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Arcade Arcade

Transcript: Ryan Louis Project Manager Flordeperla Rodriguez Marketer Shavagne Walcott Co-Futurist Alexis Fitzpatrick Co-Futurist Scenarios of Failure -People are dissatisfied by the location,(meaning the location of the arcade is too far, or they don't like the area) - People are unsatisfied with the service (as in the service doesn't meet their need) -The entertainment is not to their liking -The games are not up to standard -Theft -Natural Disasters - Blackouts -The age range(12-20) that our business is trying to target may not be able to afford the games. -People may stay around the lounge for a excessive amount of time without buying or playing anything Scenarios of Success -The entertainment department will be up to date with every type of music teens listen to and the type of games being played now. -The service will be extraordinary. - The location will be safe and easy to get to. - Our arcade will meet the need of every person between the age of 12-20. - There will be good wi-fi connection for any electronic device. Employees: Six Cashiers: $10.00 an hour. Six Snack Stand Workers: $10.00 an hour. Four Security Guards: $10.00 an hour Two Floor Managers: $13.00 an hour Location 143 East 13th Street and 3rd Avenue 3500 Square Feet $67.00 per Square Foot per Year $234,500.00 every Year $19,541.00 every Month Game Over Continue? Mission Statement -Arcade Arcade is a business made for teens ranging from the age of 12-20. It is a place of relaxation and fun for any teen looking for entertainment. Arcade Arcade is a secure and safe environment, with a variety of games for every age group. If Arcade Arcade business has expanded among the teenage population, their will be an expansion of Arcade Arcade in each borough. ARCADE ARCADE


Transcript: Limitations 4th Gen - Super Nintendo Entertainment System – 1990-1992 The SNES was successor to the NES, it sold 49.10 Million units and was widely popular, its best selling game being Super Mario World. 5th Gen - Sony Playstation – 1994-1996 Sony’s Playstation sold 102 Million units and 11.82 Million units of Gran Turismo were sold for the console. Originally the Playstations controller didn’t have analogs, but were later implemented. 6th Gen - Playstation 2 – 2000 Sony released the Playstation 2 in 2000, it’s the successor to the Playstation. It sold 150 Million units and was ‘slimline’ versions were released. Generations; Coin Operating systems Mobile games are usually short and quite repetitive, and rely on gameplay mechanics rather than graphics, mobile phones' batteries are depleted faster while playing games as the processor works double time to run a game. Also the screens on Mobile phones are quite mall, making it harder for developers to make a decent game on such a small screen. Anyone with bad eyesight may find it more difficult to play a mobile game on its small screen. Controllers Limitations Limitations A Desktop computer can be used as a platform for gaming, games of the computer are pretty much the same as consoles, gaming is extremely similar on both consoles and computers however computers can handle bigger games and bigger servers, usually the graphics on a PC are improved to that of their console counterparts. 3D Gaming is the main form of gaming on the PC, more games are available on the PC than the 360 or PS3, however they arent as big budget as console games. GAMING Gen 7 - Xbox 360 – 2005 Microsoft released the Xbox 360 in 2005, successor to the Original Xbox and the biggest competitor for Sony’s Playstation. It sold 78.3 Million units. Gen 8 - PS4 – 2013-2014 Sony’s PlayStation 4, successor to the PS3, is set for release in late 2013 in NA, EU and Australia, and an early 2014 release in Japan, its expected to be widely popular and successful. Limitations PC's aren't as easy to set up as consoles, they may require upgrades to play different games and a knowledge of computers may be needed to upgrade or problem solve if the computer goes wrong. Less big budget games are available, like GTA 5 for example. 1st Gen - Magnavox Odyssey – 1972 The Magnavox Odyssey was first released in 1972 and had been worked on since 1966, it sold 330,000 units and was quite successful. 27 Different Games available in 12 different cartridges. 2nd Gen - Fairchild Channel F – 1976-83 Fairchilds F Channel was released in 1976 and Fairchild spurred Atari into releasing their second gen console, it sold over 250,000 units. 3rd Gen - Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) – 1983-1987 The NES was extremely popular and revitalised the video game industry following the video game crash of 1983, and sol 61.91 Million units worldwide. The Limitations of TV games are they cannot be too detailed and have to be very simple in terms of objectives, controls and settings, the games tend to resemble Mario, the player would wander back and forth through a 2D world collect coins or a similar equivalent Controllers Consoles The first Playstation controller was released in 1994 along with the Playstation, the first controller had no analog sticks, in 1997 they revamped the controller with added analogs and a ferrite bead on the wire. They later started to phase the Playstation controller out and tried to introduce the DualShock controller. The DualShock featured two analog sticks and dual vibration motors, capable of providing vibration feedback, if the game supports it, also they featured better grips on the sticks. Later adaptations of the DualShock have many improvements like the DualShock 3 has a PS button and the new DualShock 4 has a touchpad, built in microphone and a ‘share’ button. Television Limitations Arcade games are usually housed within a wooden cabinet, or nowadays a plastic or fibreglass cabinet. they have systems for collecting money to pay for the game, arcade games are often seen in pubs or in an Arcade, the machines are usually covered in advertisements and art of the game itself. Arcades games use coin operated systems, typically arcade games used coin slots, after a coin is inserted the game would start and either give you a set amount of time or tries before it ended, or if the player doesnt fail and they reach a certain checkpoint they'll be given some time to insert another coin to continue. PC There are a few limitations when it comes to arcade games, screen burn can ruin gameplay from being constantly on, coins can get jammed in the machines rendering them useless until fixed, and it costs money to play and progress is not saved. Microsoft Television gaming can refer to games available on 'Sky Games', or units that can be directly plugged into the television, these units tended to be sold as electronic toys or collectibles rather than consoles. The TV provider Sky introduced its own TV Games section


Transcript: Arcade, term of the recreative machines of available video games in public places of amusement that gave step to the whole technological empire in charge of the recreation History and curious datta Such as paperboy, marble madness, packaging land, gauntlet, space Harriet, out run, splatter house, the new games of fight that they were born from the 90, which include the sagas of Street Fighter like that as Mortal Kombat, and the new graphs 3D in games since dance dance revolution, that gave step to just dance. space invaders arcade: Evolution of the machines arcade In 1974, Atari and Kee Games would extract Tank, the first Arcade machine who was storing graphs in chips of memory rom. One year later, in 1975 they would throw Gunfight, the first Japanese game licensed for the USA and in that Midway would re-design the machine including for the first time a microprocessor. tank: The game was the first work of design entrusted Shigeru Miyamoto for Hiroshi Yamauchi's request (president of Nintendo). The project was forming a part of a series of attempts on the part of the Japanese company to interfere on the American market. And go if they obtained it! ARCADE... One year later Atari was having the premiere with the Arcadian PONG. Nolan Bushnell placed the first machine in a gas station and when it returned to see such what had gone, the machine already was not working. It was completely full of coins. Namco was throwing in 1982 the Pole Position, a game of careers that possessed a few impressive and super - realistic graphs (at least in that one at the time). It laid the foundations for the following games of careers history... Donkey kong: Deco Cassette System is a system of Arcade thrown by Byline East in 1980. For the first time it is allowed the owners to change the game of his machines thanks to tapes. In spite of the fact that the idea was good, the managers of the machines complained about the scanty quality of the titles thrown for this system and of the relative facility with which the tapes were deteriorating. This one was alone the beginning, because soon there would come the golden epoch, in which you scheme these they were the center of attention, hard from 1979 until 1984 The popularity of the Arcade machines would grow in this period and a heap of establishments they would incorporate the recreative one as way of gaining income extra. Coming at the end of the Golden age, the arcade machines begin to use processors of 16 bits that they will allow his games, to tell with better and more detailed graphs. pac-man In the year 1981 Nintendo there threw the Arcade Donkey Kong. In the game we were controlling Jump man, a personage that it would evolve up to transforming in Mario, and our aim would be to save Pauline of the hands of the giant gorilla Donkey Kong. Pole position With the space invaders starts the golden age of the arcade machines. A period in which the new IT advances would give place to more realistic graphs and better sounds. And these advances would be taken advantage on the part of the developers to realize a series of classic that they would lay the foundations for all the later games inaugurating kinds that prevail nowadays. A small curiosity, it is that, Pacman was born of the hand of a designer of Namco called Tohru Iwatani. One night while he was eating pizza, on having taken the first portion it was fixed in a way that it was staying and the game happened to him Pacman's original name is Puck-man (who in Japanese means to eat). On having entered The United States proceeding from Japan of her and of Midway's hand, his name was changed due to the similarities of the words "Puck" and "Fuck". The history says that the first Arcade machine of which witness is had is “Galaxi game”, a game programmed by Bill Pitts and Hugh Tugk. I install in Stanford's university in September, 1971. Initially only a machine was created, though later some of them would be made more. He is in the museum of computers in California. The success of the PONG was so big, popularized the video games and Arcade suited definitively to the machines as a model of business. Also it would start the system market of domestic video games. Being so the arcade machines, they created the whole industry. arcade pong:

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