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Artificial Intelligence

Transcript: What is Artificial Intelligence? The Future The Progress Goes all the way back as early as the 1950's . Some would argue that the event historically was the publication of the paper that was entitled "Computing Machinery and Intelligence" by Alan Turing who was a British Mathematician. (Metapyhsics, 2005) The power of computers has raidly increased and with the new technologies such as three dimensional chips and photon computing, computers are decades away from being a reality. Computers are precise in their caluculations unlike human brains and their memory will not fade over time. (Metaphysics, 2005) Artificial Intelligence could have different meanings for everyone however, Artificial Intelligence is basically the study of man-made occupational devices and systems that can be made to act in a way of being intelligent. Berkeley, Istvians. 1997 References The Birth of Artificial Intelligence The Progress photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli One of the simplest examle of Artificial Intelligence is the pebble picking game using Delphi. In the game, the computer simulates the psychological learning process of animal and learning by correcting, not repeating mistakes. (Gajic, Zarko. 2010) Artificial Intelligence Exampes Examples What is Artificial Intelligence? Table of Contents The Birth The Future Gajic, Zarko. A Simple Example of Artificial Intelligence using Delphi. Retrieved 10/25/12 from The future is just what it is, the future. Artificial Intelligence will be the future. It was predicted in the 1950's and it is coming to pass. Computers will one day rule the world. (Berkeley, Istvians N. 1997) Berkeley, Istvians N. PHd. 1997. Retrieved 10/25/12 from www. The Academy of Evolutionary Metophysics. 2005. Advancing Technology. Retrieved 10/25/12 from References Torrie Pinkins

Artificial Intelligence

Transcript: SYSTRAN SYSTRAN is the market leading machine translation solutions provider. The company's advanced language translation software helps enterprises and individuals communicate more effectively in multiple languages. SYSTRAN's software instantly translates text from and into 52 languages for individuals to understand and publish any type of information. Use of SYSTRAN products and solutions increases business productivity in enterprise collaboration, eCommerce, customer support, knowledge management, search, and other initiatives. In 2009 SYSTRAN extended its position as the industry's leading innovator by introducing the first hybrid machine translation engine. This breakthrough combines the advantages of linguistic technology with statistical techniques so the software automatically learns from existing and validated translations. SYSTRAN's hybrid machine translation solution is easy and quick to customize. The self-learning techniques allow users to train the software to any specific domain or business objective to achieve cost-effective publishable quality translations. For more than 40 years, SYSTRAN products and solutions continue to be the choice of leading global corporations (Symantec, Cisco, EADS), Internet portals (Yahoo!®, Lycos®, AtlaVista™), and public agencies like the US Intelligence Community and the European Commission. *directly taken from Founded by Dr. Peter Toma in 1968. This is one of the oldest machine translation companies Done extensive work for the U.S. Department of Defense & European Commission In 2006 they has decreased by 70 percent Established in La Jolla in California to work on translating from Russian to English for the U.S. Air Force during the Cold War. The company was sold to the Gachot Family in 1986. They were based in Paris, France. Translating about twenty-one different languages, ranging from Arabic to Urdu. Internet Plugin: fluid navigation (enables automatic translation to all webpages) Mircosoft Word Plugin: translate paper by clicking "translate," offers side-by-side translation. Microsoft Powerpoint Plugin: translate page, similar to Word plugin "SYSTRAN - About Systran." SYSTRAN - Online Translation, Translation Software and Tools. Web. 19 May 2011. <>. "SYSTRAN Professional Premium and Standard Translation Software." Translation Software & Services Company. Web. 24 May 2011. <>. "SYSTRAN." Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Web. 23 May 2011. <>. what is? Dictionary Manger About Resources Level 1: support of special characters, only allows to UD, which is not customizable. Level 2: printable dictionaries, search, browse, and download online dictionaries. Level 3: multilingual dictionary, being able to handle abbreviations used for chats. SYSTRAN Toolbar

Artificial Intelligence

Transcript: Expert Systems Lisp is a programming language created by John McCarthy and is still commonly used in artificial intelligence today. Name from LISt Processing. Second oldest programming language. A mathemetician, a respected scientist and a code breaker during the war who decoded german messages from the enigma machine. Created the Turing machine. This acts as a way of judging whether computers have acheived intelligence by hiding a computer and a person behind a screen, asking them a question and then getting them and the 'intelligent' computer to type an answer. If people can't tell the difference between the computers answer and the users answer then the computer is said to be 'intelligent. Artificial Intelligence LISP John McCarthy Known as the 'father' of artificial intelligence First introduced the term 'artificial intelligence' at the Dartmouth conference in 1955. This was a pivotal moment in the history of AI, and the place where the leaders of AI research would meet together for the first time to discuss the concept. Alan Turing The 1940s was when the first digital computers were invented, bought on by WW2. This was when the British code breaking computer, the Colossus was first built to decode German messages. The first general purpose computer, the ENIAC, was also built however it was so huge it took up 1000 square feet of floor space and used enough electricity to dim a section of a large town. 1940s Expert systems are a branch of artificial intelligence, and are programs designed to solve problems in specific subject areas (eg. medicine) using a knowledge base compiled by many people who are experts in their fields. The most commonly used type of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

Transcript: Intelligence planning understanding analysing categorizing learning calculating reasoning solving Different perspectives Major Topics Semantic Nets Inheritance Frames Object-Oriented Programming Search Trees Goal Trees Search Spaces Semantic Trees Major Branches of Artificial Intelligence Robotics Vision Systems Some examples A.L.I.C.E ? Stanford Resarch Institute: Shankey the robot demonstrated combining movement, preception and problem solving. Expert System Example Strong AI Learning Systems Can a machine think? Artificial Intelligence involves using methods , based on the intelligent behavior of humans and other animals to solve complex problems. John McCarty coins the term "artificial intelligence" as the topic of the Dartmounth Conference, the firts conference devoted to the subject. The mathematician Alan Turing proposes a test for machines intelligence. Semantic Nets "HAL" (above) starts in "2001:A Space Odyssey." 1969 A semantic network is used when one has knowledge that is best understood as a set of concepts that are related to one another. 1950 Inheritance is a relationship that can be particularly useful in AI and in programming. The idea of inheritance is one that is easily understood intuitively. Robotics LISP C3PO and R2D2 star in "Star Wars" A Kawasaki robot kills a Japanese mechanic during a malfunction. Thomas Evans' program, ANALOGY. 1997 2005 Learning Systems Firts industrial robot company, Unimation, founded. 1985 Consists of hardware and software that stores knowledge and makes inferences,similar to a human expert. Knowledge representation (KR) is an area of artificial intelligence research aimed at representing knowledge in symbols to facilitate inferencing from those knowledge elements, creating new elements of knowledge. Natural Language Processing 1972 History Of Artificial Intelligence What's Your Biggest Question about Artificial Intelligence? Computers understand and react to statements and commands made in a natural language,such as English. Knowledge Representation Inheritance 1963 1950s Thanks for the listen me. and Don't forget; “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” Albert Einstein example Human is a most developed machine.... LISP is a language that more closely resembles the imperative programming languages such as C++ and Pascal than does PROLOG. 1977 Weak AI Neural Networks Search Trees Expert Systems Include hardware and software that permit computers to capture,store, and manipulate visual images and pictures. A.I. Arthur Samuel's checkers program wins games againts the best human players. Computers understand and react to statements and commands made in a natural language,such as English. Computer changes how it functions or reacts to situations based on feedback. Stanley, a robot Volkswagen Touareg, designed by a team of Stanford University engineers, wins the DARPA Grand Challenge award by traveling autonomously for 132 miles through a desert. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 1960s-1990s 1971 Natural Language Processing Example PROgramming in LOGic Involve developing mechanical or computer devices that perform tasks requiring a high degree of precision or that are hazardous for humans. PROLOG is a language designed to enable programmers to build a database of facts and rules, and then to have the system answer questions by a process of logical deduction using the facts and rules in the database. 1959 LISt Programming Artificial intelligence is the study of systems that act in a way that to any observer would appear to be intelligent. *interfaces 1962 Human is not a most developed machine... Vision Systems PROLOG 1956 Natural Language Processing What is the I.B.M.'s Deep Blue chess program beats the world chess champion Garry Kasparov in a widely followed match. 1967 Terry Winograd's Ph.D.thesis (M.I.T.) demonstrated the ability of computers to understand English sentences in a restricted world of children's blocks, in coupling of his language-understanding program with a robot am taht carried out instructions typed in English.

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