she repeats, and then the process moves to the next worker who does his or her assignment. This continues until the product is complete. It is a way to quickly and efficiently produce items. All workers do not have to be human; robotic workers can make up an assembly line as well. Discussion: What other products can assembly lines aide in the production of? Has your view on if assembly lines are efficient or not changed? Why or why not? ******************************* Exit Question PB & J assembly line There will be five steps to this assembly line. First person: Get bread out of bag and place on plate. Second person: Spread jelly Third Person: Spread peanut butter. Fourth Person: Slice PB & J in half. Fifth person: Place sandwich in the ziploc bag provided. Form into two groups to perform as an assembly line and one person perform alone. The two groups, consisting of five people, will perform the five steps as an assembly line while the individual performs alone. The first one to create five, neat sandwiches wins! The Assembly Line An assembly line is a series of workers and machines in a factoyr where identical products are assembled in steps. An assembly line can also be known as a production line. December 1, 1913. This is the day Henry Ford, creator of the Ford automobiles, successfully installed the first moving assembly line to mass produce his cars. Assembly lines today can be used to produce cars, airplanes, buses, tennis shoes, and other common products. Fords assembly line cut the time producing cars from twelve hours into two and a half hours. This made is easier and cheaper to produce cars that the average person could afford

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