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Arctic Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: The Arctic The dominant group in this region is the There are several different types of Inuit tribes within this group. Eg. Nestilik Inuit. Religion, Ceremonies, Art & Clothing The Inuit believe in making materials with what they find around them. Decorate items from bone and ivory by carving them into figures. Clothing and boots made up of animal skin and fur. Outer coats called "parkas." Parkas are now worn in other places with other cultures in the world. Transportation and Migration Kayaks: Small boats used for transportation and hunting. Umiaq: larger boats, transportating people, dogs and supplies. Dog sleds were a major method of transportation. Family & Social Structure During hunting in kayaks, the Inuit women are a large help in carrying hunting gear and help slaughter as well. The Iunuits are an open people, who share their homes with several different families. Food and Tools Because of the lack of plants in the cold climate, the people of the Arctic are forced have a diet consisting of mainly meat. Whales, walruses, seals, fish and caribou are popular. Fish are the most important resouce. The Inuit rely on meat more than any other Native tribe. Birds, birds’ eggs, and small mammals were other food sources Blubber, fish, and meat were eaten raw. Environment and Housing The harsh climate of the arctic left little available resources. Only small plants are able to grow in the Summer before Winter set in again. In the far North, the Sun does not rise for months, then does not set for months. Have windstorms that created snow drifts and snow blowing across the arctic plains. One of the most sparesly distributed groups on the planet. Three Oceans (Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic) Mountains (Northern Rockies) Arctic plains (tundra) Unlike what many other native tribes have, the Inuit do not have trees to make homes. Nomadic people, housing was temporary, quick and easy to set up. In the winter, they live in igloos: round houses made up of blocks of snow. In the summer, they live in tent-like huts made out of animal skin strecthed over a frame. INUVIALUIT Lived in Western Arctic and had access to tress. Built permanent log and sod houses that they lived in most of the Winter. Dug a whole in the ground, and set up poles around it on an angle, so the sod could rest on top. Floor beneath the ground for extra warmth. Fireplace set up in hut. Villages of 10-20 in one area. Facts: All forms of Inuit speak the same dialect as Inukitut The Inuit have neogiated their own land with the federal government. The land is called Nunavut, meaning "our land", and has its own legislative assembly. The Inuit is believed to have migrated from Siberia all the way to Greenland. This group is distinct from all the other native populations biologically, linguistically and archaeologically. Thank you for watching - By Rachael, Lee and Tess Inuit. Drag floats for dog sledding Environment included: The traditional Inuit Parka. "Historica." The Canadian Encyclopedia. Web. 17 Feb. 2011. <>. Harpoons Umiaq Watercrafts Kayak

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