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Army Award Presentation Template

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Award Presentation

Transcript: Service Awards 5 YEARS IRENE ANAK TUGA Date hired: 1/1/2013 Dept: Production 2: Liquid (P2LQP) MUHAMMAD ASMADI ABDUL TALIB Date hired: 8/1/2013 Dept: Production 2: GMP (P2GMP) MOHAMAD REZUAN ROSLI Date hired: 5/2/2013 Dept: Process Engineering Department MOHD HISYAM RAZALI Dept: Production 2: GMP (P2GMP) Date hired: 13/2/2013 Date hired: 1/3/2013 MOHD SAIFUL AMIRRUL YAHAYA Dept: Production 2: Liquid (P2LQP) Date hired: 11/3/2013 NOR NEKMAN AMAT Dept: Production 2: GMP (P2GMP) Date hired: 26/3/2013 MOHD YUSOF SAMSURI Dept: Warehouse Material (WHDM) Dept: Warehouse Finished Goods (WHDFG) NEZAL MAMAT Date hired: 1/4/2013 Dept: Purchasing (PUR) SALINAH SALIM Date hired: 8/4/2013 Date joined: 8/4/2013 NUR BAIZURA MOHD YUSUF Dept: Production Planning Deparment (PPD) Dept: Production 3: Packing (P3P) MOHD SAFUAN ABU BAKAR Date hired: 15/4/2013 Date hired: 8/5/2013 NOORASWANNA ARIFIN Dept: Quality Assurance (QA) Dept: Marketing Department EDWARD LIEW FUI PING Date joine: 6/6/2013 Date hired: 7/6/2013 SHAHRULLAZI AHMAD Dept: Administration & Human Resources (AHR) Date hired: 7/6/2013 KHAIROL IBRAHIM Dept: Production 1: Drying (P1D) 17/6/2013 LIU SHEAU MEANG Dept: Factory Administration (FACAD) Dept: Purchasing (PUR) JULIANA ZAINAL ABIDIN Date Hired: 9/7/2013 Dept: Production 1: Drying (P1D) MOHD ZULKIFLI MAHUSSIN Date Hired: 9/7/2013 Date hired: 24/7/2013 WONG KWAI SHIEN Dept: Production Planning Department (PPD) Date hired: 24/7/2013 SYAIFUL ASMA ARSHAD Dept: Warehouse Material (WHDM) Date hired: 18/9/2013 TEE KIAN MENG Dept: Process Engineering (PED) Dept: Production 2: Liquid (P2LQP) NORATIKAH MAT SORI Date hired: 20/9/2013 Date hired: 23/9/2013 MUHAMMAD FIRDAUS IBRAHIM Dept: Production 2: GMP (P2GMP) Date hired: 23/9/2013 MOHD FAREZ AMIN Dept: Production 2: GMP (P2GMP) Date hired: 1/10/2013 LIM YAN LONG Dept: Management Information System (MISD) Date hired: 2/10/2013 MUHAMAD FAIZ HASSAN Dept: Production 1: Drying (P1D) 1/11/2013 JESSICA ONG ZHEN FANG Dept: Finance (FIN) Date hired: 6/11/2013 MOHD ZULKIPLI MOHAMAD Dept: Quality Assurance Date hired: 7/11/2013 JAMALUDDIN ALI Process Engineering Department Date hired: 11/11/2013 TUAN MOHAMAD ALINY TUAN ARIA Dept: Production 1: Sulfonation (P1S) Date hired: 27/11/2013 NOR AZLIMEN BIN IDRIS Dept: Production 2: Liquid (P2LQP) 19/12/2013 SYUKUR ISMAIL Dept: Production 3: Packing (P3P) 10 YEARS ABD RAZAK KASSIM Date hired: 15/1/2008 Dept: Administration & Human Resources (AHR) NOORAZLIN NASIR Date hired: 9/4/2008 Dept: Factory Administration (FACAD) RODZAINE SALEH Date hired: 7/5/2008 Dept: Quality Assurance (QA) RAIHAN RAHWI Date hired: 26/5/2008 Dept: Warehouse Material (WHDM) AZHARUDDIN HASSAN Date hired: 16/6/2008 Dept: Warehouse Material (WHDM) NORHALIZA JAMIEN Date hired: 25/6/2008 Dept: Purchasing (PUR) UBON ANAK MANGGIS Date hired: 10/7/2008 Dept: Administration and Human Resources (AHR) NORIZAN MOHD BASAR Date hired: 3/9/2008 Dept: Process Engineering (PED) MUHAMMAD SYAHIR YAHAYA Date hired: 6/10/2008 Dept: Production 3: Packing (P3P) NIK TARMIZI NIK ABDULLAH Date hired: 5/11/2008 Dept: Production 3: Packing (P3P) GOH CHENG LOOI Date hired: 4/12/2008 Dept: Marketing 15 YEARS HASBULLAH SHA'RI Date hired: 14/4/2003 Dept: Production 3: Packaging (P3P) MOHD NAZRUL OMAR Date hired: 16/9/2003 Dept: Production 2: GMP (P2GMP) 20 YEARS HANAFI BIN ROSAK Date hired: 7/2/1998 Dept: Production 3: Packaging (P3P) MAHADI ISMAIL Date hired: 10/6/1998 Dept: Production 1: Sulfonation (P1S) MOHD HAZLEE ABDUL RAHIM Date hired: 16/7/1998 Dept: Production 1: Drying (P1D) SUYUDDIN AKMAL SAJARARI Date hired: 14/7/1998 Dept: Production 1: Drying (P1D) SANI MOHD SHARIFF Date hired: 24/8/1998 Dept: Production 3: Packaging (P3P) MOHD NASIR AWANG Date hired: 5/10/1998 Dept: Production 3: Packaging (P3P) ZULIADI ABDULLAH Date hired: 24/10/1998 Dept: Production 1: Drying (P1D) JAMALUDDIN ISMAIL Date hired: 16/12/1998 Dept: Production 3: Packaging (P3P) 25 YEARS HASMAH OTHMAN Date hired: 1/4/1993 Dept: Production 2: GMP (P2GMP) ARENAWATI ABDULLAH Date hired: 1/4/1993 Dept: Production 2: Liquid (P2LQP) MOHD SHAMLY MAT OMAR Date hired: 2/4/1993 Dept: Warehouse Material (WHDM) MONALIZA MOHYA Date hired: 5/4/1993 Dept: Production 3: Packaging (P3P) ZALINA ABIDIN Date hired: 2/6/1993 Dept: Product Development (PDD) SIEW MUN YIT Date hired: 16/8/1993 Dept: Marketing (MPC) MOKMINAH ABDULLAH Date hired: 1/11/1993 Dept: Production Planning (PPD)

Army Presentation

Transcript: // Armed Services Armed Services Armed Services The armed services are essitent part of the Untied States protection as well as protection of other countries Drafting in The Armed Services Mission Statement Drafting is used in the Armed Services by designing, testing, and distributing gear (tech,weapons,survival kits,armor,etc.) to the braches so that they can help increase the ability of the men and women serving for them 5 Drafting Careers Our Solutions Their are the obviously the commonly known jobs in the military like footmen,pilot and such but some of the other jobs in the military are also very important to the sucess of the entire system such as: Construction Electronic Repair Science,Technology and Engineering Machine and Mechanical Repair Aviation Machinist Mates Education Education As far as joining the military goes you only have to have a high school diploma or high GED(and around 15 college credits) Our Projects ASVAB Anyone going into the military also must take the ASVAB(Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery) test which not only is a test requirement but also helps shows the where the person is best suited to serve Skills Skills Skills needed for the military are kinda broad seeing as it consist of some many different services and jobs in such a large catigory so instead here are skills for any career: Communication Teamwork and Collaboration Adaptability Problem Solving Critical Observation Conflict Resolution Education Salary Salary The typical annual salary for someone enlisted in the military is around $99,000 per year but around 60% of that is non-cash compinsation and benifits Pay in the military is mostly based on the pay table which takes your rank and years of service to find your pay gade As with any career the more education you have the better pay you are likely to receive but pay in the mililtary is also based on how long you stay with the military meaning the longer you stay=higher the pay Education in Military Salary Job Description Job Description The jobs in the Armed Service are based on the branch and interset but most have some kind of constants Hours Overview Hours in the Armed Services is kinda strange because it varies based on current situations in the military you are guaranteed 30 days of vacation but you are constantly on call meaning you can be working at any point in time if you are told to Joining or finding a way to enter the military is fairly simple you need to find a recruiter (which are almost everywhere)but the real thing with location is the moving, some jobs in the military can require you to move around or live on or near bases Location Work for the Armed forces can vary from indoors to outdoors based on what field and where you work because you can be out in the field but you have the ability to stay indoors in jobs like engineering or medical Benefits in the military are very common and large spread their is benefits for education,health,housing,travel,and many others that help people in it and their families. Benefits Benefits Their is also alot of disadvantages to joining the military from being forced to do anything those above you say at any point in time to one of the worse disadvantages, being far from family and friends Disadvantages Product

ARMY presentation

Transcript: About The British cavalry would ride on horses and guard the side or the boarders of the army. They did that so they could tell the general which direction the continental was coming from so he could tell them to turn or get ready. What they wore The British cavalry would wear the same red coats as the British and carry swords instead of muskets. There were many different types of handles but these were the two most popular. About what they wore The British artillery wore the same red coats as all the other British did. Most wore less saggy clothes so they wouldn’t wear fringes. That made it so their clothes didn’t catch on fire. This is a picture of soldiers getting a canon ready to fire. About The British Infantry was the soldiers in the front with the muskets. They have first shot at the continental. These are pictures of muskets the infantry would use. what they wore The British Infantry would wear the same red coats as all the other British soldiers. They would also carry their muskets with them . The musket would have a clip to put British black flint in so when they pulled the trigger it would snap shut and makes a spark catching the gun powder on fire causing the musket ball to shoot out. Army words Barrel: The long metal tube on a gun through which a projectile is fired Bayonet: A metal like blade, a long knife or short sword, that could be attached to the end of a musket or rifle-musket and used as a spear or pike in hand-to-hand combat. Caliber: The distance around the inside of a gun barrel measured in thousands of an inch. Bullets are labeled by what caliber gun they fit. Company: A group of 50 to 100 soldiers led by a captain. 10 companies = 1 regiment, about 4 regiments = 1 brigade, 2 to 5 brigades = 1 division, 2 or more divisions = 1 corps, 1 or more corps = 1 army. Garrison: A group of soldiers stationed at a military post. Goober Pea: A term common in the South meaning peanut. Infantry: A branch of the military in which soldiers traveled and fought on foot Musket: A smoothbore firearm fired from the shoulder. Thrust from exploding powder shoots the bullet forward like a chest pass in basketball. Private: The lowest rank in the army. Rebel: Loyal to the Confederate States. Recruits: New soldiers Rout: A crushing defeat where, often, the losers run from the field Sentry: A soldier standing guard The End artillery The artillery would walk behind the infantry shooting and dragging canons. They would have to be good at math. They had to figure out how much gun powder to put in the canon so it would go far enough, what angle to put it at so it wouldn’t take out the infantry in front of them . In all it was a tough job. Infantry cavalry Army presentation

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