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Transcript: Two linked hydrologic models Groundwater: SEAWAT Surface water: SWIFT2D Relevance Trilemma How do we model Water-Quality Model: a Reaction Simulation Engine (aRSE) Noe &Childers, 2007 Where do we model open boundaries Swain et al, 2005 SICS Water Quality Linked models (FTaRSELOADDS) Uncertainty Alternate-direction implicit method to solve conservation of mass and momemntum equations Vertically averaged Solute transport Salinity-density relationship for variable-density hydrodynamics Complexity: Because the world is too complex for us to grasp, yet we need to know what it will it will do. Uncertainty: We need to know what it will do so what we do doesn't make things more difficult for us Why do we model Classic example: The Everglades Hydrologic Model: Flow & Transport in a Linked Overland-Aquifer Density Dependent System (FTLOADDS Stuart Muller ADAPTIVE, SPATIALLY-DISTRIBUTED, MECHANISTIC WATER-QUALITY MODELING: AN APPLICATION TO SIMULATE PHOSPHORUS CONDITIONS IN THE VARIABLE-DENSITY SURFACE WATERS OF THE SOUTHERN EVERGLADES Why do we model our world? FTLOADDS Stuart Muller RSE Sensitivity Location: Southern Inland & Coastal Systems (SICS) Why do we model? Because the world is too complex for us to grasp, but we need to know what it will do Souces of complexity: domain modeling framework variables/processes equations Water Quality results Adaptive Mechanistic Water-Quality Modeling 150 m "point"source Swain et al, 2005 SICS Hydrology Dynamic system simulations Think STELLA with powerful numerical solutions for differential equations User-defined state-variables and equations User-control over water-quality biogeochemistry Complexity Two appraoches: mechanistic & empirical

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